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Neighbors gave Rashion card for new house build loan to my family 7 years ago..
we built 🏠 house for help of them...my parents and neighbours talked on this matter..what is this?? we will give Rashion card after my son marriage...they agreed ...
after my brother marriage,
they came to my house for this house loan to give Rashion card for 2years ago..
my brother gave to them...
They applied for house loan..but ,that loan did not selected....they had some neglegance...and again ,they came to my home again for 1 month ago...this situation, what is my reactions...
***how do we react on this matter??
***will you plz give me some clarity on this matter???
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There is confusion in each line of your query.

The ration card belongs to  the Head of the family mentioned in the card and there is no need to give to anyone

Why and how you have obtained other ration card for your use of raising housing loan is not known.

It may even amount to a fraud.

Contact a local advocate and take his guidance as you can not expect guidance on incomplete query..


sir.....ఒక రేషన్ కార్డు మీద రెండు ఇళ్లను నిర్మించడానికి హౌసింగ్ బోర్డు లో లోన్ అప్లై చేసుకోవచ్చా...

Consult a local lawyer with relevant documents for professional guidance and necessary proceedings.

Retired employee.

There is no link between holding a ration card and availing housing loans.  If the institution grants, one can avail any number of housing loans with different interest.

If the family members are separated, irrespective of the ration card, depending on income, separation, one can seek Govt. help after convincing the Tehsildar or volunteer. It appears that even those who are having independent spacious houses, those who never applied for such housing loans received sanctions on the basis of Ration cards.   AP State Govt., has also ordered that a Ration card has to be provided if applied within 15 days. 


Sir some peoples of my village has captured the government land i mean the LMC land, can i fill any petition against them because it is too much of land earlier on that land the wild animal grazing the grass So the wild animals are facing the problem
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You should open a new post and can not tresspass in the middle of an almost closed post.  Only a new post can be seen by all, and you can get lot of replies..  You can make a complaint to Collector and also submit a petition to the CM.  Wait for a month, file a simple petition to District Legal Services Authority for legal help.  Fighting a lone with a group of persons in small locations involves safety problems to you and your family.   Avoid direct fight to protect Govt land, as there are many ways of fighting in modern days through media and through PIL.




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