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Singha Rao (Engineer)     09 September 2012

My wifes study loan

Hi all,

   My wife had 6 lakhs of study loan for her study..Before marriage once I know we cancel the mariage. Then her father and my wife say that that is not my borden. Her father will return it. Then we did marriage. This thing I don't have any record.

  AFter marriage now her parent took my wife and they put pressure to my wife. Now my wife say that I will do jobnear my home, it is not necessary to stay together. As my parents are in finantial problem, so I have to stay here.. Then I raise this matter to her father, now also I will return her loan byt as she want to return her loan what can I do?

Basically her parents are playing dual game.. They are giving pressure to my wife, but her father is out side teling that he will return the loan..

After marriage one month she stayed at my parent's home, then she quarell with my mom and sister in law and left her mother home.. Now she is saying that I will not give excuse to every body...For that unnecessary making some issue and she took her certificate and her parents are helpting to give jobnear to their home town.

  By the time as I stay abroad, by this procedure her dependent visa also cenelled as she is not here for renewal..

  As I am already 35, then also in phone she is denying for getting babyin near future..and she is telling it is not necessary to stay together..

  Again she had a boy friend before marriage, and after marriage also in my absence they used to talk.. In one record that boy claiming that '"I am remebering you too much..unfortunately I did not get my phone no.otherwise I might I asked to him (to me) to return to her at any cost...Then he tried to ask many thing abot relation"" Then my wife also please don't recall me this thing..After that I ask to my wife why you are doing such thing after mariage..and I told to her parents, then they told that nothing wrong with our daughter, she had many frined.. that is her decision, we can not do any thing.. and after marriage also her parents are in touch with her old boy friend in many matters..

So what to do in such situation? As since last 7 month she is at her parental home, can I file RCR?

Regarding loan matter, can settle in court?

Now I asked to my father in law to settel these issue with my family guardian, but they are very claver..

Can parent's have right to take her and give jobnear to their home town, with my knowledge..Is it not necessary to stay toegether (husband and wife) after marriage..

In case is it the suficient ground for diverse?

please suggest me in this regard..





 2 Replies

Ranee....... (NA)     09 September 2012

why dont you help her to get a job near your home so that she can repay the loan?

Singha Rao (Engineer)     10 September 2012

Dear Madam Ranee,

   Actually regarding loan matter before marriage it got cancelled two times.. then when her father told that I will take care for that.. Because my whole family depends on me..
My wife also told that her father will take care of that. But after marriage my wife telling that that is in my name, who are you tell this thing? I will do job and I will return it..Then hope you know for 6 lakh what is the interest?

Monthly INR. 6000..If she will do job then after her maintenance she will whole life can return her interest.. Then what about loan amount (6 lakh and my future)..

 Then I am 35 and she directly deny for baby now, after loan return then only she will think for that..

 Even she say that I will job, where ever I wish.. and it is not necessary to stay together for husband and wife..

Now since last 9 month she is at her home, and her parents are searching job for her..what bout the conjugal life?

Is it not sufficient to file diverce under mental cruelty..

Now I am paying for her maintenance, she is searching job at her home town..even she made quarrel for small thing at my home.. please suggest me in this regard..

If possible send me your phone number tomy email ID adn suggest me your suitable time..my email ID is"ramaaryan236@gmail.com"

Please give me some advice in such cercumstances..


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