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India's Perpetual Image Crisis & Fake Cricket



India's Perpetual Image Crisis & Fake Cricket

Posted on : 23/02/2011 14:19:30

India's Perpetual Image Crisis & Fake Cricket

- Dr. Abdul Ruff





BY its own nature India is an unhappy nation with jealous, extra greedy people striving to create problems for neighbors and ill-focused on Muslims. In stead of being happy, India badly suffers from a serious psyche disorder for years since 1947 when it obtained freedom from the unwilling British rulers and quickly occupied neighboring Jammu Kashmir. The chief problem tormenting the Indian wounded psyche is its own fake mindset about its false prestige. Even after "achieving" its immoral goal of a seat in the notorious UNSC managed by the USA-UK terror twins at any cost, by using the Commonwealth games and fooling the Asian nations telling them it wants to save the world from GST rogue states while it is also part of the same gang, Indian hollow sentimentalism does not show any sign of satisfaction. Even after becoming the a part of UNSC state terrorism, India has not yet decided to quit Jammu Kashmir and withdraw all paid state terror criminals from the streets of JK.


These days of IPL-WC cricket drama, India has generated a lot cricket fever among the crazy Indians by effectively using its media controlled by the mafia and one major objective is to divert the attention from serious corruption charges, IPL money laundering, Commonwealth Games rackets (permitted to advance the Indian immoral ambitions to be on the notorious UNSC, price rise, high inflation), etc. India is also making strenuous efforts to book Pakistanis on corruption charges, in connivance with the corrupt Islamabad rulers, to reduce the impact of rampant corruption scenario in India that has obstructed the functioning. of parliament, occupied all sorts of corrupt and criminal elements.


Reluctance to change the team every two years has vitiated the  cricket world and created a strong lobbyist networks spoiling the chances for new comers. As if entire world has become redundant and the sport world shut before it, India is trying its best to make cricket the only sport and Tendulkar the only true Indian- all others are bogus and illegitimate ones. Today the crudest funny phenomenon in cricket is the cash role being played Indian industrialists, top politicians mafias control it by bring other teams and the related people. As a pet keep of USA-UK terror twins and an emerging terror partner in Afghanistan and elsewhere, India has also acquired the rights to control as many domains as others allow.


Joint cricket exercises (JCE) have rendered all the cricket teams into very ordinary and meagerly average ones today. Reports and reality suggest India refuses to play without “package deals”. The so-called world cup in cricket centered in Bangladesh has already exposed the reality shows they would perform. One of the insignificant teams, Kenya, obviously, lost to NZ. Kenya knew it could not defeat New Zealand, a below average team. To put it bluntly, whether one likes it or not, the JCE is not a new invention by India, but it has promoted cricket to such an extent for promoting its special cases like Tendulkar that now without JCE nothing moves on the ground. the core convention of "give and take" dominates the cricket world. For India, the JCE is an extension of domestic corrupt politics and policies where the regime, opposition, black-cash corporate world and media war lords share the spoils according to some formula whereby all big bosses stay in tact. From local councils to New Delhi Parliament the same "share and care" formulas are followed.


India is using both IPL black cash engagement and Tendulkar retirement as a gimmick to win the cup and cash hungry foreign cricketers could do nay thing for money. But when India wants anything any route is OK; any method is OK; any bribery is OK. India has surplus black cash so it auctions the greedy cricketers from the world to play for India as the IPL bosses require of them. OK. But why all foreign governments promoting cricket do not object to their cricketers being auctioned in India like cattle? Here lies the crux of match-fixing menace, shielding all bogus records and give and take conventions. So, the evil of fixing is not limited to 3 Pakistani players alone, if at all they are involved. It is not OK. 


All cricket teams are guilty that cricket remains the most unreliable sport. In fact there is no cricketer who can score 100 plus without a helping hand of fellow batboys and opponent bowlers and fielders. Legends in cricket are created for some purposes but in sports there is an extra reason. It has been a practice to take special care of aid givers in sports. Pakistan underpays with England while Bangladesh with India which gives them some tractors.


The ongoing WC in cricket looks like a pro-India gimmick to promote Indian false image and interests. Srilankan skipper clearly saw the pro-India strategy in WC. The schedule and timings are meant to suit Indian side alone. But Indian tricks to fool the world could fail, as before!


Without the regime, without their agencies and without mafias cricket cannot be played; and cricket is played to pursue economic agenda of the regime and mafias.





In cricket the problem starts with toss itself. Generally, toss is sought after only to bat first and place a total for the other team to chase down or collapse. That is real challenge. If a team choose to bowl after winning the toss, it signals an earlier agreement or fixing that only a particular team ( here India and England) Once a decision is already taken before the toss which team must bat first, toss is irrelevant because no mater who wins the toss, the winner of the toss declares accordingly ; if  that tea is supposed to bat the skipper would choose to bat, if on the contrary, if the other team is to bat first he would say they would bowl first, knowing that that is ridiculous announcement.


India got a big shot in its terror arms as Pakistani cricket is disarray; the cricketers seem to play drama. Of course, there is something basically wrong with the team mindset because after wining the toss they choose to field even when bating first has the added advantage. The whole great idea behind such move is to first “give” and then “take” 100s.


When a wicket falls, either the bowler's skill has worked, or the bat-boy has thrown away his bat for specific reason or a just hard-luck or a default wicket. Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar is undoubtedly a super fast bowler, but is totally spent bowler now who has not made any attempts to reinvigorate the sport method with new techniques and all his old techniques are outdated and too familiar to the opponent batboys. Akhtar is clearly over spent and is now unfit to play in today’s cricket when the teams are expected to restrict runs. Akhtar not only refuses restricts runs, but also, on the contrary, offers enough runs to every batboy so that Pakistan does not win the match easily. Does he, like his president Zardari does it on people, he takes revenge on the selectors for keeping him out of international cricket for too long?  Akhtar maybe a good runner, but is a costly bowler. He refuses to make at least one maiden over. Maybe skipper Afridi, who plays a sort of game without any order these days for whatever reasons, has instructed him to do so.


Bangladesh is the Asian champions, maybe because the effort of cricket world led by the India-ICC to make Afghanistan the Asian champions failed and BD emerged victorious. BD had also won the WC in 2007. India is keen to deny BD a repeat of the win over India in the 2007 edition in the Caribbean. Both Pakistani and Bangladeshi teams chose to bowl first after winning the tough toss and logic seems to be very simple - just to lose the match and let the opponent win for some specific reasons. In a fitting way to hitting hypocritical Pakistani and Bangladeshi drama masters-cricketers who showed their color in electing to bowl in stead of batting, Kenya, a weak team decided to use their toss in a positive manner they won by electing to bat first and lose it  honorably.

Making runs or wickets, setting big scores are generally decided well in advance depending on the circumstances and who and which team require special treatment. Now India has claimed its right to win. There is a myth about making 100 plus as well as losing quick wickets. Generally one or two batboys throw away their bat very early to enable some others to make merry of scoring 100s etc as per the agreement. If, for example, Shewag is supposed to get 100 pus, his co-batboy would leave the crease as quickly as possible and even the next person coming to bat would also do the same. That is the way to make spectators the illusion of wickets and 100s.



It has been the practice in cricket for resourceful nations to play with weak teams and set bogus ranking and records. The practice goes to WC level. Kenyans are not so naive as not to know the tactic significance of bowling first after winning the toss- they know. If Kenya also had offered 400 plus to New Zealanders - which they most probably expected - they too would have got some good runs up to 200 plus and at least one of them even would have got 100 plus or at least 50 plus as per the usual cricket conventions of mutual match fixing. That the mutual fixing. This logic has worked between Pakistan and England and Bangladesh and India and, earlier, between Pakistan and New Zealand. India got two 100 pus (Shewag and Kohli) but in return Bangladesh got just two 50 plus. Bangladesh made a spirited chase of the daunting target under lights, reaching 283-9 as opener Tamim Iqbal scored 70 and Shakib contributed 55 off 50 balls in the group B match. 



Poor Yousuf Pathan, known for his big shots if chances are provided by the bowlers, could not get any elevation from the Bangladeshis for whom he does not make any sense. (India has chosen 3 Muslims as bowlers and all from Gujarat, hoping that these drunkards (no? then sorry) have special blessing of Muslim gods. But it seems Indi ahs no Muslim batboys!   


With a view to fooling the innocent looking world, Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan now tries to justify the team defeat. He said he was confident his team would bounce back after the heart-breaking loss to India in the World Cup opener, but urged the bowlers to shape up. That is old trick. Shakib blamed his bowlers for allowing India to run riot with the bat, but justified his decision to give the power-packed rivals first strike at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium. But who wanted that, if not the team from Dhaka?




Whether or not their actions were predetermined by the India-ICC, Bangladesh boys enjoyed their quick operations on the field by offering sumptuous runs to India. Plenty of SIXes and Fours flew like cocktail soda as a generous gift to India did make the crazy crowd go frenzy too. But the matches became fake ones. Kenya perhaps got what it deserves some 70 odd runs, but it effectively denied any good score to any of the batboys what wanted 100s 50s as their birth right. That is the achievement of Kenya and collapse of NZ, notwithstanding the win.



India searches for reasons to be unhappy. Though Bangladesh lost to India as a token of corrupt Hasina-friendship, in fact, India is all happy at all that Bangladesh did not lose all wickets as they did playing against Pakistan. Even after 500vers India, through the so called “magic man” Harbajan bowled an extra ball to get the last wicket but failed at to achieve the illogical and immoral end. Some how India boasts they have got the best talent in the world. But in Common wealth Game sin Delhi and Asian Games in China India resorted to dirty tricks to get their people reach the finals and even get some medals. The way some tens players from other countries who played better than against Indians were asked to change their color of the dress after the half way is ridiculous to say the least. But even after the change of color code others continue to dominate the tournaments.



Pakistan has provided 300 plus to England and also lost the match. However, Bangladeshis offered two 100 plus to Pakistanis and also lost all wickets.



True, Kenya's was not a hard-fought loss, because they could not bowl well too. There are neither good bat-boys nor effective bowlers and the team looks like a temporary outfits collected from the Kenyan streets. But they had the courage to bat first. Pakistanis and Bangalis should also have taken the bat first in stead of catching the ball hurriedly. It is outrages even if they thought fielding first is better.


Any way, Kenya should be remembered for its bold decision.





These days of IPL-WC cricket drama, India has generated a lot cricket fever among the crazy Indians by effectively using its media controlled by the mafia and  one major objective is to divert the attention from serious corruption charges, IPL money- laundering, Commonwealth Games rackets (permitted to advance the Indian immoral ambitions to be on the notorious UNSC, price rise, high inflation, etc. India is also making strenuous efforts to book Pakistanis on corruption charges, in connivance with the corrupt Islamabad rulers, to reduce the impact of rampant corruption scenario in India that has obstructed the functioning of parliament, occupied by all sorts of corrupt and criminal elements and mafia lords- international frauds, national pick-pockets & cut-pockets, liquor bosses and local arrack/toddy masters & their assistants, etc.




Indian Agricultural minister Sharad Pawar, a former Maharashtra Chiefminsiter, is now ICC boss and promotes cricket fixings to enable a Mumbai guy Sachin and the Indian President Madam Patil is also  from Mumbai. It seems, India, even if it were not prefixed before the match, had expected 400 plus and Shewag was being offered 100 plus and was fast moving toward 200 as a BD special consideration after throwing out poor Mumbai smart Sachin Tendulkar very early. India media, dejected on account of unfabulous shots, would not promote Shewag or the Bharat Ratna, even if they want for the fact that he let the bowler's ball scatter his stumps all along the route from BD Mirpur to New Delhi, this is unacceptable to national award committee and does to entitle the rank. The too generous Bangladeshis seemed to be eager to offer Shewag 200 plus but he squandered his own fate. Perhaps, he did not want to go too far. The financiers of Mumbai can spend any amount to get Sachin what they want and wax figure fixed at London museum is just nothing, you know. Their aims are higher, taller than India Gate.



Perhaps, cricket has a learning point in tennis where once defeated an individual is out of tournament. In cricket, even world cup is preceded by "warm-up" matches even after playing for months together and now each team must play against the other prolonging the duration of the cup. Or, after the final is played, they must go for tennis method to determine the real winner, but without fixing the outcome of the matches.






For some kind of credibility to the cricket as a genuinely competitive sport, and for adding enough reliability of team performance and avoiding the fixing habits of countries and their mafias, every team must restrict the cricketer team to only 2 years and at least 10 new faces should be brought in after every years and the remaining could be co-opted from the old team if necessary. After all there are ample cricketers in the former UK colonies to take over and showcase their ability and skills.



All old cricketers in every country need to be replaced by new faces so that new cricket emerges. The fear that only the senior cricketers alone can get runs or wickets by using their “links” should go, and if they play well every player can enjoy the sport, by building rapport with foreign players, as usual at the night parties.  All efforts by Indian cricket mafia and media fanatics to make Sachin Tendulkar the only living Indian worth mentioning have failed miserably and Tendulkar get 15 to 17 runs which is his real caliber. However, Indian media nuts especially the TV channels are diehard fanatics and are still hope the mafias and industrialists would go any distance to get Tendulkhar even a Nobel Prize for his London wax achievement on payment basis.



Over burdened with surplus cricketers on the field looking around for chances, fame and extra cash, India, for instance, supplies cricketers to any country that requires. After making enough billions, Indian cricketers also claim national rewards and awards for their service to nation. India media supported by mafia and black money promote them because they are a part of national racket.



One thing makes me also happy that is power of Indian back money that buys foreign cricketers and in fact India even actions the world cricketers like vulnerable cattle and used furniture to play for India in IPL. But how could other countries tolerate Indian fickle kindness and fanaticism?


And the money hungry cricketers across the world, including Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, queue up before Indian blackmoney show rooms. After all, Indians do not join any foreign cricket IPL type; though they might be begging in foreign streets and getting caught as international frauds with or without radio tag fixed to their legs, while India tries all tricks, including threats, to save those Bharatratnas at home and abroad. An innocent looking, Manmohan sigh continues to pretend his ignorance about what is happening around him right even under his innocent looking nose.


So, you have got some idea about how records are set and how rankings are fixed by the teams, mafias and ICC and how awards are decided by national committees keeping in view strength of black money. In fact the cricketers play while the regime agencies, industrialists and mafias do their lot behind the scene. 


It is an established fact that Britishers did lay cricket for fun and now their followers like India do not fix matches just for fun either. In India, cricket has a poll-politics value. Indian fanatics give us the impression that without cricket, India would collapse like a pack pf useless cards. Thus, it appears the fate of Manmohan corrupt regime depends not on their performance (they are the worse day robbers) but on how the industrialists and mafias make India the sole winning of cricket. India has been trying all tricks to get rid of those teams that pose serious threat to Indian cricket, like Pakistan. Behind all media gimmicks about Indian cricket greatism, there is a strong political rivalry and there is a poll component.

Am I telling some new specific truth?  Yes?   If India suffers from a perpetual image crisis on account of fake cricket, what can others do?

د. عبد راف
Dr. Abdul Ruff,
Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Chronicler of Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs;

Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA and India have zero tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than  "terrorism".


 2 Replies

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     23 February 2011

I dont know anything about cricket. but what I learned from my friends from aboard is that, in Japan, japanese does not walk but they run as if racing against time, but here in India people in millions watch cricket for weeks and months, and if all these millions of people spend their time working in factories and industries Indian economy would have been different. Is it true/ fellow indian?

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     23 February 2011

I dont know anything about cricket. but what I learned from my friends from aboard is that, in Japan, japanese does not walk but they run as if racing against time, but here in India people in millions watch cricket for weeks and months, and if all these millions of people spend their time working in factories and industries Indian economy would have been different. Is it true/ fellow indian?

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