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Guilty of 498a

Page no : 4

Originally posted by : Alex

i wanted to know if i can stop my wife from walking away from me. she let me free and didnt punish me. but i want a chance. is there any legal way to stop an MCD

Crack case.

Alex (QS)     16 May 2013

please do tell me on what grounds I can withdraw and can i be forced into MCD even if I do not want it?

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     16 May 2013

Of all the punishments, the punishment given by good human beings is unbearable.  We doubt that everyone is of same standard as we are.  We think every one is as bad as we are.  So we keep on doubting that they will challenge, retaliate and take revenge.  We wait for that petty ordinary behavior from people.  And people do indulge in such petty ordinary behavior.  One or two people in the lives of one in a million are not like that.  Finally we come to the conclusion that they are not of such petty standards that we presumed them to be.  Something in us tells, it is we who did not indulge in behavior that befits the status of a loved one. That message also is a result of the kindness the other displayed on us. When entire doubt vanishes, that she is not going to retaliate, you may still have grounds to think bad about her...if you are an intellectual crook...."she is trying to assume high moral ground, that is why she is acting good". 


You see, for wicked people, if people react bad, they feel happy that they are behaving on expected lines.  If people react good, they cannot take the blame of being bad to someone and say, "they are taking high moral ground". 


But it is those people who are cowards who stand in offense against good people not they who remain defenseless and exit honorably from our lives.


If you are honest in your confessions, then go and admit before judge what all you have said in this forum.  Don't mind putting your parents to risk.  And tell the judge, you are ready to return the remaining amounts of dowry and jewellery also and ready to be punished whatever way the court wants.  I think that will melt her.


Your parents will keep on injecting doubts in your mind that "she is pretty ordinary woman, she will ruin your life, you have to behave pretty ordinarily like a crook with her" if you ask them about their opinion. But when times passes on and on and you do not see any reaction of that sort from her side, you will repent for entire lifetime.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     16 May 2013

Once upon a time there was a society around a good man like you.  When she loved a girl (who also loved him), he was taunted, bullied and harrassed with a motive to have fun.   They used the same girl that he loved to tell lies to him that she had not loved him in order to score points over him and rag. They are not any street chaps.  They belong to a big organization that runs business in thousands of crores.  He was employee of that organization.  They expected that this man would behave like an ordinary human being and marry someone and settle in life.   If that happened they would have rested in peace.  But it did not happen like that.  For ragging him saying, he molested a colleague of his and taking a letter in front of his parents that he will not visit the girl again, he did not marry in his life saying, for a characterless man like him (if their charge/allegation) is true there should not be any marriage.  God resided in and around that fellow.


Ultimately He (god) started showing it up in people that he interacted with.  It started paining the crooks who harrassed him.  Even today they did not rise above the character that "Izzat khachra hogayaa", rather than feeling guilty about what they did with him and surrender to him.  Like your parents doubt that girl, these crooks secretly make tieup with people in his neighborhood houses and verify whether that man is really having God within and is it true that the people who interact with him get the Aura of Glowing Spirit of God.  They are still working. 

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     16 May 2013

They also hack his computer and see everything he does, so that they catch the String of God's spirit seeing the objects he sees. 

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     16 May 2013

For man who was harrassed by women saying and wrongly implicating in s*xual harrassment at work place case, that he is a characterless man, not marrying and living without having s*x with a woman is as good as dying declaration about his character.  They are still of that level, they do not rise beyond the thought, "Agar us mein khudaa dikhaayi pad rahaa tho izzat khachraa ho rahaa".  They do not think, that if god is appearing in him, it is confirmed that we all did mistake and we should confess and apologise.  That man is still fighting with those people who invade him in the form of evil spirits sitting in houses around him.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     16 May 2013

If you want to know about that man fully read this link :  https://www.citehr.com/294003-new-law-government-india-3.html?status=closed

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     17 May 2013

If I am not quoting out of context, I may be pardoned if I am doing so, but I believe it is relevant to say that good people can achieve such a height of spirituality that god resides in them and shows up too.


If anyone in this forum is interested to see God, the evidence of God, follow the man, while he walks on streets and find spirits moving the branches of trees during the path he walks.  It may not happen once or twice, but as he is fully occupied with spirits, most of the time, when he walks on streets the branches of trees on both sides of road he walks are moved and shaken with the air and breeze created by spirits occupying that person. 


If you want to believe God and Spirit is there, which Indian Law does not recognize.  See him!  Follow him while he walks and observe the movement of air that surrounds him while he is on walk.

Good Boy (None)     17 May 2013

Amazing & pathetic. Mr Alex you are abusing/blaming your father, who has made you a man to stand independently in this cruel world and praising a run away wife of 2 days. are you really a man or fake profile of some femme? go and bow to your wife's feet and beat your father as a repayment for doing so many things for you. 

Alex (QS)     11 June 2013

Hi all. is there any truth in astrology?

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