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Jatin S   16 June 2022

Neighbour installed CCTV & Society matter

My neighbour had ongoing dispute on placement of shor racks and slippers in passage area. Owing to which my net nstalled two CCTV camera on floor, out of which one is aiming at my entrance and easily record my living room activities whenever we open the door. we submitted a complaint letter to society as they have approved this. However no response received from society. after a week my parents shifted in same society and I informed my parents (senior citizens) about on going dispute and CCTV installation. after few days my neighbours mother registers a NC on my name in nearest police station stating we are harassing them.I came to know after going to police station that my mother had thrown their sleepers in fire duck to take revenge where my neighbour shoe rack is placed currently. I was shocked to see that and I signed the registrar and came back without reading anything. I knew my mother has few behavioural and memory issue how could she forget that CCTV is installed. when we got her checked after this incident we came to know that she has having Dementia and Behavioral which we still sent another follow up letter to society for CCTV. But no response received yet. I see my neighbour and other committee members are good friends and I am not.

My queries are:-
1) CCTV installation and privacy invasion is this a society matter or policy matter.
2) If it's society matter and if they don't reply at all to my complaints to whom I can approach and is there any penalty for the same to society bearers.
3) If it's police matter will police register my NC? As my neighbour already has an NC on my name.or may be my wife can register for privacy matter.
4) Is there any law which governs CCTV installation by society and neighbours.
5) CCTV camera aming at my door is that even allowed though my door is closed most of the time.
6) Should I be concerned about NC register on my name will my mothers video and my signature on NC registrar will work against me.
7) what action I can take to remove that camera aming at my entrance.
8) Keeping shoe rack near fire duck is this allowed, again society is not interested in this matter. Whom I can approach.
9) My neighbour has also not put a sticker stating this area is under surveillance is that compulsory for house society as well

Thank you in advance.


 6 Replies

P. Venu (Advocate)     16 June 2022

Petty squabbles need to settled amicably or at least things should be allowed to deteriorate further. 

Jatin S   17 June 2022

I understand what you trying to say but even we wanted to settled amicably and that's why we never went to police. My neighbours mother abused and tried to hit my wife 3 years ago and this time as well. my neighbours family is very rude and has always been fighting with us and harrassing us. Actually we had big argument 3 years wherein matter was settled by previous committee.which was not completely in their favour. when committee changed My neighbour made friends with new committee and turned the table around. in between we also had an argument with new secretary and she has sent behaviour issue notice to us. inshort society and my neighbour both are trying to harras us now. Out of all above important is what step should I take to remove that CCTV facing my door. society is not going to help anymore.

Sravika Reddy Kohir   17 June 2022

Hello Querist, I acknowledge your questions. Here having CCTV installed isn’t illegal as they do not intend to infringe the privacy, the fact that the CCTV is covering the common area or the passage collateral inclination towards the entrance of your house is not illegal. But since it is causing a nuisance and intruding your privacy bringing it to the notice of the society’s committee is valid. If further the concern is not taken into consideration by the members of committee and yet you feel intrusion of privacy you can file a complaint i.e., NC but solving it amicably is more efficient. There is no such mandate as to there has to be a sticker stating the area is under surveillance unless it is a commercial purpose.

I suggest you to amicably solve the disputes either amongst yourselves or through out of the court settlement with respect to the NC complaints being filed.

I hope I have answered your question.

Kishor Mehta (CEO)     17 June 2022

(1) It is illegal to place shoerack in the lobby outside of the flat. Society can either penalize or remove it. 

(2) To install CCTV directly facing the entrance of a flat is intruding the privacy and it is a criminal offence. You can file an NCR with your nearest police station. 

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Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     17 June 2022

I concur and appreciate expert opinion and advise of Mr. Kishor Kumar.

Jatin S   17 June 2022

One lawyer suggested detail NC cum Peshdani of 7-8 pages including all harrasment we faced from our neighbours for last 4 years, bias attitude of society bearers, and CCTV issue to be submitted to Nearest police station with RPAD. and also one copy to ACP, DCP & CP. Basically I want to create an impact wherein I atleast get a resolution on CCTV camera. Thing is we live in budget home in Mumbai whenever we open the door my wife & mother is always conscious and fact is that camera can record my living room activities and we cannot keep our door open for ventilation.

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