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Would expect your valuable comments regarding the legal case filed as mental torture and divorce. Context of this is one of my friend (man) had arranged marriage. Due to very insufficient fund, he couldn't bring his wife in bangalore but his wife staying in Kolkata. My friend and his family already informed with his wife's family regarding his poor financial condition as he is 1 and only 1 son of his parents and only 1 salaried person in his family. He told his wife to wait for 6-7 months until he is stable and his parents asked her to stay at his own native home(home of my friends). He had to manage his sister's marriage as well during the time suddenly , which incurred a huge financial pressure on him. 

The girl's parents don't allow her to stay at her father-in-law's house in absence of her husband. Due to this my friend's father got upset. during the time, my friend visited 4-5 times for his native and stayed with his wife for 2 months (summation of stay for 5 times) in his 1.5yrs after marriage. This lady is very dominating and not-understanding ..once my friend was there at his home with his parents and his wife, she got angry when her father-in-law was discussing with her why none from her family attended his daughter's (my friend's sister) marriage..she was shouting and got ready to leave home at 1am -which is very unfortunate. Mostly everyday and night his wife irritates him she'll suicide or have sleeping pills. My friend is working in IT and he has huge workpressure but he consoles her that she should wait for few more months and also explained his states he passing through but she rejects and don't permit his mind to work as she disturbs while he's in ofc. 

When his dad complains these to his wife's parents , they neglect them and don't care. My friend asked his wife continuously to be sober and calm and to be understanding but she rejects saying that she'll never change for anyone. Even there's a plan to bring her in bangalore at january, his wife and family filed a legal case against mental torture against my friend and his family.

In this context, what'll be the impact on my friend's life and IT-career as he's working in a MNC. is there any chance to get his IT professional career and visa-process get impacted during this time, if yes how long? any chance for him to be arrested here?

please help my friend as he is very helpless now.


1. He is working in IT mnc and its hard to digest that he is financially weak. So weak that he can't keep her wife with her. But anyways, if he was not ready financially, he should not have married this lady. But if he has married, then he should have taken his wife along with him to Bangalore. 2. There will be no effect on his career, if he is not proved guilty. But if he is proved guilty, and is convicted, then he will not be able to work from jail. 3. Understand clearly that, law is in favour of ladies, so try to settle it on you own or go for divorce by paying her reasonable amount.


If she has lodged a complaint with police fr torture and the police has registered FIR, then it is safe that he obtains AB and then start attending the case in the court.  About deciding to continue his marital life with her, it depends on the circumstance.  This has got nothing to do with his employment and until there is a restriction order from court, he nee d not worry about getting visa and travel abroad.




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