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Malai (Engineer)     02 June 2014

My wife unwilling to live with me as well denying divorce


Me and My wife are not living together for past 4 months after she went to her native place to deliver my son because of my resistance to their family members staying with us. Now my son is 3 months old and when i went and asked my wife to come and live with me she resisted and out of angry i hit her and she made a complaint to Women Police and said she will file for divorce. Now it is almost 1 month there is no news from her. 

Can I appeal to her/court under Section 9 "Restitution of conjugal rights":

1. Is my demand to my wife to come and stay with me is correct considering my son is only 3 months old?

2. Is my demand to my wife's family member not staying with us permanently is correct?

3. What can I do if my wife is not willing to stay with me?

4. After child birth my wife is facing severe mental disorders like talking about suicide, not sleeping, not eating food, not interested in husband, hitting the kid sometimes and etc but I don't have any evidence for this. If i wish to file divorce under "mental illness" what are best chances.

5. What is the best legal advise for me?


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What kind of person are you? YOU have sent me a PM to reply to this query of yours. She your wife, bore your child. Do you know how many people are suffering from infertility? Do you know the value of woman? If you both have mental compatibility problems, as it clearly appears to me, you should not had s*x with her. YOU f--u-c-k her and now she has your 3 month old son and you hit her? people like you should spend 3-4 years behind bars. IF she were to only kept complaining, fighting with you and your parents, and also did not have physical relation with you, your hitting her could be partly justifiable.

But not like this.  You file RCR and then what you do, she comes back and you beat her black and blue?  Man, you have started a family as you got a kid, if there was no kid, matter would be different.

Have some shame.

Treat your wife with respect and love atleast for sake that she gave birth to your child.

With a kid in hand and your intentions of getting divorce will take a long run [7-8 years], in the meantime if your wife files some false case on you, your are doomed for life.  So think about your safety too, along with that of your parentage.

Jai sai baba (No mercy for B)     03 June 2014

Well, beating is not a solution, you need to listen first what she is saying.. if its ok to both of you its fine and if its not then of course look for better solution, a divorce is not bad things at all..


@helping hands, what do you want then..beating is situational, hell lots of women beatnig there husbands. no one cares for them. 

What if her wife keep avoiding him and did not come, and he commits suicide, (noe dont give crap of being coward and all for suicide), i think beating is not the solution but better then loosing the life.


MAN f-u-c-k-ing his head is not the solution.


@malai, dude..u hit her no porblem, it happens,, its situational, but u should not have done it. 

NOw PLEASE DONT GO FOR RCR, its a futile effort. now, your wife has taken a legal recourse, i.e going thru police and all....take your time....you need some peace and some more time to consider.

Dont do anything right now....take your time to think...if possible avoid talking to her (for sometime).

1. if you both agrees on one solution its perfect.

2 if no, then try for mutual divorce, she wont be ready so easily, people have hell lots of streategy on this forum to get rid of sh*tty wife. (m assuming here that u have no fault)


GAndhi slept with hell lots of women, but no one cares in this country so @helping hands should also write here that Gandhi f-u-k-d the women and trust of her wife.

@ he;ping hands, dude just chill...

Malai (Engineer)     05 June 2014

Please stop posting to this thread; this is a duplicate thread of the below thread.



This thread contains all the details about my case. 


Please comment only all possible legal route the Constitution of India provide to their citizens. I have no other options other than legal route.


Thanks for your comment and advise.




Dear Sir/Madam,

Since your case is complicated case as such I require documents and same may be send to my email/PM (personal mail) for detailed legal advise.


With regards,

Legal Expert

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