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Man remarries without divorce+disobeys maintenance orders

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     17 February 2011

" she would file a fresh case, challenging his second marriage for payment of maintenance."

- maintenance & second marriage are two diffrent issues.

" who after torturing his first wife, married another woman"

- difficult to say who torchurs whom.

- second marriage void due to first marriage.

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Are Arup jee ko kya ho gaya?

Sympathising with this woman?

Change of heart?


Keep it up! I mean supporting WRONGED people,and not any 1 particular gender

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     17 February 2011

perhaps you could not understand the meaning of my postings. - difficult to say who torchurs whom.


Some people have to be dealt with an iron hand.

But there is no iron in Indian Judiciary,that only has a soft hand.While the iron lies with the culprits like these.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     19 February 2011

A cheater got caught and exposed.

ADV Rajesh KASRIJA (ADVOCATE)     10 March 2011

Originally posted by :Meenal Bahadur


Women group foils man’s second marriage in Vizag


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Visakhapatnam, Feb. 14: Members of the Progressive Organisation for Women (POW) led by Mrs K. Padma intervened in time and foiled the registration of the second marriage of a man, who after torturing his first wife, married another woman at Annav-aram temple on Sunday.

After marrying the woman identified as Paidamma, V. Raja Rao, 40, came along with her to the sub-registrar’s office in the city on Monday and began the process of registration.

At that time, his first wife Mrs V. Rajyalakshmi and POW members were staging a dharna in front of his house as he was not paying maintenance for which she had obtained a court order.

They came to know about his second marriage during the dharna and immediately requested the sub-registrar to halt registration as he was yet to obtain a proper divorce from his first wife. The sub-registrar, Mr B. Ramesh Kumar, stalled registration. By the time, the women went to the sub-registrar’s office, he had left his new bride. Mrs Padma said that Mrs Rajyalakshmi was married to Raja Rao, an employee of the Visakhapatnam Port Trust in 1996. They have two daughters aged 12 and nine. He tortured her for dowry, forcing Rajyalakshmi to file a complain in Three Town police station under Section 498(A) in 2005.

On June 5, 2010, the court convicted him to two years’ imprisonment which he challenged in the higher court.

Earlier in 2006, she had filed another case in the court for maintenance and left for Sompeta in Srikakulam to live with her uncle.

The court directed him to pay Rs 2,000 per month which he did not pay till date, Mrs Padma said.

Rajyalakshmi said that she would file a fresh case, challenging his second marriage for payment of maintenance.


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Kudos to the women who did the dharna and fought for her rights. I hope now judiciary steps in and gives the maintenance arrears. You really have to do dharna to get justice in this country....SAD.

syed (Branch incharge)     04 June 2011

As he his not muslim, the second marraig is null -Void

Fist wife - any how she will get maintenance

But my questuion is - what about second wife - whats her status now

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