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Kamala   13 January 2016

I want my husband back

Dear Experts,
I got married in 2009 mine is love come arrange marriage, my life was good untill my in laws interference, now my husband and mother in law took my jewelleries & pledged & they have took my salary also for these many yrs and my husband used my credit card upto full limit, My husband called to one girl from his phone & asked me to talk to her she told we both want to get marry so u give divorce & go back to ur mom house, i am waiting from 3 yrs she said, now all are planned for other marriage as my mother in law is marriage broker she and my husband forcing me for divorce and he kicked & trashed me & sent me out of home, now iam in mom house, bank ppl are asking me to pay back credit card amount as due date was over, now he is telling he cant repay he dont have money and all, currently i too dont have money to pay back & i want my husband back in my life, please suggest what to do ,i will be egerly waiting for replies please suggest me asap.crying


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Vijay Raj Mahajan (Advocate)     13 January 2016

For 3 years you have been waiting. You should have asked for restitution of conjugal rights against him if you wanted to keep the marriage going but that was not your case. Now if he remarries once again without dissolving the marriage with you, in that case you can file criminal complaint against him for bigamy under section 494 IPC but in that case you need to prove both his first marriage with you as well his second marriage with the other woman, how far you will succeed in this is a matter of evidence you have or will be able to possess in future about his second marriage.

You can always claim maitenance and right to residence under the DV Act from him and this will render much trouble for proceeding with second marriage for now.

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Kamala   13 January 2016

Dear Vijay sir,

I have not waited , the girl who spoke to me she said she was waiting me to go out from my husband life.

Now what should i do to resolve banking issue as due date is over please suggest









Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     13 January 2016

Very honestly telling that there is no law in India that can bring your husband back again unless he again fall on your love and return since your husband is not your personal asset / toy to play.


Please file divorce and give him divorce and proceed further in your life.

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Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Telangana state Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     13 January 2016

as per your version, you have not taken divorce from the court. so he is still your husband. If he married without giving divorce to you, you can file a case as stated by Mr. Vijay raj brother advocate.

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Why do u bother about the other woman,who is she to threaten u to go for divorce. As u r stubborn for living with him no one can intervene in ur marital life,unless u have demerits from ur side.Hence don't get dejected n frustrated.

Kamala   14 January 2016

Dear Renuka Mam,


Can i have your contact details please

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     14 January 2016

 No cases / false cases can bring your husband back. If he is in live-in relationship with another unmarried woman then it is legal in India.


I request members not to provoke innocents to miss use the law.


Please file divorce and get out from his life and proceed further.


Filing false cases on mere revenge will cost you.  

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fighter (Software professional)     14 January 2016

You have two option:

(1) Take divorce and live happily.

(2) File all possible cases(498a,DV,125) and happy roaming to courts for next 5-7 years and your life will destroyed.In end you wil only the looser.



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Kamala   14 January 2016

Mr. Rocky smith,

Thanks for your suggestion but wanted to let you know one thing even iam not a toy to play and leave me when he wants,

Proven Extra maritial affair is legal ????


Kamala   14 January 2016

Mr, Fighter,

Fighting for justice will destroy my life? if i am quite will my life become happy?

I am asking to save our relationship not to loose it .

Kamala   14 January 2016

Dear Madam,

I could have filed case long back when all together bet and fracture my hand, police even came to hospital as someone informed to police, in hospital police asked me to give a statement i requested & sent them back as my husband requested cried for me that he wont repeat, I know he was good for 2 yrs till in laws interference after they joined he changed drastically.

As i know how he loved me before iam  expecting the same from him so i am feeling to wait, but now his mother is forcing me to reject me.

Vicky (Engg)     14 January 2016

Ego, Frustration, Anger should not be there by advisers please use professional language rather than behaving like animals.


I suggest you to file Restitution of Conjugal Rights and 125 maintenance case on him, immediately. by this he needs to tell court whether he wants to join you or not and court will decide on the merits how much amount he needs to pay per month.


Ignorance, Innocence and Unawareness are key things for all problems!

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Rightly suggested by expert Vicky

Kamala   15 January 2016

Dear Vicky sir,

He expecting me to file any case agst him as he is well prepared for everything, if any case is filed agst him he can easily ask for divorce on this ground so he will always compell me to do something,as of now iam in mom houz, if i want to wait for his change means staying in my mom houz doesnt effect in anyway rgt??

Till now he never complained me on anything he gave open statement in front of everyone saying that my wife is gold and good natuered girl but iam not suitable ia dont want to lead he is telling thats to for the force of my mother in law

1. Recently my mother in law has done 3rd marriage to his own brother without divorce of 2nd wife

2. So iam scared that she as per her plans she will do the same for mmy husband ( As she is running matrimonial she is cpable to do marriage)


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