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sripartha (advocate )     21 August 2011

Marriage between a hindu and christian

is a marriage between a hindu and christian is performed under christain rites and custons is vaild. sec 4 of christan marriage act say, and one party being christian is enough, for a valid marriage. kindly enlightem me about the laws. if possible kindly post any citiation that a marriage between a hindu and christian is a valid marriage.


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Yes, marriage between Hindu and Christian persons performed under the Christian Marriage Act is legal and valid.

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sripartha (advocate )     21 August 2011

thanks for the information sir, is there any court judgement to prove the same, as it would be more helpful for me to convince the judges.  that it is a valid marriage.


                                                thank you

vaidyanathan (retired psu employee)     22 August 2011

I read a supreme court verdict that the marriage should have taken place after the Hindu converted into christianity then only it is valid else it is invalid. The marriage perse between Hindu and christian is invalid.

Muthiah Thenappan (Proprietor)     22 August 2011

Suppose the marriage is conducted and registered in a Registrar's office, both the parties continue to remain

in their own religion as Christians & and as Hindus, will that be legally recognised ?

Muthiah Thenappan


Muthiah Thenappan (Proprietor)     22 August 2011

Hinduism accepts no conversion.  Christianity does.

If a Hindu converts himself as a Christian,  then discards it, can he re-join or become a Hindu

Muthiah Thenappan

Muthiah Thenappan (Proprietor)     22 August 2011

Many Hindu Temples in India, especially in South India non-Hindus are not allowed to enter.

How come our Sonia Ghandhi , a Christian by birth, her son our future Prime Minister, half Parsi and

the other half Christian are allowed into temples

Regds/Muthiah Thenappan

sripartha (advocate )     22 August 2011

i think its a huge and confusing subject, so any citation regarding the validity of the marriage will be helpful,

sripartha (advocate )     22 August 2011

thanks for the reply

valentine thakkar (advocate)     22 August 2011

Any marriage between parties of different religions performed under The Special Marriage Act is a legally valid marriage.

pramod k tiwari (president/snr Advocate)     25 August 2011

think about Aryasamaj.


I assume that the marriage has been peformed by the paster of a church.   The record maintained by him is the proof of the marriage.  Only if is registered under the registrar of special  marriages it become legally valid on the eye of law.  otherwise file a suit for declaration that the marriage is valid/ invalid one. 

mamta kaura wadehra (lawyer)     26 August 2011

go for court marriage under special marriage act

Piyush Sharma ( Advocate Rajasthan Highcourt Jaipur Bench Jaipur)     03 September 2011

The law regulating solemnisation of marriages among Indian Christians is laid down in the Indian Christian Marriage Act of 1872. 

The operation of this Act is not confined to a marriage to which both the parties are Christians. A marriage to which one party alone is a Christian is also regulated by the provisions of this Act. In other words, this Act does not stand in the way of a Christian marrying a non-Christian, but such a marriage will have to be solemnised under the provisions of this Act. For a valid marriage under the Christian Marriage Act, two requirements should be satisfied, viz., (a) the marriage should be solemnised under the Act and (b) it should not offend the personal law of any of the parties to it. Therefore in a marriage where one party to it is a Christian or both parties to it are Christians, it should be solemnised under this Act and if not so solemnised, it would be void. In short, in a marriage under this Act, if one party thereto alone is a Christian, such a marriage becomes valid only if the personal law of the non-Christian Party treats such marriage as valid. Where the wife is a Christian woman and the husband is a Hindu, there is no prohibition under Hindu law for such a marriage.

Source: Wikipedia

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