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Carlisle Collins

About me

  Member Since : 08 September 2008  (Others)

   I'm just a simple Joe-Blow, retired from the rat race but retarded by this cesspool of corruption that's become our national ethos.

   So, what can one individual do to cultivate some integrity in the System? Well, he could bitch, bitch, bitch and be noticed; then, be thrown in jail. Or he could team up with fellow dissenters, become a vociferous activist; then, be thrown in jail! A Hobson’s choice, but a choice nevertheless! Or he could blog away his frustration on the web praying that Freedom of Expression still flaunts some protective zing! (www.havepenwillwrite.wordpress.com)

   The individual’s Rights are paramount! Mahatma Gandhi’s Civil Disobedience theme was reliant on his principle that “elementary rights of individuals” were more important than the Empire’s political interests. True to his guiding inspiration, even today, the “elementary rights of individuals” ARE STILL more prominently catered to but these “individuals” are the nation’s policy-influencing icons; those entrusted with enforcement powers over the masses!

   In all fairness, I believe, even more than the homage and gratitude the bullied patriots pay to the Father of Our Nation, the corrupt mass majority should be compelled to devote much more: percentage-wise! After all, were we still being plundered by the British Raj, it would have presented a serious impediment to the prosperity of our very own indigenous variety of Desi looters, wouldn’t you say?

   So what should we do about Corruption, which has become as Desi as Gram Masala and coconut hair oil? Or, should we do anything about it at all since we're acclimatized to the otherwise asphyxiating pong? I believe a good starting place to infuse integrity into our culture is the Judiciary. Fortunately, there are still some judges around who take the old school view toward ethical indiscretions and do their own ‘’housecleaning’’. It is this breed of true patriots that the term “Your HONOR” is exclusively reserved for. These are the caped crusaders who represent the last bastion of hope for a desirable change in the workings of our Justice System and ethical governance.

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