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Raheel (xxxxxx)     02 January 2012

High-court-quash-petition-procedure-for-false- f i r


Hi All,

Please help us with the best remedy and a lawyer for the following QUASH petition that has been filed in HIGH COURT of Andhra Pradesh.


Below is the information of both CIVIL and CRIMINAL cases:

  1. Tenant has filed a civil case and got "injunction" orders in 2010.
  2. We are the "owners”, later we filed "eviction petition" which is pending in the principle junior court.
  3. Tenant started demanding GOOD will, NOT paying/depositing monthly rent in the court, and threatening/harshing our family member's.
  4. Tenant STOPPED paying rents. Now, we are NOT in a stage of paying yearly PROPERTY TAXES.
  5. Our house is situated backside of our commercial property.
  6. We filed FIR against tenant in local police station for threatening/harshing our family members while they are passing on street.
  7. Tenant booked under 509 and 290 IPC.
  8. Later, Tenant has filed a "counter blast FIR" against us with a false story in the complaint.
  9. We (owners) booked under 342, 504, and 506 IPC.


  1. Both, I and my younger brother are engineers and working in reputed companies. My father is a Govt Employee.
  2. We NEVER had been involved into any crimes in our life history.
  3. Both CIVIL and CRIMINAL cases are effecting us in both wise FINANCIALLY and PHYSICALLY.
  5. This is a FALSE FIR filed against us for RETALIATION from Tenant to demand MONEY and TIME PERIOD.
  6. Tenant is ENJOYING with this retaliation FIR.
  7. I believe in JUSTICE, but I DONOT know the proper procedure to represent it before a JUDGE in QUASH petition.
  8. Need a Lawyer/Advocate to purse this matter to file a petition for both QUASH and DEFAMATION against TENANT.


I humble request to these FORUM members to advice us with a "best remedy" and a "lawyer" to pursue this matter.




HIGH COURT orders for Quash Petition:

Petitioners approach this Court with a prayer to quash the proceedings in C.C.No.XXXX of 20XX, registered for the offences punishable under Sections 342, 506 and 504 IPC. 


The learned counsel for the petitioners after arguing the matter for some time, he has sought permission of this Court to withdraw the Criminal Petition while seeking permission to dispense with the presence of the petitioners before the trial court.

Having considered the submission of the learned counsel for the petitioners/A.1 and A.2 and considering the nature of the offences, the presence of the petitioners/A-1 and A.2 before the trial court, is hereby dispensed with, except the dates on which the trial court insists for his presence.

Accordingly, the Criminal Petition is disposed of.





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Raheel (xxxxxx)     02 January 2012

Requesting FORUM Members, pls suggest on this matter.  Thanks. 

Alapati Prasad (Engineer-Business-Lawyer)     02 January 2012

I suggest you to contact Mr. Ponaka Janardhan Reddy, Advocate, Hyderabad contact no. 9985133699 - Alapati Prasad, Vijayawada

Raheel (xxxxxx)     03 January 2012

Thanks Mr. Prasad. I'll contact him. Thanks again.

Raheel (xxxxxx)     03 January 2012

Please, can some advice MORE on this matter. Thanks.

Raheel (xxxxxx)     10 February 2012

I asked my advocate to show my quash petition grounds that has been metion in it.  He is rejecting to show. 


Please, advice on this matter. Thanks.

DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     10 February 2012

It is not a vegetable market.

DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     10 February 2012

I work for accused for cheque bounce cases and it it my personal experience that accused discuss the case take the points and give the case to some body else.

Now it is one thing to get points of defense and entirely another to develop them in court so when the other advocate is not able to make use of them the clients return at terminal stage when nothing can be done since case is spoiled.

Light is white but when it is passed through PRISM it is converted into seven different colors which are totally contradictory with each other. THIS IS POWER OF CROSS, POWER OF DEFENSE.,POWER OF NEGATIVE WHICH IS PERPETUAL AND ABUNDANT.

Raheel (xxxxxx)     10 February 2012

Asking quash petition ground from advocate ONLY when if he is NOT following client case proper way. 

After looking both CIVIL and Criminal cases,  Adovacate ASSURED me that QUASH petition will get allowed.


For some reason, it got dismissed at "admission stage". 

Pls adivce and suggest. Thanks.

Raheel (xxxxxx)     10 February 2012

After looking CRIMINAL cases (complaint, FIR, chargesheet),  Adovacate said this a COUNTER BLAST against us and ASSURED me that QUASH petition will get allowed.


ADVOCATE NEVER took CIVIL case related documents(like, EVICTION suit that I filed against tenant...etc) from me for filing QUASH Petition.


I paid total FEE without ANY negotiation to him.


For some reason, it got dismissed at "admission stage". Justice passed ABOVE orders to our case. 


This means that advocate DIDNOT filed proper grounds in quash petition.

Advocate didn't metioned CIVIL case, about the EVICTION suit that I filed against tenant.


Advocate has to REPRESENT  to the Judge that this is a CIVIL NATURE case and TENANT is wasting VALUABLE time of the court with a false complaint.


I trust in TRUTH and I'll get a justice in my case. But I need a proper advocate to REPRESENT my case before the court.


Pls adivce and suggest. Thanks.

Raheel (xxxxxx)     11 February 2012

I'm looking for a SUGGESTIONS and a advocate to represent my case in the COURT.


Please FORUM members, help in this CRITICAL issue. Thanks.

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