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Husband threating to divorce for no reason of mine. Please Help!

Page no : 2

Born Fighter (xxx)     12 September 2015

A confusing situation.....


A man who screws his life due to pressure from parents , is completely ignoring the wife chosen by his parents and on top of it now threatening the girl for Divorce ?


This chap must either be MAD or a GAY !!! 971794 (Advocate)     12 September 2015

You tell him that you cannot play the role of sati Savitri like Meena kumari Nutan etc.  he he do not mend his ways, that yiu will teach lesson to him by filling all the cases as advised by many experts.first talk to his parents and impress upon them to drill sense in him.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     18 September 2015

I think most of the experts have advised well to the author about the action she can initiate against  her husband.Now it is for her to look for the ways to implement it. 

Ravi (Consultant)     29 May 2016

If she really wanted her marriage survive then she should have approched counselling instead lawyers/Police/WCD or NCW.

she clearly says her MIL is not looking after her, As a Indian Women she should have looked after her In laws.

so situation is clear, i seen many modern girls get marry thining they can go Abroad, once they get Green card, Divorce husband.

may be husband is clever and he did not take her Abroad and not sending money to her directly

he has pre marital affair and all that, just to get sympathy

  1. Try to get out of the marriage first using mutual divorce. It is fast process of 6 months.
  2. 498A/DV etc. are like gambling. Once you roll the dice you don't know what will happen.
  3. If he decides to fight back the cases, you are spending 10 years in court without divorce and chance of new life.
  4. Lawyers usually advise to file cases. Indian legal system punishes everybody equally with its glacial pace. Are you sure you want to trap next 10 years of life in this process?
  5. Some husbands quickly agree for divorce with settlement money when they face 498a. Most husbands these days fight back and file counter cases. Once this happens all your options are closed, you have to wait 10 years, fight your case and defend cases he files. It is harrowing journey for everyone involved.
  6. Think carefully what you want before going to a lawyer. Once you are in influence of lawyer, he will instigate you incessantly and won't stop unless you sign complaint and become his customer for decade.

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