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How to prove dowry harassment

Page no : 3

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     19 February 2012

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**Vikram** (Managing Partner)     19 February 2012

I sincerely request the author to please carry on with your cases..and have all support from people with PhD(Tech) degrees...


Set an example that all those people who have faught court cases for 10 years have had a  great life..


All the best...



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Shwetha (Software Engineer)     19 February 2012


you are once again confusing the author and are indirectly threatening her to withdraw her cases...if the author wants to go for a divorce, the she can file for it right away..she need not wait for the 498A...the author doesnt need to fight the case...the state will...she only needs to come and give her statement and provide the necessarry evidence...and then even if she does lose the case she has nothing to lose...she will get into trouble only if she has made any fake allegations which are proved by her husband's lawyer...but if the case gets dismissed only becasue of lack of evidence then shez fine..

for example...if she makes an allegations saying her husband beat her on 1st jan 2012 after comming hom at 8:00 pm, then if the husband proves that he was in office that day till 9:00 pm, then obviously the girl has made a fake allegations...and she is in trouble

but if the husband cannot prove that he was not at home that day at that time, and swears that he didnt beat...then may be her case will be dismissed but it will be on the grounds of lack of evidence and she is fine..just becasue she does not have an evidence or a witnes to an incident, she does not become a liar..this applies to not just 498A and DV but any case...

Shwetha (Software Engineer)     20 February 2012

also its more than obvious that her husband and in-laws are only trying to get out of the case and nothing else...they may as well refuse for divorce later and may even refuse to return her the me...i have seen this happen...the girl cannot go back and reopen her case once she has withdrawn the case...

if they were genuinely interested in out-of court settlement, the would have never tried to pressurize her to withdraw her cases..they would have put that as a condition in the joint petetion for MCD...

something is definitely fishy...even if you do talk to them ensure that your discussions do not effect your case in anyway...

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**Vikram** (Managing Partner)     20 February 2012

I go with Amit.....




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GIRIBABU (Atricle Student)     20 February 2012

Dear Vikram Ji,

The way you advised her is excelent, if she is genuine definately she will follow your precious advise other wise her bad luck.



GIRIBABU (Atricle Student)     20 February 2012

Dear Shwetha,


Thanks for your support, but you should understand the entire case. Do you know that how many women are misusing 498A. If she is genuine, she shall sue on her husband rather than posting queries on social web portals.

Ranee....... (NA)     20 February 2012

Genuine people withdraw case! Then fake/wrong people come to this public forum, genuine people first go2 PS!
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Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     20 February 2012


The males here are prejudiced.


Thanks for your support, but you should understand the entire case. Do you know that how many women are misusing 498A? If she is genuine, she shall sue on her husband rather than posting query

 Wonderful! She is a bad woman because she posted her case here. What is this entire case?  Is this the entire case of the victim or the statistics of how many other women have misused the law?  In fact people here started advising even without knowing her entire case. They have stock advices.

She has narrated her own case here, but later.  She has also stated what she wants in life. She is not in a hurry to remarry. And as Ms. Swetha has said the State will fight her case. She has only a passive role. Actually her husband’s people are more in a hurry. There are some vicious male brutes, which need to be taught a lesson. What kind of software engineer is he? I would think that a software engineer would be getting a good salary. But he is greedy and not satisfied.

 She has her father and brother for support and to advise her. She sought here only legal advice and not fatherly or brotherly advice.

 Her first post did not give details. But who wanted details? People already started assuming things. Some advised her “surrender peacefully”. Others started assuming that she is the real culprit because some other women or a large number of other women are bad.

 Elsewhere the Managing Partner advises a “male victim”

 “just hold thngs..delay things...frustrate them.”

 But when the victim is a female his advice is different


To Dowry Victim

 You go ahead and fight to the finish or until you, your father and brother feel that enough is enough or until your husband and in-laws come down and fall at your feet and you can dictate terms. Do not fall into the trap of wily people. IPC 498A and DV Act are really intended for girls like you. I suspect your lawyer is working for the opposite side. Change your lawyer. People, who try to demoralize you are worse than your husband and in-laws.



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Ranee....... (NA)     20 February 2012

Well said Ramani sir.

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Shwetha (Software Engineer)     20 February 2012


"but you should understand the entire case. "

so do you understand her entire case?  shouldn't  you ask her before comming to a conclusion.

"Do you know that how many women are misusing 498A."


what has that got to do with this girl and her case and her questions? just becasue some women are misusing 498A, does it mean that nobody should use it?

" If she is genuine, she shall sue on her husband rather than posting queries on social web portals."

did you even read her post ? she has already sued him? and she is here only because her lawyer is misguiding her...she wanted to seek a clarification...what is so bad about it? so many people come here and post their did she


all she wants to know is how to gather evidence and what kind of evidence would help her...all we can do is give her ideas and suggestions...if her case is genuine, it help her and if its not, no matter how many ideas and suggestions and tips you give, she will never be able to create fake evidence...

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Shwetha (Software Engineer)     20 February 2012

the husband cheats the girl...

the lawyer cheats the girl...

the society pressurises the girl...

the so called and broad and open-minded people pressurise the girl..

and then same people complain that its unfair that the laws are woman biased...


if we want to get rid of these biased laws, we ned to get rid of this biased society...and it starts with each one of us not being accept every male victim without actually trying to find out if he really is a victim or an abuser...similarly you got to accept every female victim without passing your judgements... you got to be more open-minded...

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some people underestimate/abuse wives thinking she will bear everything as she is an Indian Nari,..but if she backfireswith legal tools then it takes lot of time to digest for the husband what has happened...then he accuses the legal system for women having so many laws for thir safeguard.

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the so called and broad and open-minded people pressurise the girl..
and then same people complain that its unfair that the laws are woman biased...

No body pressurise, it was an opinion my friend, and I too followed this discussion if she is satisfied with a conculsion or his version, she can surely go ahead, there is No harm for fighting genuine case. and Yes her lawyer is misguiding here for sure.

if we want to get rid of these biased laws, we ned to get rid of this biased society
WHO MADE THIS BIASED SOCIETY ?, WHO MADE THESE BIASED LAW? what you see is the result of something wrong done to society and neglect biggest contributor to the society i.e. Man

...and it starts with each one of us not being biased..
Here again perception little needs to be corrected those Same Males here will stand for Justice if she really victim what they trying to tell her to avoid Black & white life of Court, so she can see something green...


I prey she could find justice with little frustration as possible.

Shwetha (Software Engineer)     21 February 2012

whereas when a male comes to this forum for help, the same people advice him to be patient and fight it out till the end and to never agree for out-of-court settlement...isnt it?

the very reason these so called biased laws are here is that the society was biased...the more biased the  this society becomes, the more stringent these laws are gonna get...and btw, the conviction rate in 498A is only 2%, there are examples of guys winning DV cases...what makes you say these laws are biased

@everbody advicing her to go for MCD

If she does take your advice and withdraw her cases and go for MCD,

where would you be counting her?

would you it count it as another fake case filed to harass the innocent husband and his family. The poor victim male had to pay huge amount t save old his parents from harassment.

or would you count it another genuine case which was withdrawn due to whatever reasons?

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