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Is the D day closing in?


The Indian society is full of hypocrites. Many of us might not have forgotten that the victory of NETAJI as President of Congress was taken as his personal defeat by the MAHATMA, which was accentuated later that culminated in  a wide rift that is well known to every citizen. Nehru's deeds and actions personified the democratic and dictatorial traits respectively. We know how Indira thwarted democracy and imposed emergency. People have not forgotten how Sitaram Kesri was dethroned and the seat of party president taken over by the present president, Sonia. The dectatorial character was always cloacked by democratic MUKHOTA. The latest blow to democratic norms and constitutional provisions and practice, has come from the corrupt, flocking in the parliament, who disrupted the PAC proceedings. Many of us feel that this is not the beginning of the end of democracy but rather the last straw on the back of the camle.

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" the victory of NETAJI as President of Congress was taken as his personal defeat by the MAHATMA,"


---   that was the last political activity in the inter party politiscs of congress, by gandhiji.

thereafrer he gradually side tracked by the then congress leaders.


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Dear Mr. Nigam.

You can find corruption, nepotism and misuse of power in all the systems whether driven by democracy , autocracy or dictatorship. All such systems can be found only in books, not in practice. In fact all that depends upon the selfless or selfishness and ethical or unethical behaviour of the people of the society. Democracy has never been and would never be pure democracy, it is a mixed blend of democracy, autocracy and the dictatorship. The elected leaders mostly consider the part of democracy to end the day when people vote in their favor. Then starts the period of autocracy, dictatorship, vested interests, selfishness, Bhai-Bhatijawad, etc, of the elected leaders and their close followers.

If any leader is not corrupt he is made so by the selfish followers who cling to them to meet their own selfish ends. You can find several such sevadars (free servants) with each of the leader, who visibly don't draw any salary or wages from any source, but pull on extraordinarily well, rather accumulate disproportionate wealth than their know sources. The question arises, what compels them to render free service to the leaders? Naturally, they become the cause of sources of corruption not only for themselves, but also to involve their leaders, who are the Godfathers for them.

The only need is to reform election laws and vigilance of the people, who vote for the corrupt or criminal leaders, not to fail in judging them properly before they cut their own hands in the name of voting by putting them to power.

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Dear Mr Dhingra,

All said and done, the core of the solution lies in the moral values of the society, SANSKAR, which is conspicuously absent, as it is not being imparted, in the homes, schools or any other institution.




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