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Chrono Purple   06 November 2022

How does deceive nation in caught fakesc employee cases?

In 2011, smt Birudha RajaRatnam,a caught fakeSC lecturer from Hyderabd, managed a STAY using senior counsel sri S Niranjan Reddy in Hyd HC. She was appointed on 01Aug2002 in TSP college formerly Andhra Saraswata Parishad, Hyd. Dist collector sri Gulzar Natarajan  highlighted - How can a demised mother have different caste children for caught fakeSC? Report was most impeccable.  She managed own staff, CCE, SW dept, HC Judges, Police nicely for past 20yrs to continue in job despite caught by Dist collector. HC Judges have prerogative powers to issue STAY &pave escape to caught fakeSC employee. Venal HC Judges kept all reports aside. Adjudication is subjected to subjugations..its true. When PP doesn't object to STAY,the Judge dangles to issue STAY.  No more hearing afterwards even though listed many times. Its manipulation. Case will be made oblivious after 20-30 yrs. It is routine collective drama with soliloquy of  Advocates, PP, Judges. Who doesn't  know?  The trick played by HC Advocate was that Demised mother had SC surname(Kavali) and brought up by her. It was a concocted story with cavil arguments. Muck salary & F**k social justice using perjury& suborning perjury. A substantial evidence (again Fake SC) was generated to deceive courts & nation. CC orders were issued to IAS officers to reinstated the caught fakeSC woman &disburse salary or face consequences. Hegemony of Judges on IAS officers was seen on both occasions ?? Natural Justice clause was used to trample social justices Ref TS state G.O 13 of 2016 dt 27.04.2016, Hyd HC. WP16793/2016, CC WP3754/2012, CC orders, WP16793/2016, WVMP2102/2016 and so on. Abnormal Lies& false allegations are common in affidavits and notices.  Stigma is that None of Hyd HC Judges summoned daughters, in laws, other siblngs.  Advocates trampled full family details, because all are non-SC. Let us see... What is mentioned in STAY orders? Not looking into merits in the case, Refraining from merits in the case, Court has not expressed any opinion on the submitted substantial evidence(fake). This way Judges are deceiving the nation with corruption. Her Advocate sent Legal notice by threatening with SC/ST Atrocity case to step daughter family. This lead to her suicide on 27.12.2021 Suicide Note mentioned.." Even though my father PapaRaju is alive..he is not existent for me.. He doesn't need me. If I die, he will be more happy.". The  fakeSC Ratnam quickly informed this to her Advocate for remedy. All know how Ratnam nags Advocates 24X7. Venal Police seized suicide note&mobile phones to defunt them. Destroy evidence if paid any bribes. Else extort.  The Advocate dictated 2 page to spell his mind here. Hand writing does not belong to slain daughter,  if at all written, it was forcefully got written, by husband, check cctv as he strangled& hanged later, CDR to calls, Post mortem for burn or whipping patches on body and FSL reports for clues to fix him. Advocate's brain was scanned from day one as intuited in Ratnam's mind  to campaign with such propaganda. The sent Legal notice reveal all discussions behind curtains. It is observed that Venal judges support fakeSC employee by default by issuing CC orders to IAS(reverse attack), Venal Police file IPC306 case against son in law(Reverse attack) despite reports&  suicide note blames the fakeSC woman& husband. Where is Justice? Corruption is omni present. 3 W(Wine,Women& wealth) dictate verdict. Suicides were instigated by Advocates,if he mentions same in Legal Notice(Reverse activity). Truth can not be expunged in fakeSC cases. Many Aevocates are ruining families. We have seen how senior counsel sri Mukul Rohatgi obtained stay orders to smt Navneet Kaur Rana, MP whose SC status was cancelled by Bombay HC. Bribes were used to manage Supreme court Judges& AG or PP. Contact True family members for details in the above case. STOP SUICIDES. .


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Chaos Chrono   01 October 2023

Advocates are known to expedite justice. What is GLITCH in asking details of daughters&in laws,Family Tree?  smt Rajaratnam deceives with soliloquy. In-laws get piqued when SHOs&Judges prostrate to such fraud/fakeSC woman even after G.O issued for removal

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