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Need your references, who take their wives back after 498a

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@ Janaki mam,

a very small question to you,plz answer me----

If any wife is traumatized by his hsuband at to such extent that she was forced to file 498a,then why she wants to again go for the same treatment by his husband just for the sake of society to continue this dead marraige.

A very pitty situation as marraige are done for the societies not for the happiness of couple?

So,here is the answer of every false 498a wife who after filing 498a again wants to re unite with husband.They are not only lieing under oath but also becoming a part of extortionist and nothing else.

498 A fighter (Advocate)     27 July 2013

i appretiate mr helping hands views, but here Janki raman is on lot of if and but .

why wife are goinng in false 498A , if they want to show their hewomanship then better they show for family uniting why to bow down husband ?

not in india all over the world it is fact and truth if wife is living with soft heart corner be polite and symthetic they she can make her family fully cheer ful but her adverse attitute is affecting to all,

here janki ramans saying husband killing her then she act like that etc..........

how many husband suffering from 498A? all they try to kill their wife then she only filed cases as she had no option except filing?

and lastly is this option is correct,,,? if man tortured wife then in taht iffs wife murdered and there is no one who will get benefit as she already in peace . only left is ego satistfaction yes it is 100% that wrong one male or  murdered should be punished hard but if the same thing done by wife she also be punishced and one of divine punishment to her is that dont take her back.

as marriage is unity of couple for small quarrrales she nocked the door of police and court without thiniking , and shttered dreams .ruined respect of in laws so she will not the bahu of that house or entitled to become bahu of that house , when pots can make sound then we are human even real sisiter brother having quarrels dispute then wife or husband came from different culture it take time to settel so onece she have to prove herself to become MAHARANI of house once she did then whole inlaws family will mover around her but this way of ocurt police even take her real father mother sisiter brother away from her if their selfish need fulfuled.

Reformist !!! (Other)     27 July 2013

There is always difference of opinion between a mother and a son but neither mother nor son goes to police station, then why the wife is so naive that she threats u and goes to Police station for smally pitty issues at home.........and then after filing 498a they somehow realises in court battle that they r and were wrong and then they want 2 reconcile........

NEVER, 498a wife should never be taken back at any cost...

There r no. of cases where wives r ever demanding and infact their parents r also demanding.................bring this for me, bring that for me, how much u earn, how many flats u own, how much DA u earn when u r out of station for office work.................there r n no of questions by brides parents which shows the intentions..........   anf when their dreams of ever demanding gifts r nt fullfilled, they file 498a to extort.........And if she thinks afterwards, that she makes a mistake of filing 498a and she really want to reconcile.............then let her write in court that all cases r wrong and she wants to come back as these cases were filed because she was provoked by her parents...............let her take all cases back........then file 182, 499, 500 and let her run around 3-4 years more in courts and then u say ok i realise now and want u to come back and then see the answer from her..........

Let her taste what she sow in the soil of a matrimony life..............let her taste her own mistakes through this, then only she will not spoil the next guy...........

So, i suggest never ever take 498a wife back.

498 A fighter (Advocate)     27 July 2013

i completely agree with 498aweddinggift , yes

such type of wife who file false 498 should be punished and make them to run around the court then only they will realise what is the true real fruit of cases to be tasted by them..........

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