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vijay kumar (--)     02 February 2011

Need divorce from my wife

I am fed up with my arrogant wife.But she is carrying now. Though their parents know her nature, they are threatening me to support her and make her happy.I cant live with her anymore.But I dont think she aggrees for this. Can I file a divorce case against her. Please suggest me.


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Mallik Karra (Done with AIBE)     02 February 2011

What are the grounds here... arrogancy.... not good, let us know more...


vijay kumar (--)     02 February 2011

She came from a rich family and luxurious culture. I came from a poor family. She never understands me and always try to balance the love with the money. She has a sister who married with a rich guy. She always compares with her sisters life and abuses me. She also shouts at my parents. My old father got peralysis with her attitude. And even I cant concentrate on my career. She usually fights with me and go to her parents and stays more than a month and then comes back. Sometimes she threatens me like " I commit suicide" or " I go out and writes a letter against you" or " I go to police station and complains on you". Is there any chance now to leave her and to have my peaceful life back. But she is pregnent now. What do I do?

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     02 February 2011

@ Author

Being educated and as being team lead so it seems to this reader I say;


  1. First learn to recognise postpartum depression symptoms of your wife !
  2. In medicos terms what you mentioned in your briefs point to a main cause and there is that link between the rapid drop in harmones level of her and what you both are experiencing as result thereto. All these could be manageable if proper family care and medications are opted at early stage before things go out of proportion.
  3. Well, 'shouting at a person' does not result in paralysis otherwise all those netas shouting during election campaign will make half of Indians paralytic then we will enact Indian Paralysis Act, 2011.
  4. However, being rich and poor as in two spouse ‘grounds’ should have been compared pre-marriage and not as after thoughts now!

Incompatibility is one of the issues which is seen in your briefs and may be due to lifestyles you both lead coupled with her pre-childbirth stage. All are manageable, see medicos and be close to her during her this phase instead of drifting apart. Married life and a kid to a couple is beautiful and adds more responsibility to a man than a women who just needs to follow up a loving caring husband.

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Mallik Karra (Done with AIBE)     02 February 2011

Could'nt agree less with tajobsindia but for Point# 3


pooja (lawyer)     02 February 2011

hello naresh,

u can file divorse against your wife. but as per my view-  you can also use any other way inspite of taking such a big step.when you got married?find out some solution.let us know more.

vijay kumar (--)     02 February 2011

HI pooja,

Thanks for your advise. But If I file divorse, is there any chance for her parents to file any other cases on me to force me to take this step back. They may also threaten me by his son who is a gunda.. And her father has good political background. Please suggest me

pooja (lawyer)     02 February 2011

hi naresh,

where are u from?yes, there are lots of chances for her  parents to file case under 498-A of IPC, DV Act,.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     02 February 2011

Originally posted by :tajobsindia

Well, 'shouting at a person' does not result in paralysis otherwise all those netas shouting during election campaign will make half of Indians paralytic then we will enact Indian Paralysis Act, 2011.


A very hilarious and intelligent reply :D

Also,all points of Taj  jee are very very wise and practical.However the author fails to realise this and is hell bent upon divorce.Seems to be involved smwhr....

Okay,go and file for divorce.If she faces miscarriage or any other problem due to stress,she'll accuse you of mental cruelty and even the judges will see that u tortured your wife during pregnancy.

all the best!

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     02 February 2011

now you start collecting evidences of cruelty by her & prepare witnesses in favour of you.

study the cruelty ground under hma.

match your grounds in line with the cruelty ground under hma.

maintain a worm behaviour with your wife.

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He's already acting like a worm.

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The above reply is for Arup,on basis of his advice

Ambika (NA)     02 February 2011

Agree with Roshani, beautiful reply by Tajobsindia sir and with such a good sense of humour!

Ambika (NA)     02 February 2011

Meenal,  excellent reply to Arup sir!

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