my own lawyer is harrassing me



  My Lawyer is forcing me to go for settelement and pay 10 lakhs to my wife for divorce.

She is not even giving me custody of my son to me.

  My Lawyer sort of harassed me. He tried to made me scared by telling that even your 498a aquittal

may not be amount to mental cruelity. If case goes to high court, high court judge will pressurize you

to give a lot of amount to your wife for settlement.

    I have sufficient ground for mental cruelity against me by my wife.

1.My parents have been dicharged in 498a by police.

2. She tells clearly in her objections that she does not want to stay with me if my parents

live with me. I am the only son of my parents.

3. There are certain contradictions in her objections and in cross examinations her lawyer asked me

certain questions

first round of my cross examination is over. Her Lawyer wants to more examine me.

Kindly advise me what must I do at this stage?  Can I change m y Lawyer?

If I stick to same Lawyer I do not know how he is going to fight my case as he has been giving

me worst service. And I do not trust him now.




Time of change a lawyer


Change your lawyer immediately...

I have changed 4 lawyers in 2 years time....My previous lawyer has caused me enourmous trouble..

Change him before it is too late...



Your have to take a NOC from your present  lawyer and go in for another one . Dont get pressurised by him . you have not mentioned if your wife is earning etc and the details . If she has a good pay package and is able to maintain herself than why do you have to pay 10 lacs .you lawyer would have  to apply for custody under Gaurdians and wards act for your  son or you can ask for visitation rights to meet your child every weekend plus equal sharing of annual vacation period of your child . .


change lawyer , fight case - u have proofs.



  I have been searching for a Lawyer. But some of them are not agreeing to fight my case

at this stage. Perhaps they have some unwrittent rule not to take such cases and want to

ignore basic rules of humanity.


Worst to worst case, if none of the Lawyer gets agreed and I have to fight my own case,

can I do cross examination and final arguments of my case?  I am very much familar with

my case and have been observing court proceedings since last 2 years. What lawyer can do

I can also do . It is just matter of asking and arguing the case logically with the evidences, and written

things in my petition and her objections?

My wife is working and earning around 20000 Rs per month.

I have been paying her interim maintenance of 12000 Rs per month.




I am searching for a Lawyer who can take mony in stage wise.

If there is cross he take some amount

if there is final arugments he take some amount.

I have been cheated by present Lawyer as he has taken full amount, so want

a lwayer who do work and then take money.



Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA



many lawyers would be ready for step wise payments.



Shonee Kapoor

change ur lawyer immediately..and he is just trying to scare u about courts..the more higher u go in courts ie'' high court or supreme court the amount of settlement or maintainance goes down rather than high ..fight on merits..dont fear anything not ur lawyer atleast ..u can chage him ,do it asap rather being slave to his malice..


Dear Mani, you may change your lawyer at any stage of case by filing a fresh Power to authorizing your new counsel to represent you before the Hon'ble Court. Jagjeet



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