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Vijaychander (Branch manager)     09 July 2013

Lodging & boarding in india: safe for travellers?

My Name is Vijay Chander I am a resident of Hyderabad, I was in a confusion regarding our grand fathers property disputes so i have browsed lawyers club of India i was really impressed by your answers so i thought of sharing my question with you.

My Grand fathers name is Kannaiya Lal and my Grand mothers name is Rajamma they have 3 sons and two daughters they are:
1)Devannam(unmarried and dead in 1991)
2) Jyothi(Daughter)
3) Ravi Raj
4) Roop Chander
5) Pramilla (unmarried and dead in 2013)

1) Devannam was unmarried and got expired in 1991.
2) Jyothi is married she had 3 children
3) Ravi raj was married and has 3 children one daughter and 2 sons Daughter got married and one son got married unfortunately Ravi raj and his wife both got expired.
4) Roop Chander is married and has 3 children one son(Vijay chander(Me)) and two daughters my father got expired got expired in 2007 due to paralysis.
5) Pramila is unmarried and got expired.

I am the son of Roop Chander well let me give you a brief descripttion of the family, My father has marries my mom as it was a love marriage and got married in the year 1984 after their marriage they stayed at my grand fathers house but my aunts were against my father and started torchering my mom and harassed her and asked my father and mom to leave the home in a mid night so my father left my grand fathers house after a couple of months marriage and started residing in Malkajgiri my Grand father loved my mom and Dad a lot,
My grand father got expired in 1990 , my big father ie Devannam got expired in 1991 my grand father owned a house in Hyderabad , Later my Grand mother died in the year 1993 after my grand mothers death my aunt Pramilla used to stay with my Aunt Jyothi in 1995 my father was attached by paralysis in a very critical situation we spent all the money which we had and he came back alive by Gods grace after that instint my father went to his sisters house Jyothi to speak to them regarding the property share as we dont have a single pie as my father took VRS due to ill Health but they beat him badly and sent him away and my father was attached by paralysis 2nd time we dont  even have a single pie we admitted him in Gandhi hospital for 1 year we begged them to give any sum of money for our fathers treatment but they refused to As they were holding the papers of home
we suffered a lot 
as my father being a brother got many mathes to my Aunt(Pramilla) but she refused to marry, even Ravi raj was in there favour so we were left alone and my mom used to work in homes in order to feed us and treatment of our father, my father got bedridden for 8 Years and got expired in 2007. we pleaded all of our aunts and uncle to give us at least rent of the home they gave rent to others in our grand fathers house but they never gave us.
In 2005 Ravi rajs wife got expired and their children were taken by there mother in laws and took care of them and after the death of ravi they(ravis mother in laws) captured the whole House and gave to rents and used all the allowenses but never allowed us even pused away jyothi and Pramila as well even we kept quite because as they are father less since then till 2012 nov they were in the house taking rents but we never got any finally Pramilla got expired in 2013 June 5 she is holding the papers and we our selfes and sons of ravi raj has good contacts and now we r in a platform to sell the property.All the property papers are with our aunt Jyothi she is Hear patient but her younger daughter is playing a key role in all these things.

The questions which i have is:
1) Is Jyothi our aunt eligible for the share as she is married and they took the LIC policies,Shares and benefits of Devannam(employee of BDL) of grand father and Pramila?
2) who are the Legal hires of our grand fathers property?
3) what are the documents to be made by us ?
4) what percent of the share shall we all get i.e Ravi(our big father) children and Roop chander(my fathers ) children ie ravi raj's Married Daughter.
As the land is registered in my Grand fathers name.
6)How should we share the property in which percentage ?

I Appreciate your quick Response

Best Regards,
Vijay chander


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