Lost debit card and its misused by someone

Hello everyone.

I lost my debit card a few days back and by the time i realised, the next day ,i lost it some one had swiped it 4 to 5 times. My account balance was almost nil.
 Now i wanted to fill a card holder dispute form at the HDFC bank but they are asking for a FIR, I have already complained to the police but they have given a small slip which says form 76a. Now the HDFC people are not ready to raise a complaint without an FIR. And also i don't think the police will agree to register an FIR.

Now i want to ask

1. Wether the FIR is really necessary in this case or the bank people are just playing with me

2.Also i went to a store where the card was swiped and saw the signature which was made it was just scriblled no where similar to mine. Will the bank accept that transcation..

3.Two transcations were done at Reliance digital outlets now in my statements i don't get the exact address of the transcation, Exact outlet at which the card was swiped. As there are many Reliance digital outlets in the city i cannot find the exact one. Also when i asked the bank to provide the exact details of where the card was swiped the bank is saying that they need 4 to 7 days to tell me the same and also need to give in writing.

4. Also if i report the lost card within two days it is lost i will lose 50$ as i read somewhere. I have informed the bank orally and not in writing. Do I need to give in writing?



you need to formally write a letter to your branch where you have the bank account asking to block the stolen card and reject the transactions made through them. further also you write similar email to the bank mentioning your account number and card number and asking them to act fast. let them revert back in writing that you need to produce the FIR copy.


The said email you can show to the police officer that because of want of FIR copy the Bank is refusing to accept my request. thus they would be compelled to register the FIR.


Every big retail outlets have installed CCTV camera at their stores which would be useful for you to check which person had swiped your card. since the CCTV is installed near cash counter.



Advocate Rohit Dalmia





This is a cyber crime you can lodge a complaint with cyber cell and you should request in writing to the Bank for blocking your debit card. Once you lodge COMPLAINT YOU WILL BE GIVEN C.S.R. RECEIPT WHICH YOU CAN SHOW THAT TO THE bANK.


Thank you for the reply sir.

I have been running around like 10 days now. If i register an FIR do i need to go to the court and hire a lawyer etc etc.

The money i have lost is around 10k. If i hire a lawyer to fight a case in the court and all it would not be worth it.

When i asked the Inspector he said so.

So i just want to know wether i have to attend to court and all.


no lawyer is required to give complaint in police station but u should have given the complaint immediately. how can go with the court proceedings when u dont know that person. that theif ha to be ffound and punished by the police and then only case will be conducted


Thank you for your reply sir.

I just wanted to know if in case the thief is caught then do i need to attend the court?

Also i went immediately to the police regarding the misuse but he refused saying that i have to first find the address where the person used the card and then reg a complaint under that jurisdriction.


In an FIR there is something saying



As i don't have any person who knows the offense nor i know the person who stole can i still register an FIR?




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