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Shyla (Student)     09 September 2008

Is teenage pregnancy illegal in both west n east?!

is teenage pregnancy illegal!?


With regards.




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smith sharma (lecturer)     09 September 2008







Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     09 September 2008

I really could not understand why teenage pregagncy is shameful or illegal.

I am not aware of any provision of law which makes such pregnancy illegal. Well the s*xual intercourse with a teenager may be illegal, even punishable- that doesnt make preganancy illegal.

Reagrding shamefulness- i do not think it is. It may a be a failure of parenting, it may be crumbling of social system, it may be expression of rebellion by teenagers, it may premature assertion of independence by a teenager- but in any case it is ot shameful.

Carlisle Collins (Samaritan)     10 September 2008

What is shameful is our self-righteous society's pseudo-conservative attitude toward a difficult growing stage in a teenager's life.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     10 September 2008

What is shameful is state's interference in the private life of its citizens, where it is not required and where civil society can take care of the issues. This way the state attempt to kill initiatives of civil society.


smith sharma (lecturer)     10 September 2008




Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     10 September 2008

I feel morality and character are very subjective concepts- depending upon various factors.

Parshuram (incarnation of god) ordered his son to kill his wife (son's mother), for she thought about some men. Off course it was moral for the husband to order killing of the wife, and moral for the son to kill his mother on order of his father at that time.

Had parsuram been today alive, he would have been hanged with his son under 120B, 34, 302 IPC. In his days he was worshipped as god.

That is what morality is- today moral, tomorrow heinous crime.

There is a Ghazal-

aaj shuli pe latke hue jise dekha hoga, waqt aayega ek din woh masiha hoga.

(the person u saw hanging on the cross today, a time will come when he will be a prophet)


Priya Ranjan (Sr. Ex.Legal)     10 September 2008

 I totally agree with the views of Rajesh and  thanks for his views.

These things not coming out of morality or character we say it is mere eventuality & lack of education . 

Carlisle Collins (Samaritan)     11 September 2008

Rajesh Kumar, Sir: I’m inclined to disagree with you on both points. “Civil society” (I take it you mean “civilian” society) can’t take care of issues (or more correctly, can’t take care of issues objectively, impartially, and with fair-mindedness), because they are known to be anything but civil or civic-minded in such matters. What we see mirrored in popular proposals addressing such “controversial” issues so far are purported “remedies” conforming to a feigned image of ultra conservatism, pseudo rigid “righteousness”, and “one-upmanship” that conveniently overlooks the layers of “dirt” on our own backs. Left unchecked to its own remedial mechanism, ‘civilian’ society would herald in an arbitrary climate of whimsical enforcement of a fluctuating interpretation of the “Law”; thus, anarchy, kangaroo courts, and "Frontier Justice".

Society’s chronic ills are conceived through a festering gestation period within the dark womb of private life, which eventually manifests into a very visible, taxing social problem. The State does have a fundamental obligation to redress critical aspects of our non-public conduct that have a propensity to mushroom into a burden that the ‘civilian’ public collectively will be compelled to shoulder if not “nipped in the bud”.

But what started out as a noble, statesmanlike venture of the leadership to infuse a rational balance into an otherwise complex and often conflicting value system (and just as diverse convictions relative to attaining a symbiotic environment through peaceful coexistence), one feels now a conspicuous shift from the role of benefactor to intruder and, if the writings on the wall are truly prophetic, then onward to Lord and Master cum Tyrant.

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."  -- Adolph Hitler.

So what does all this have to do with teenage pregnancy? As with all social issues, PLENTY! I believe education, tolerance, empathy are catalytic to beneficial social change. But the narrow minded, linear thinking, so typical of our “civilian” society, nurtures petty prejudices and myopic, short-term “solutions” to long-term problems which synergistically gathers momentum and magnitude impeding progress. And while we’re so preoccupied flaunting our Gucci blinders, pointing accusatory fingers at one another, there’s an ominous change taking place oblivious to all but few.

What germinated as a gradual surreptitious encroachment on our Rights, will have evolved; metamorphosed into a visible, ruthless, commanding force set on systematically sodomizing our principles of freedom and hastening our eventual enslavement. The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance, “For fascism arrives without fanfare, like tooth decay or dry rot, creeping in, behind closed walls, until the very foundation of freedom is washed away, forever”.

The above is my private opinion (while I’m still entitled to express my private opinion). I humbly solicit your comments if I need to stand corrected: Dissent is the highest form of patriotism! Thank You for hearing me out.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     11 September 2008

It was a pleasure to hear you. I will reply soon.

You have something original to say. keep it up.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     13 September 2008

Dear Collins,

I feel that Government is an evil, albeit necessary evil. Thus government should exist only in those areas where is a required to exist- like police, defence, justice etc. My idea of ideal state is closer to "police state" of earlier days. Democracy brought the idea of "welfare state" which has spoiled the system. Here the state tries to do things, which it cannot do. For example, a politician has to promise that he will remove poverty for votes- but can state remove poverty. What the state does in the name of removing poverty is biggest causes of poverty in India.

When i say civil society should be empowered, i suggest that many things can be done by civil society, and the state must encourage strengthening of such society. NGO movement is for such empowerment only. But with the financial power the state has, even this movement is affected adversely by the state.

In the name of state control of economy, the country was kept under poverty for decades. In the name of social reforms, just a few legislations was passed just to garner votes, and those legislations have become the biggest problem society is facing.

I recommend you to read 1984 of Goerge Orwell. See how a totalitarian state behave. Slowly we are moving in that direction. The state appropriates your 7 months labour in the name of taxation, in a year you work for 7 months just to pay taxes of the state. How those taxes are used is known to everybody.  State wishes to appropriate your 12 months labour- so that u will be a complete slave and state will provdide everything just to keep u alive and labour.

Society develops with development of individual. State stands for staus quo. Empowerment of civil society, and giving it more space will result in better development of human race.

That is my view is. I examine various issues in the light of this development, and suggest ways so that this objective may be achieved gradually. 

Carlisle Collins (Samaritan)     15 September 2008

Rajesh Kumar, Sir: I respectfully disagree with the idea of “police state” whether of earlier days or the present. Where’s the logic in the scenario you propose? We got rid of the British because we believed in ourselves and our right of self-determination: we didn’t require an alien power exercising autonomic, superordinate, regulatory control over our affairs, and, while so doing, looting our nation. But we should feel comfortable transferring this power to indigenous, self-regulating police-type governance because our elected leaders forget their promises after being voted into office and pursue a private agenda of looting of their own? What makes you think that the policing officials of your proposed “police state’ of early years would be any less self-serving than they are at present?

Just look around you: THIS IS A POLICE STATE! There is police’s overseeing presence in our courts, in our academic campuses, in our shopping malls, in our Drivers License Testing facilities, around our movie theatres, sports arenas, Immigration and Customs departments at the airports, the railway and bus stations, hospitals, places for congregation prayers, State offices, etc., etc., in just about every facet of our life. The police are also lawfully empowered to adjudicate civil complaints and dispense remedial criminal sanctions. And we all know on which side of your pockets their loyalty lies, by and large.   

I did read George Orwell’s 1984 as well as Animal Farm eons ago: How frightfully prophetic! I suppose all tyrannical regimes follow quite the same game plan, but the common citizen is too blind (ignorant) or engrossed with his day-to-day existence making a living, that he is unable to see through the fog of misinformation and deceit at what’s REALLY happening. This is certainly of tactical advantage to those planning on his servitude.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from 1984/Animal Farm, etc., bear in mind totalitarianism and the establishment of an “Elite” society was nurtured into growth in a social atmosphere festering with misinformation, prejudices, lack of knowledge, and apathy by the gullible citizenry. Do you not see tell-tale signs here as well?

In my humble opinion, it would be irresponsible to resignedly dismiss these failed/failing social programs as a corrupted bi-product of the Democratic voting process, and to hypothesize that social reformation programs could be vitalized through extra-parliamentary means. Are you suggesting Dictatorship or Martial Law? Are we adequately suppressed, subdued, and prepared for this ‘eventuality’?

There is available another, less radical option: HOLD OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES TO THEIR WORD AND OUR WILL!

But being products of mass ignorance, impoverishment, unpretentiousness, and a conspicuously varied economic class system, we tend to hero worship our politicians placing them on a revered social pedestal way above the reach of the common man who voted him there in the first place!

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” They work for the public. Make them accountable employees! There’s tendency of people in power to forget who put them in power and who they should be working for. Likewise, there are impeachment and other disciplinary processes available in a democracy to address malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance by public officials.

It is a patriotic obligation upon us all to disseminate knowledge, participate in and promote ethical governance.

As Officers of the Court, you have at your disposal immense resources and powerful judicial recourses to work toward beneficial social change. However, in my humble opinion, the first step in this direction starts in our own personal and professional “backyard”: to strive for ethical, principled jurists, jurisprudence, and professionalism.

From what I see from these responses to Shyla’s straightforward question, “is teenage pregnancy illegal!” is a ridiculous pile of personal opinion reflecting bias and irresponsible haste? An act or condition is not “illegal” simply because, in our prejudiced opinion, IT SHOULD BE SUCH! A teenage pregnancy IS NOT ILLEGAL for many, many reasons: Firstly, the pregnancy could have been in relation to a nineteen year old teenager!(NOTE: Not one of the esteemed members of the Forum asked for any pertinent details, but were so quick to form a damaging opinion without quoting any legal authority). Even if an underage child (say 13) were to have been forcefully molested and became pregnant, the pregnancy itself is not illegal (therefore punishable) but actions preceding it could be IF committed by a person (and other reasons which time and space precludes me from discussing). Taking this scenario one step further, would an adult male perpetrator be arrestable for IPC 375/376/377 for artificially inseminating and impregnating an underage teenager? What if this was an adult woman perperator?  

From the sublime to the ridiculous! NOW DO YOU SEE THE DANGER OF JUMPING TO HASTY CONCLUSIONS? How many were unjustly convicted by this tendency?

Thank you, Sir, for patiently bearing with me.

Guest (n/a)     15 September 2008

Nice rant! I think by this time the teenager must have delivered so let’s move on! LOL. It looks like you are not alone in your radical thoughts. Look what the Police State is doing to us. I came across some interesting opinions here:



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