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Need advise on no relationship marriage

Page no : 2


Rajendra Sir,

You are right and my family is extremely confused on next steps. We dont want to spoil a good guys life but at the same time dont want to be fooled too.

Any thing has to be discussed openly and I dont see that happenning. Even if there are health or mental blocks any decently placed guy would want to take steps which I dont find here. Thats the concern. How do I deep dive ?

I am being very supportive including asking adoption to start with. Anyone could have accepted this option. Also my inlaws have turned me down 6 months since marriage itself not wanting to have any communication.

I posted this to get some advise or directrion since it seems very uncommon case to my family too.

Just one question : Is it possible to find out if this person by any chance is already married and divorced ? 


U have to entrust the investigation of finding out UR allegations or doubts to some of UR close confident relatives or friends to track his activities.But should be carefully done.


His friends wont reveal me anything and his relatives are not in touch with me. If I am going to discuss this issue with any of them forcibly, its going to break our relationship anyways due to lack of trust kind of issue.

My parents have spoken to him 3 months ago and he agreed his mistake. He also says he does not know the reason, it was just due to not planning and lack of time. But there has been no changes or talks after that as well. 

Thats why I thought I would let him live his life since he does not want to disclose something not sure why.


U are mistaken,not his relatives or friends but somebody from UR side.

b.goheel   06 October 2015

story is appeared to b my cousin brother's.
my SIL Family not only allege FRADULAENT BASELESS ALLEGATION in society but also applied draconian laws to force them to accept their demands.
hear nw a days SIL is in search of new weaponry to give more power to her endeavor. 
hope queriest is not my SIL still pray god save the victim

Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     06 October 2015

try to appoint detective and gather more evidences which will help for you to file and without any objection court will accept your plea


I had already suggested a detective agency to find facts about this man. On this discussion board we are merely doing rounds wasting every ones time.The discussion is leading to no where

THis is absurd case without any logic . To have normal s*x and unable to produce child is different then abstinence practcies by the man which is highly abnormal and courl be  3 reasons as stated before

1. Has some functional problem or he is having low sperkm coutn which he knows about. This needs medical teratment

2. Psychological aversion developed to s*x activity. many times  some males dont have normal activity but resort to masturbation. THis needs psychological teratment

3. The guy is hiding somethingvital like he might have married under pressure and could have exiting previosu realtionship or deep love to some girl he could not get- Like Hindi films.

So action is needed accordingly


If the lady cant handle all this then she should prefer separation through court and close this ugly chapter.

The members of the forum cant help more than this

b.goheel   06 October 2015

as early say these nautanki is fruitless in the case of my cousin.
may b queriest not my SIL.
with due respect to seniors, like to draw the attn tht evn doc. don't rely on just symtoms frm horses mouth as well outward appearance of patient, he insist to chck before giving a verdict.
maybe he knws the value of own verdict.

fail to understand frm a well experienced and practical person who is well aware tht evn in court.every party falsely allege to each other thn hw do come to conclusion tht an online unknwn person may tell truth.

if it is so thn i hv to namaskar  to the shakti u have achieved to mk thm to speak truth and only truth.

pray god may give u this type of more daivi shakti.


Mr Goheel,

Are U an intruder into this query?

b.goheel   06 October 2015

pl. note Ms. and not Mr.
believe it is a open forum.
i say just like one seems fit come to arrive at conclusion to thrw the dung to the hearsay person frm unknwn person.
tht freedom this platform gives to all the member tht just put ur query and u got reply frm anyone may seem fit.b a lawyer or one of victim.

Ms goheel , thx for ur viewpoint. I have posted to get an advise for further directions, since this case is confusing me as well. Not able to understand if I am in force relationship or genuinely some issue. I don't want to punish or loot a good man , but this is abt leading true life. Thx to all guidances seniors, this gives me confidence that I m not wrong to assume something is definitely hidden, medical or personal.when He claims this as normal...


Who is this person Visalam_net. It seems to be a fake identity.The poerson is just having free fun on this forum.The entre discussion theread is beating aroiund bush and the query itself is looking odd AND ILLOGICAL..

This thread shoiuld be closed now and all are are requested not to engage with this queri further


Intruders deviating the query and the query itself being vague may better be closed instead of wasting the time of the legal experts.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     11 October 2015

The stretched query saw many advises, suggestions, observations and discussions but sadly the conclusion is not on a happy note.  Who knows that the author may be genuine questioner too.  However I concur with the views of the experts and senor learned advocates with their views and suggestions made to proceed on the issue if it suits the author.

b.goheel   11 October 2015

Intruders deviating the query
i personally do respect the privacy of personal life and property and till nw m under impression tht none of this belonging to author being violated.

Online platform provide the room to unearth nature of Mr Hyde hide in human w/o hurting the real  image.

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