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Help_urgent (Engineer )     20 July 2011

I Want to Save my Marriage

hello , Please help me ......I m totally Devastated .I got married in 2006 and was very happy with my husband ,after 6 months my mother in law started giving me mental trauma so I discussed this with my husband and we started living in different apartment and my husband visited his mom frequently everything was going fine  after that . One Day   my husband got the work permit in singapore and we both transferrred there  and we were enjoying our married life . I visited India in 2010 to attend my brother's Engagment in oct and after that my husband told me that he will come to take me from India but he didn't come and after 2 months he gave me divorce notice . He lives in Singapore with my mother -in law . I don't know wht to do . How I can protect my marriage .


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Which city are you in?


I guess your husband cannot get Singapore's citizenship.Even if he can,not much time has passed.Only 1 year or less.


**Victim** (job)     20 July 2011

It's very rare to see someone on LCI website  who is really interested to save her marriage.

Sneha i am with you

File RCR and try to resolve this issue with your husband directly. 

Although you cannot force him to live together.

If counselling doesn't work then claim maintenance. You are entitled to claim maintenance under section Crpc 125.

Help_urgent (Engineer )     20 July 2011

currently  I m in Allahabad , yes he is not having singapore Citezenship ...but he is there on his work permit 


Victim bhai,many LCI women in the past have talked about saving their marriage.If you find time,go through all family forums threads,Then you will know.


Sneha,RCR is a long process.Better to file for DV Act,which will order him to take you along,and also give you maintenance.


Did his company in India send him,or did he leave his Indian job to find a new job in Singapore?


I guess your parents live in Allahabad.


Where did the marriage occur?


Where did you live with your husband immediately after marriage?


If you lived in India,then in which city was it?For how many days?

Help_urgent (Engineer )     20 July 2011

he is a Doctor and he got the work permit through his hospital only previously he was Indian employee but I don't know what was his current employee status

Help_urgent (Engineer )     20 July 2011

Please let me know if I can't protect my 4yr long Marriage then ,how can I do the counter attack on him . I want him to give  my maintenance ,my physical damage as I had my miscarriage  and my carrier damage as I give up my job when we shifted in singapore   .

I want experinced Lawer Reply or give me the experinced lawers name and phone number .

**Victim** (job)     20 July 2011

@ Princess ------> Sister don't u think DV would really screw up her case completely ? It will definatley close doors of reconciliation atleast Crpc 125 would allow her rights to claim alimony or maintenance. No matter any case she files it will be time consuming since her husband is abroad......here sneha is intending to claim maintenance from her husband......no matter even though she files DV she is still going to claim maintenance....so why not Crpc 125 ?

**Victim** (job)     20 July 2011

Victim bhai,many LCI women in the past have talked about saving their marriage.If you find time,go through all family forums threads,Then you will know.

Originally posted by Princess :

I am talking about no. of people in general willing to save marriage........it's not about men vs women i don't even want to start on that coz if i start i won't stop and u knw tht. Please read my post thoroughly before posting any unnecessary comments.

Help_urgent (Engineer )     20 July 2011

I m also MBBS and was working in Delhi for the first couple of year of my marriage in Delhi , later on my husband got the job in singapore and I left my job and we went there ...

I want to file DV against my motherin law as because of her I got harassed and I had my miscarage ..My body and my carrier totally devastated I also want to screw his carrier as he is simply enjoying his life in singapore ..Is there any way that I can revoke his work permit of singapore ? 

he is contesting divorce on the ground of mental illness . I am MBBS degree holder and was a working women in Delhi hospital , how would he claim me that I m mental ill . 

**Victim** (job)     20 July 2011

Then u follow Princess advise because since you are MBBS court will definately question you that why can't you maintain yourself ? 

Sandeep Aggarwal (Advocate)     20 July 2011

Dear your case is a little typical one and its not easy for you to screw your husband and mom-in-law as they are residing at Singapore right now and the process of the court will be little ticklish in this case and further you said  i am also wroking and so getting maintenance is little difficult but dont loose we have other remedies also which can help you out. Call 9041688967. Sandeep  OR mail to advocatesandeepaggarwal@yahoo.com. We will discuss further then.Bye. Sandeep

Raghav Sood (Lawyer)     20 July 2011

well the first attempt is to cntact your husbad by any means necessary calls friends acquiantances relatives letters and calmly bring him to table talk be a good listener and try it by making and tell him its marriage not work permit which is revcable at somebodies insatance tell him to be a man and perform his duties as husband. coz he ,ight be under so,e raltive influence syndrome

patience listening is the key


hope it works 

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