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i have purchased land in pune after verifying papers like 7/12, Mutations etc also we issued paper notice and after that Non Agricultural plan also sanctioned . recently we came to know that the part of our land was already acquired by govt in 1977 by passing Award under Land Aquisition Act 1886 and also Kami Jast Patrak was prepared in 1978 but the effect of the said acquisition on 7/12 extract has been given in 2009. we are the bonafied purchaser we want to challenge the irregularity and delay of govt. department. please suggest us some remedy? 


yes, u file a suit against government.


 which court i will have to file suit against govt. . HIGHCOURT or in the Civil court


Dear Sirs

My mother had purchased a land from my aunty about 20 years ago for 5 thousand rupees.However she has not made the registration on her name as they were quite close at that time.

Now My anunty is paying us 12 thousand ( Where the resent value of the land is 80 thousand ) and asking us to give back the land to her.When my mother denied to give back the land, they have force fully aquired the land and not allowing to enter anyone.

We do not have any written evidence, expect the people who knows the land was belongs to us since we have purchased from my aunty.

Could you please suggest me, how we can get the land back from them.We are very decent people and really don't want to fight them.

Thanks in advance..


Dear ,  i understand that at the date of Purchage the Mutation Entery was not avalible ,  Please check again all the documants ,  if any of the documents have entery of goverment orders passed then the claim of compansation  the said acquisition is made or not ,  if at all no compansation is paid to any or either old owner or newly registered owner then you can Challange the same

Best Regards



sir we now got understand that original owners have accepted compensation but we have not purchased land from them we are 2 nd purchaser, and entry regarding the acquisition only reflecting on kami jast patrak. my question is simple what is the time limitation binding on revenue authority to prepare Mutation entry.




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