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rahul (divorce)     02 June 2012

I don't want to give "divorce"

hello sir;

our love is for 7 years & we married in civil marriage then she told her parents about me from that day they kept her in some relatives house.her father used to search a proposal who is working in govt servant then i made a police complain after 1 month police bought their family n my wife,they made her completely changed my wife  was not ready 2 c me she told that i had forced for civil marrige in statement i became totally mad bcz they made her emotionally blackmail ya what i dont knw.we married in march2012  now they r planing for divorce. 

i had asked my advocate he told me if she ask divorce just give her bcz in court if she says that i had forcrd her they will arrest me i dnt care bcz i love her very much n she also i dnt knw hw she is changed every day without talking to me she was not sleeping n i work in good company we have our own house everything.

..................plz advice help me...................


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manish (cdsdfasd sdf)     02 June 2012

let her go.. dont be too emotional. if her family files dowry case ie 498a, DV and other cases, your whole family will be harassed. be practical - Zamana aisa hee hei.. You can never understand a woman

Same as above, start a new life, give divorce. Otherwise oneday u will be suicide ur self.

ajay sethi (lawyer)     03 June 2012

you have  had a relationship for 7 years and got married in march 2012 . she has made statement that you forced her into civil marriage . she and her family want a divorce . agree for divorce by mutual consent . if you refuse she my under pressure of her parents foist flase cases aginst you . better to separte amicably

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     03 June 2012

If you love her do not worry.  She cannot get divorce nor can she prove that you forced her for marriage.  If any false case is framed against you by her parents, as you are in love with her you can contest it with confidence.  As long as you will not give divorce, her parents cannot marry her to any one.  If you apprehend they will marry her secretly, go to civil court and get stay order on the basis of civil marriage certificate.  

rahul (divorce)     04 June 2012

today i got summons from court,his advocate had proved that we were friends n i told to my wife that some business letter n told to sign which she was awaren i had asked her birth certificate for some business purpose i had took sign for some business purpose after that i had abused her threatend her & value ot the suit for the purpose of jurisdiction is rs 1,00,500 the fixed court fee rs 25 ..........

........................help me......................

rahul (divorce)     07 June 2012

plzzz reply me sir ...............n summons is in yhis month

Renu Sharma (advocate)     07 June 2012

this all is written in plaint only. u got summons just appear in the court on that day. hire a lawyer and proceed further. on next date no problem will be there. just get a copy of complaint from court and rest is on lawyer. he will help u. they cannot arrest you till everything is proved. it will take time for her to prove till then u just go to court wenever asked.

Renu Sharma (advocate)     07 June 2012

but do not give any statement on that day like dont be defensive.

Renu Sharma (advocate)     07 June 2012

for more info mail me at s_renu25@yahoo.com

rahul (divorce)     08 June 2012

....thanks @renu sharma.......but i love her very much they r much xpert in that azntar mantar.......but i want to struggle till i can bcz in that time she might change.......but she also loved me a lot i dnt what went wrong......but thier advoc also told in statement in civil marriage office they dont work propely n seriousness....

rahul (divorce)     10 June 2012

............plzzz give me m0re sugesstion...........

Renu Sharma (advocate)     12 June 2012

u go for anticipatory bail first frm d court n den proceed further without any worry.

rahul (divorce)     12 June 2012

ya thank u......but i love her very  much.........i cant stay without her & i will fight till last i dnt care if im jailed also....................................thatzzz my luv


"Tere pyaar mein ho jau fanaa"

Why are you running behind that girl.

Are you not able to get better girl then her?

Why you want to destroy your life and her life also?

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