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sharma2016   20 May 2016

Misuse of dowry and domestic violence law


I got married in jan2015, and 7th day post marriage girl told me that she was not ready for this marriage and did not want to get married at all. We tried to convince her but all went in vain. Her behavior with me and my mom went worst with time only. Then she left for her mother home in April and did not return back.

After this, she filed a CAW cell complaint against me  . After RTI, I came to know she has mentioned that we( me and my mom) were beating her, not giving her food, asking her to do all household task and  asking money from her and gold from her family  at every moment etc. which  looks can be easily converted to dowry and domestic violence case.

But she never spoke about this in front of CAW cell ( as she knows  all blames are baseless). In CAW she demanded divorce on the basis that we don’t match in understanding etc etc, not even discussing on this.

Now to disapprove her blames :

we( me and my mom) were beating her – his mother in video admitting nothing happened that sort of and father in audio call saying no physical torture ever happened but it was mental torture

Not giving her food and asking me to do all household: In video where family admits that yes we had servant for each and every house task. And she has no pressure of doing house hold task

Asking money/ gold from her at every moment : In fact as we did not ask, none of withdraw will be from our location by her ATM. And she did not give my mom 5k even when she needed that ( video proof)

MY QUERY : So now as the case against me will be false and can be proved.  Can I book any case against her/her family  for misusing dowry and domestic violence law and what is that section ??and punishment for girl for the same?


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A walk alone (-)     20 May 2016

Yes you can file case like defamation or 420 , divorce under cruelty against her. But it would be better if first you try to quash or win the cases which are against you.


If all she wants is divorce then what is the issue? Nobody can force her to live with you and have happy married life. Agree to give mutual consent divorce in return for withdrawal of all cases. No point in fighting such cases, they go nowhere, it is just waste of time.

Vakalath (Vakeel No. 1)     20 May 2016

These biches have guts to file false cases on boys but dont have guts to say no to marriage when their mother focking parents force them to marriage.


If she wants divorce, just say yes, rest all exercise if futile.  If she wants alimony dont give a penny, dont succum to pressure.  Dont remarry, go for live in relations.

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At the  first instance come out of the cases with proper evidences and merits from UR side and prove UR wife is wrong.After U succeed then think about the cases proposed to be filed by U.

The words used by Mr Vakalat are highly objectionable in a public legal forum.

P. Venu (Advocate)     21 May 2016

Yes, first of all try the allegations against you on merits.

I am also if the view that irrespective of the issues involved in this Forum should be based on legal elements and there should not expressions based on mere prejudices, that too in vulgar language.

bhagwan (owner)     21 May 2016

hi, Sir  please let me know that  one lady how many time she  can take maintaince and alimoney from her husbands husband, if she marries four times. always divorece on stamp paper and registered in sub registrar office , even how many times she and her daughter from very first husband  can take alimony and  maintance.



Mr Bhagawan,Is UR query vague or academic?Sub Registrar has no power to grant divorce.

bhagwan (owner)     21 May 2016

Respected it means women has taken three divoreces all are illegal, she is still wife of first huaband., so whether she can get maintance and alimony from other husbands, please note mariage is consumed means physically relations. pls advise, what action can take against the that women. Thanks


Revolutionary thoughts have no place in law.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     25 May 2016

A few people who in the anxiety to help affected men go beyond certain limit in their language while answering the author's queries.  The language  used is embarrassing, please do not make this forum a garbage.


If she is bent upon divorce, you may readily agree to give her a mutual consent divorce but upon a condition that she withdraws her complaint with CAW cell and assures that she will indulge in anymore such false complaints in future.

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