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Madhu   23 July 2016

Ipc 420

I am looking for an experienced criminal/civil lawyer who can take over an already registered case under section 420, a case running in district court and also register a new one in high court. Looking for a mature person who is not greedy, who understand life in depth and can stand till end for justice. I would like him to attend all hearings without any miss and i will provide as much support as I can under busy schedule. My case is based only on truth with all facts already provided in the case. My lawyer must be able to stand up and speak up the facts to the judge, try all possible means from his end, trust and support the client. I am not looking for anyone below 40 years of age. I am seeking punishment for the opponent at any cost, so if you  think that you are already running a lot of cases and cannot devote specialized attention to my case, then you might not be helpful for me. Please note that I already have a lawyer but not happy with his services and temprament, I am looking for someone who is cool and calm, and can take end to end accountability.


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Kumar Doab (FIN)     23 July 2016

Ask around at your location and you can know the reputation of expertise of counsels.

Madhu   23 July 2016

My location is Bangalore

Kumar Doab (FIN)     23 July 2016

Ask around at Bangalore and you can know the reputation of expertise of counsels.


If you want to search in LCI databank you can conduct search at:

Sood   23 July 2016

Ok soo lets start work without wastig time

Kapil Chandna (Lawyer at Supreme Court of India)     24 July 2016



Please call to discuss about the same. 


Warm Regards 

Kapil Chandna Advocate 


Vibha   24 July 2016

  1. Please shed more light on specific grievance against your lawyer. 
  2. Members can provide more specific advise given such information.

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     24 July 2016

Unfortunately in the world those who can not be greedy can never be experts, and experts mostly are greedy, and busy and can not be approached.

I have yet to hear about any advocate who is having expertise, non greedy and still principled and values principles.  When certain fees are fixed still the bargain and negotiation Quid pro quo still rules in the profession.

The fall in values starts from Advocate clerk to all parts of the upper body.

P. Venu (Advocate)     24 July 2016

And they do not issue any receipts for the fees received.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     24 July 2016

The LCI Forum member ; LawWeb has made appreciable contribution;


Cases of Professional Misconduct of Lawyers should be published by bar council:

CENTRAL INFORMATION COMMISSION; Tapan Chaudhary v. Bar Council of Delhi

Madhu   24 July 2016

My lawyer doesnt have the skillset to write any case, I am the one who writes everything and prepare cases for him, and he is not even ready to review them. He is sending my draft to another lawyer who is expert and get that reviewed by her and this is leading to a lot of time getting wasted in writing documents only. He never picks my call, and when i call him on status of the draft that i send to him, he is scolding me telling me that he knows what he is doing. The final submissions are 95% my work and i want to get rid of this lawyer who is more or less a broker. I asked him to give me the phone number of the expert as i want to deal with her directly as I cannot take his torture anymore, especially when i have no problems in paying fee. He is not even giving me the phone number of this lady. During the proceedings, he is not prepared and has no idea about what is written in the case because he hasnt written that file. Despite having made so many submissions, and 500-600 page documents, eligible proofs,  He never got up to defend me in front of the judge which is also rising a doubt in my mind about his authenticity. I hope he is not talking to my husband who is the opponent, because i caught him one talking where he was offered money.

More than anything, i just want to deal with one person who is accountable for end to end cases, who is intelligent enough to write and speak english, who can think ahead of time on his own, updates me instantly, who can do his work on his own instead of making me write everything and who is cool and calm while dealing with his clients.

Just to let you know, documentation part is more or less complete and i want a strong personality who can talk confidently in front of judge, after going through 600 page documents.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     24 July 2016

Engage an able counsel.


Vibha   24 July 2016

  1. In my experience senior lawyers are good at the things you want, but they are also very busy, expensive and selective in the cases they take. One has to work with their associates for most details, the senior helps from a distance and attends court only during arguments.
  2. Client taking active role in drafting documents in not uncommon if you want good results. A good lawyer will give you a well prepared draft which you will need to edit as per your liking the go back and forth on the changes.
  3. Lawyers are usually very energetic at start of matrimonial disputes and slowly they lose interest as case starts dragging. At start they can close good fees from client and they secretly hope that matter will settle out of court. 
  4. To be brutally honest with you, husband wife disputes go absolutely nowhere in Indian courts. Good lawyers know this very well and will usually advise you to take steps that accomplish what you want (custody, alimony etc.) and draw other party to a settlement without long drawn litigations. If you insist on fighting while the lawyer knows deep down that the fight is futile you will see clear symptoms of a disengaged counsel. 

Kumar Doab (FIN)     25 July 2016

'The final submissions are 95% my work and i want to get rid of this lawyer who is more or less a broker.'

Your need is good counsel.

Engage an able counsel.

Madhu   25 July 2016

Anyone from Bangalore or any referrals for an able mature lawyer will help. Now, mostly talking and arguments are required.

Please PM if you are aware of someone.

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