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Is Marriage an Outdated Institution?

Page no : 2

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     03 May 2008

The laws related to marriage is being amended- like law againt bigamy, adultery etc. The amendment is being proposed in order to "save marriages" through tougher laws. I was just thinking as to why is only this relationship of man and woman requires so much legislation. Mother-son relationship, or brother-sister relationship or friends relationship do not requires so many legislative protection. It is a further evidence that marriages are fast becomeing outdated.

Known (B)     04 May 2008

1. Courts should grant instant Divorce when either of the spouse approaches the Court.
Because times and laws (498A, DVA etc) have changed and they can later re-marry each other.

2. False 498A or DVA Complaints should be punished by giving physical and legal Custody of Children to the Father.
Because Children should be isolated from such a Fraud environment.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     06 May 2008

Good suggestions- but will anybody heed. Particularly the ruling class starving for woman's vote.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     08 June 2008

Marriage is arguably losing its appeal claim many social scientists, and indeed many tabloids. With divorce ever on the increase – with statistics showing one out of every three marriages end in divorce, the institution of marriage as a religious and legal bond may be considered outdated in today’s society. Co-habitation is no longer unacceptable, indeed it is commonplace among the youth of today, and illegitimacy no longer carries such a social stigma. But is a stable family environment dependent on a marital bond – or more appropriately, if not dependent is it improved?

This debate on idebate .com shows the reality.

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