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vjay   17 March 2016

Need relief from crpc125,dv and divorce cases

Hi, My marriage was held on 2007 and wife left my house without any reasons after 8 months I,e may2008 since 2008 we are separated, I put all my efforts to get her back but no luck and finally I went to court to file divorce petition under desertion and cruelty grounds in 2011 the case ran for almost3 yrs and family court passed order of interim maintenance Rs 15000 and Rs 2k for her travel expenses from the date of application I,e from august 2012 and suddenly she transfer this case to her hometown and at the same time she filed DV and crpc 125 on the same date I,e on march 2014 since all case now at her place and she demanded Rs 30lacs for matual divorce and she has filed a recovery for the arrears Rs 6lacs under interim maintenance for divirce case and if I won't pay this amount then she submitted application to attached my property(land 2 acres). when I got summons from the court then I paid Rs 25000 for the time being. now judge is not agree to pay her arrears slowly and not ready to run my divorce case unless and until I pay her full arrears Rs 5,75000. also in case CRPC 125 her evidences has been over and now my turn so need your valuable advice to save me and how to convenience judge that she was ready for mutual divorce but she is demanding more money and blackmailing me. she doesn't wanted to settle this matter she just want to continue this as long as she can get her interim maintenance Rs 15k/m. she is highly qualified bsc/msc/B'ed/Net/Set appeared and also taking coaching at her home and she has not disclosed her income to the court yet and she had done a job at school when she left my house. her intention is to extract more and more money from me and wanted to torture physical and mental harassment. kindly advise to get rid of this immediately I need a relief from her as soon as possible.


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Dont lose land which u have got.  Bargain for a better price for your freedom. Money you can earn somehow in future.  Time u lose, u wont get back.  Throw money and get your freedom.

All these cases = ghoda hai maidaan hai.  You will simply go mad running behind these cases, by the way what is your lawyer telling?  Dont you have a lawyer who can do mandwali between u guys for a decent percent of commision?



Its waste to pursue matrimonial matters in court, you wont win, you will only lose as ur male.  Better the faster u understand this fact of life.

Born Fighter (xxx)     18 March 2016

Are there kids ? 7-8 yrs of seperation ... ? whats her age (looks like she has crossed age of marriage or doesn't want to get married again). Whats your income disclosed to court ? 1) First option could be to settle the matter by paying her one time / MCD 2) Gather info about her job / income from tuitions. OR Offer her a job in a school/ coaching classes. Compel her to work as shes qualified. 3) Look for Grounds of Perjury to pressurize her to settle for decent alimony. By now you would have realized the drawbacks of being a man and problems you face when you file divorce on a women. More you earn , more will be her demands to set you free. Litigations is a waste of time, my friend. All the Best !!!

Vegitta   09 May 2017

Maintenance can be asked for only 1 year of arrera not more than that there is judgement for that... don't know how judge can order this

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