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deepak (business)     23 December 2008

live in relation with friend

i  am divorced and want to go for live in relation with my friend who is not yet divorced but separated for years.

what are the legal problems for her or for me if we live like friends and care for each other.

we both are forty plus and live in a advanced city where nobody bothers.


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prof s c pratihar (medical practitioner &legal studies)     23 December 2008


      is there any suit pending for dissolution of marriage for her?is there any decree that the marriage is dissolved?if not  it will be an illegal   actin the eye of law.

Manish Singh (Advocate)     23 December 2008

it wont be an illegal action unless and until the husband lodges a charge of adultery on you.

tamilarasibabu (Advocate)     24 December 2008

Mr.Deepak, Supreme court has recently cited that live in relations are accepted before the law.  In January 2008, the Supreme Court validated long-term live-in relationships as marriages. A Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Arijit Pasayat with P Satasivan declared that children born out of such a relationship will no longer be called illegitimate. "Law inclines in the interest of legitimacy and thumbs down 'whoreson' or 'fruit of adultery'," the court added.

In your case, u have obtained divorce ,u have all legal validity, since the other person has to obtain legal seperation otherwise her legal validity would be questioned in future.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     24 December 2008

The issue raised by Manish is very valid. Unless until the lady get the divorce, such relationship is illegal and very much an offence punishable with imprisonment to the man involved.

prof s c pratihar (medical practitioner &legal studies)     28 December 2008

thanks mr rajesh

S.B.SURESH KUMAR (ADVOCATE)     28 December 2008

My deepak you may live in a advanced city where nobody bothers, but if it bothers her husband than you will land in trouble and you may be legaly charged for Adultry.

sanjeev murthy desai (Advocate)     30 December 2008

This is one article which is provided to me in our this community:

Can a married woman lawfully live with her lover against the will of her husband? The Rajasthan High Court says "yes". In a judgment that has messed up values and ethics related to the sacred institution of marriage, the Hon'ble court allowed a married woman, Manju, to live with her lover, Suresh. “It is improper to pass an order to hand over any unwilling married woman to her husband with whom she does not want to stay,” said justices GS Mishra and KC Sharma. The court also said that nobody should consider an adult woman as a consumer product.


Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     08 January 2009

Mere living with some other person is not an offence. There should not be any physical relation. They can always be "soulmate".


I do agree with my ld. Friend Mr. Rajesh Kumar

Himanshu Prabhakar (Advocate)     22 January 2009

Mr. Deepak and Mr. Rajan both are very correct.

Kuljit Pal Singh (Legal Professional)     22 January 2009

Dear Friends

I am of  the view that Marriage will remain continue so far as Death and Divorce will not occur. The case of adultry can be proved with merely living together. so the safest mode is to get divorce and start a fresh.



Sanjeev Tewatia (Advocate)     26 January 2009

in live in relation if any dispute is arrised between the said lady and man whom with she having live in relation and she lodge a FIR against him for rape that time what happened

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     31 January 2009

Well, our laws have made unscrupluous women a dangerous creature. It is always better to avoid women.

If you marry, you can be false implicated for dowry. If you are in live in relationship, you can be falsely implicated for rape. If you appoint a women in your office, you can be charged for s*xual harassment. If your collegue is a women, you can be dismissed on charges of s*xual harassment.

Just avoid women, till the laws are made more humane, more equal.

B.N.Rajamohamed (advocate / commissioner of oaths)     08 February 2009


There is no legal taboo for the persons to live together without marriage. There is a precedent of the supreme court of India that, when two persons live together for a long period without marriage they are presumed to be husband a nd wife and they are entitled to enjoy the status as married spouse.

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