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Mohammad Yasin (Retired Asst Manager)     05 July 2011

Muslim wife hidingat unknown place since seven months


I am 57 years old , Retired from a Bank in Dubai ,Muslim by birth , residing in Mumbai.I have two sons .1.Nasir aged 29 years with wife and two kids working in Dubai as a Bank officer.2.Sajid aged 25 years with his wife and one son residing in India in unknown place (hiding) , not proper working as he dreams for big money from odd sources. He is on Yahoo email , chat and mobile phone.After returning from Dubai  (worked there for 30 years ) my wife aged 51 years stayibg in Mumbai in my flat confortably.My son Sajid came to our flat with his family but when he saw us in better situation he and his wife planned to bankrupt us.They used my wife emotionally and made against me and tried to kill me on 05Dec2010 at 12.45 am while I was suffering from Typhiod and could not protect myself by their beatings and even could not shout or call any body to help me due to weakness and pressed my neck..They thought that I was going to die , all ran away with gold and money.They initiated false NC against me on 08Dec2010 at Kurla Police Station , however , police realized the truth upon cross examine and my sickness and they released me respectfully  with warning to them.Despite I requested to come to matrimonial home and even Sr.Inspector supported to go back home but my wife did not agree and went to unknown place and disappeared without my permission and consent . As  they had intention to kill me  for money and I did not know their hideout , I filed allegation on 23Dec2010  against cruelty in order to protect me and my interest.As I was in critical health , I tried my best to call her back to look after me but She told that She is waiting for my death and will come back to collect all my belongings upon my death.I requested via internet on Sajid s Id , sms , telephone calls but never responded.Even Police personals called them but they never cared or answered.I have all live evidences with me.Seven months passed she is run away and hiding to unknown place with son SAJID .She does not want divorce nor compromise but wants to keep me hanging.Now due to my age and care I want to get another marriage.As a muslim born if I do nikah then  what she can do or create difficulties or claim on me?  As she is not answering telephone call and missing how I can get Divorce?

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I am not a law expert, but clearly your wife and son are afraid of getting caught for the murder attempt and are hiding from you. You might be better off without your wife, who did not try to protect you from harm. Protect yourself and your money from them, get in touch with some social workers in your community.


You might get expert reply if you post to expert section of this website.

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Mohammad Yasin (Retired Asst Manager)     06 July 2011


Thanx Uma..I appreciate you guidence.



you're most welcome, please take care. There have been a lot of questions submitted to LCI lately and many of them are getting lost before receiving any replies.

hema (law officer)     07 July 2011

For that LCI admn. has to take responsibility.  A woman enquirer comes to pose a question, she is insuted by male members.  Women are referred to with absuses.  so, women withdrew to ask questions.  the  advocates with neutral approach have stopped to answer querries or left the club depriving the enquirers of valuable assistantce.  Now only the litigant husbands are assisting one another with the half baked legal knowledge.   Wish them great success.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     08 July 2011

@ Hema, Law Officer

A Link :


Question asked in above link :

Originally posted by :Alexander


Hello sir,

This case is not for me but for my friend. She is only 19 years old. But her parents are compelling her to marry her relative. She is not at all willing to marry this guy and hates him. But all the family members are compelling her. Is there any legal actions can be taken to protect her? please do respond. Thanks in Advance


 Answer given by a Criminal Lawyer

Originally posted by :prashant pundhir


Habious corpus can be filed in the high court from her side .




Knowledgeable readers here in LCI are no fools as much as you are making readers about by your usual Marxist ideologies…..

Que. now to you who is the only gyani HEMA @ Law Officer is;

will you care to report above answer of a lawyer to admin. ?

No na so just take a walk...........

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