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anil (IT)     18 October 2012

How to protect my mother from my wife

Dear All,

I describe very brief my problem: I married girl, who has very notories family background and also very influential IPS office(Relative).
We are having very taugh marriage life. I am working in Abroad. I become German citizen, but my mother and brother still in India.

First time we had  serious Marriage problems. She went to india with out telling(To there Parent's house). I was devestated and gone through hell.She blackmail me for 15 months before she came back to me.I with stand with Threats.

After 5 months She again went to India by leing to me. Again she is blackmailing me and demanding that I should come to india and talk to her Parents.
I did not take any gifts or dowry. infact I bought the property on her name(I was forced). I have all the transaction details.
I tried one time to talk to them. I came to india(Whe we had first time conflict).
1.Her Elder brother  nearly break our Door and try to hit me in my own home (infront of my wife)
2.Her another brother given me Physical threats.
3.Her Father threaten  to break my legs in Police station.

She and her family always warnning us throug mediators that they will harrass my mother and brother, if i tried to divorce her or do not come to India.

About my mother: She is well respected citizen. She was honerd from state Goverment and city Goverment for her service as teeached.
She got National best teacher award from our President. She is very much invovled in helping poor students. She is widow and have heart problems.
She loves India and my City. SHe is against to move to me.

They can not do any thing to me, but I am concerned about my mother and brother.

My main concern about my Family Security and the  legal threats from my wife.
I would appreciate some advices How to take preventive actions to protect my family.


Thank you very much for Help


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Dear Sir,

Kindly decide first whether to continue matrimonial relation with your wife or not . I shall render legal advice according to your decision. If you want to speak to me, kindly contact me on 9842197957 after 6 p. m.  Indian Time.

Advocate M.Bhadra   18 October 2012

First you should escape and would require for your mother and brother to stay another house far from your own house,failing which your mother can file a case against your wife under Domestic Violence Act in a Judicial Magistrate court and you can file a Divorce suit in Family or District Court.

basavaraj shiromani (Advocate)     18 October 2012

In fact your real problem is not clear from your quarry. First of all you have to explain that what type of dispute you are facing problems with your wife.  One more thing that you cannot say that you are safe and you are worrying about your mother.  It seems that totally you are in threat, but in what manner, you have to explain.  Don't believe that your wife or her relatives takes  the law in to their own hands.  If you are not ready to lead life with your wife, then you apply for divorce on various grounds like creulity etc. Since you are resding out side, you may take precautionary measures by lodging  a compalint to protect the lives.  Basavaraj.Advocate

Rahul Kapoor (Legal Enthusiast)     18 October 2012

if she is not living with your family members then she cannot file DV case. 


Nagesh Malik vs Payal Malik
Judgement: The domestic relationship between the aggrieved person and the respondent/s must be present(i.e current) and alive at the time when complaint under Domestic Violence Act is filed and if this relationship is not alive on the date when complaint is filed, the domestic relationship cannot be said to be there.


anil (IT)     18 October 2012

Thanks for the replay. I appreciate your feedback.

My dispute: My wife does not like where I am living (Germany). She creating too many conflicts and getting involve their parents. Her parents are threating my family in India and me . My wife was not with my mother for last 3 years. All tother she was in our house in India for 6 months in between 2007 bis 2009. The conflicts started after she came to me in Germany. As ussuael she is claiming I physicaly handled. Some times she denies also.

The truth is: I never physicaly handled my wife other than holding her back . I was against dowry so I have not take any rupee from them. Infact I was forced to buy property on her name. I am still paying to bank I have all the transactions info with me.

My mother and brother are in India  not with me.  My wife back to india her parent's house   (Last 12 months  is in INDIA) and threating to take legel action against my family in India, if i tried to take any steps towards her.  She can not take any step towards me, because I am German citizen and German Legel fram never entertain such baseless allegations.

As I wrote , Her cousine is IPS Office (DSP in Hyderbad).  And her whole family are drunkers and notories behavier people (Except my wife and her mother ).

I would like to divorse her, but my mother and brother against to that.  I am also worried about the law structure in India.  I am in Germany not in India  right now. I have not intenstion to come to India.

anil (IT)     18 October 2012

They are just threating right now. I am sure oneday I have to face the fact they will attack us using Law  like 498 or any other.

My main concern about my mother and brother Security and the  legal threats from my wife.
I would appreciate some advices How to take preventive actions to protect my family.

Rahul Kapoor (Legal Enthusiast)     19 October 2012

the decision will be yours in case of divorce.

as time passes the case of 498a goes weaker..

start securing the evidence like recording calls or messages. 


Dear sir,

                 1. you are the german citizen

                 2. you are not mention the your wife was zerman citizen or not. where your marriage is held. and you are not                         mension the religion.

                 3. where you are buy the property.

                 4. you are telling that the total transaction of the property paid by your account,

                 5. First  you told to your mother and brother  to change the house another place  in hyderabad. if you had the                             fear about your   wifes.

                 6. i think you are hidding some truth's . how the relation between you and your wife s*xually.

                  7. on Which reason  both of you regularly fighting or quaral.

                   8. if any possiblities to try live together.  or compramise.

                  9. if your wife relations do any criminal act , you said your brother to approach the  police station.

                 10. if you already taken the decision on diverse. you  procede in german for diverse.

                 ......... if you need any help in hyderabad i give good suggestions

anil (IT)     26 October 2012

There is nothing to hide.

She is not German citizen.My marriage happned in India according to Indian Law.

My wife does not living with my mother's house for last three years.

they  forced (Not with threats, but emtionaly) me to buy property on her name in India. All the transactions I did from Germany. Still I am paying in German bank.

We had just normal problems, but exagratted  by her Parents.  One of our Big Problem is I am against her parents calls and involvement in our life. Every day 5 to 8 calls. It was unbearable. When ever we have problem her parents encourage her to go back to India. She did two times. It is hell for me. First time she came back after 15months and sencond time now about 13 months(till to date) . She is still in in India. I am going through very  deep depression.

My wife and her Family threatning us through our mediators that They go any extend, if I tried any step or donot come to India. Now I am thinking seriously Why should I let the criminals threaten me and my family. I am right now carefully thinking what should I do.

It is very much possible for me to divours her from Germany. I would like to do, because I am expereienceing Hell with her  and there is not faith on her. I appreciate any suggestions.

My first step should be to protect my Family in India from very disturbing law structure and the threats from her Family.

Thanks for your query.

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