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Sanjay (IT)     05 December 2011

How to request court for death sentence

I am not sure if i am in a right place to ask this question but it's been a decade i am suffering from 498 (a),Crpc 125 & Domestic violence in court. My parents passed away because of this and i have nothing left in my life. I have younger brother who is always supporting me. It was not only 1 month of our marriage my wife filed all these cases on me and my family all of us faced jail for few days and lot of torture. My wife is greedy and she is interested in money only i came to know unitl i got married. She filed all fake cases on my family and because of torture my mother father passed away one by one. I have lost faith in law and my wife was awarded maintenance of 20,000 per month. Is there anyway i can request voluntary death in court ? My lawyer is saying that it is not possible but i am trying to convince that i have nothing left in life and don't want to live anymore. My parents were everything in my life they struggled so hard to raise me and they were so happy that i got married it was never intended that we will face this hard time. Because of my death request court has ordered police security out of my house so that i don't commit suicide. I am suppose keep my house doors opened and no matter where i go police will follow me. A friend of mine suggested me to post this query on this website i hope someone can help me out here.


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Manav Kalia (Arguing my own cases..)     05 December 2011

If you have taken this drastic step already and if you ready don't care about life anymore then why don't you accept ask charges and plea for constitutional right to life under article 21. Arguing that based on your delay of justice for which you have lost the will to live, is essentially justice denied. Accept charges in lower court and argue right to life in supreme court. Only way to get your case disposed off faster..

Sanjeev (Lawyer)     05 December 2011

When you feel nothing left in your life and have decided to ask for death from court then whats the harm paying your wife what she wants and rest peacefully in life. She would be a major beneficiary after your death as she will lay a claim on your property and money as wife.

When you lost the courage to fight and are so fed up that you want to die why not bow down and compromise. You are not the only one who is suffering there are many who suffer even more than you but they are still fighting the false charges and are determined to win instead of bowing down. Meet people who are suffering due to this act and you will find how determined they are and you are not the only one suffering or are in pain of loosing their dear ones.


There is no provision to grant death sentence as 498A dont attract death sentence even if proved.

DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     05 December 2011

Be intelligent and fight you will win. 

cm jain sir (ccc)     05 December 2011

Dear sanjay,

1) Life is a cycle of good time and bad time so definetely you will have good time also in future.

2) you challange the maintanance case in HC and appex court. carry on the battle and dont bow down.

3) there are many people who are suffering due to the false charges of wife. you are not alone. you fight your case and see that they will be punished.

4) Ending life becoz of unjustice is not gud for you as well as your family. You have to keep faith in God and law. your days are waiting for you.

5) you join the social forums to offer your services and do yoga also. This will reduce your mental agony and give you a strength. Try to consult psychologist also.

6) Dont loose hope and try to become psychologically strong. you presume that you will win and act accordingly. You will win the cases dear.

Thats all. Best wishes.

Aishwarya (Teacher)     05 December 2011

Death is not the answer to every problem you have in life..Best is Live to fight with all might ,atleast for the sake of ur parents who u lost.. ur younger brother who supports u..U should live for them ..If u die then who would bother noone other people will always live to laugh and be merry all the time..

See so many people are here fighting their cases..U can take help from to them. u have so many 498a victims who would be ready to help u and even become good friends..atleast u can have friends who will make u learn to live and enjoy life , help u with sorting out cases..

Life is not meant to be given up just because we are not able to tackle a problem even if it is for a long long period of time..everyone has there share..kuch jaldi kuch der se nipat hi jayega..But pehle tum khud utho ladne ke liye tabhi sab help kar sakenge..or ekse how will people help u if u are adamant just to die..

Clearly death is not a good solution..staright away yeh khyal nikal do apne dimag se..and strt living even with this casse n all u can live freely..go to higher level of courts to bring down the amount u give to her..

do things u like for recreation..dont sit alone..always be wit ur friends ..pray to god for sometime daily..and leave everything to god and moreover ACCEPT everything and lead the life he has given to u..

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I agree with aishwarya advise.

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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     06 December 2011

You need a psychatrist more than legal help.





Shonee Kapoor

Self service (None)     06 December 2011

You need a brave heart. Do not commit suicide this wil not help any one. Trust on God.

Change place and live some where else. Life is precious, Time is only cure for such wounds.

poppu (none)     18 December 2011

Why don't you kill her and her parents and then go to jail.. since its a triple murder court will offer you a death sentence or atleast a life sentence,even hell gets used to when we live there for 1 year you know becoz thats how humans nature is, we just ADAPT!!

She is a b****.. I am a woman and I even feel this is ridiculous.. She cant go away with 20K just like that.. You cant wait for God... to me,God's work for anyone stops at the moment he created him/her,he doesnt set all our lives straight.. he produced you and tats it , its ur responsibility to take control.


Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     18 December 2011

Request for death  ...................... This is too Much. When all you have lost then why to afraid of anyone or anything?  I believe now is the time when you can actually "live life Kingsize" ....... Parents and family concern are the biggest detriments for any many when he faces any danger .... now since you already have lost them .... I think others should be afraid from you and not you ............ Change your outlook and see the results !!!! Good Luck!



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