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Krish (Student)     15 April 2011

How Can I Change My Name?


Hello Everyone,

My name is Krunal Mehta from Gujarat & I am 24 years old.

I want to ask you if i can officialy change my nick name to my original name? If yes, then please mention how to?

Scenario is that on all papers (including my graduation certificate) the name is Krunal but i've been known as Krish from almost last 10 years in society. Problem arised when i appeared in an international technological exam, in which i mentioned my name as Krish. now the company which took that exam refuses to change my name on that certificate in any circumstances & i also personally think that they are right in their perspective. 

The second thing is that i also always wished to changed my name but didnt know how to.

You all are humbly requested to answer this & describe the procedure.

Thanking you all in advance.


Krish/Krunal Mehta.


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Krish (Student)     15 April 2011

i am really very sorry if i have posted this question in a wrong section. It's just that i don't actually know in which part of laws my problem comes.

Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     15 April 2011

Get this information that you " should be known as XXXX in future" and "Krunal Meheta and Krish are the same person", be published in official gazette of your state.

Sarvesh Kumar Sharma Advocate (Advocacy)     15 April 2011

published in official gazette of your state, and also publish in a newspaper !

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ravi chander d j (Consultant)     15 April 2011

you can get your name changed by

A)  getting an affidavit done and declaring that you are Krish and would be known as Krish henceforth and get it Notarised and

then publishing the same in two leading news papers of your area/state

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nilesh (Propriter)     15 April 2011

yes you can change your name i will replay soon

Rajender Dahiya (Partner/Advocate)     15 April 2011

You can Change your name by publishing in Gazzette of India. As formality/procedure before it is published in Gazzette of India, you have to declare your name change in two daily national newspaper and fill up certain forms. Once it appears in Gazzette then you can always annex copy of your name change gazzette alngwith your certificates. Please consult to Publication Department of Govt of India nearby you.



Rajender Dahiya

+91 9560900283

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Krish (Student)     16 April 2011

thank you all but.. actually i am not getting the exact meaning of 'gazette' which you are wanting to tell me. are Gazette & newspapers both different things? or do you mean that i will need to publish a press note of my name change in 'The Indian Gazette (Bhartiya Rajpatra)' which is weekly published from new delhi??

I request you to elaborate the entire procedure/method step by step. will i have to publish the name change notification in two state & two national dailies?? (after a lot of searching.. but i was not able to locate any 'Gazette of Gujarat'


Kindly solve my doubt.  (as a man also told me that i've to file a case in the court in order to change my name because i am a graduate now... well, i know that it doesnt sound much logical but i have no clues!!)





Hari Rao lakkaraju (lawyer)     16 April 2011


This  is Hari Rao from Hydeaba and Andhra Pradesh

I saw yor qustion  proceudre to be adopted for change of name though I have gone through the answers it is partly correct but for change of name in andhra pradesh we have make application to the concerned Thasildar( MRO)  along with certain formalites after fuling the same the M.R.O will make eqnirty and pass order for chagne of Name . Basing on the such order of M.R.O, the person has to make payemnt of D.D to publish in offcial gazett( official gazette is nothing but government  new /notication papers)authiniticated news paper as per evidence act. If there is any urgency you can also  publish the same in the priviate news paper like Hindu or Times of india. 

 I advise you approch the you conered collector office or Thasildar office of your area they will guide in our country verious states adopts various methods 


hari rao lakkaraju


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Kumaran (Advocate)     17 April 2011

Mr Krish

1. You just have to get an advertisement released in the Gazatte of your State Government. The contents could be as under:

"I, Krunal Mehta, aged 24 years, son of ..... , student, residing at ................. shall henceforth (with effect from .... ) be known as "..........". 

signed .....




2. An advertisement in the State Government's official Gazatee is a good, sufficient and effective "Public notice" under law. There is no necessity to publish any other advertisement in any newspaper. You need not spend money on superficial advertisements.

3. No affidavit and the like are necessary. In case the State Government's Government Press that publishes the Gazatte advertisement insists on a procedure of affidavit, the same may have to be furnished to them. In my State, Tamilnadu, the Government Press has a form which has to be filled in and there is no requirment of any affidavit. In my State the Gazatte Advt costs just Rs 450/- There is no other cost involved. The Press will give us two copies of the Original Gazattee for our records. While applying for issue or renewal of passport a copy of the Gazatte advertisement may have to be furnished to the Passport authorities in evidence apart from the usual affidavit under Passport Regulations.

4. Your Distric Collectorate can give you the address of the Government Press or such authority that publishes the Gazatte in your State.  I did check your Government's website but could not make much headway in locating the same because the e-services tab took me to a page in Gujarati, which language I do not know.



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Krish (Student)     17 April 2011


Bharatkumar (ADVOCATE )     18 April 2011

published in official gazette at our state Gujarat, and also publish in a newspaper ! (     20 April 2011

Krish m from guj and m lawyer guj Gazzate office is in rajkot kindly contact any of ur frnd from rajkot and get address or nub or if u want full info or procedure contact me u ll find my nub der in my profile i ll guide how to follow...

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sadashiv (self)     20 April 2011

Dear friend,

Please go the Govt printing press

where form for publishing change in name in Govt Gazette is sold at a meagre price.

Some states prescribe affiavits for publishing in the Govt gazette

but in my beloved State of Maharashtra,

simple meagre fees for publishing in Govt gazettee changes ur name.


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Krish (Student)     21 April 2011

Do you know or can you tell me if 'i at gujarat' has to first make an affadavit & then publish in gazette or can i directly publish the same without any notaries or affadavites??

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