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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     15 February 2011

Girl child should be killed: Salma Ansari

Girl child should be killed: Salma Ansari


New Delhi: Known to be clear and forthright in expressing her views, Salma Ansari, wife of Vice President Hamid Ansari, on Friday courted controversy by saying that the girl child should be killed as soon as she is born.

She was expressing her resentment and helplessness in the way the society is treating girls, especially in view of the rising crimes against them.

“My view is that parents should poison their girl child as soon as she is born,” she said.

Unmindful of political correctness, protocol strictness, Salma has courted controversy earlier too for her strong views.

Last year, she had said that the Women's Reservation Bill will not be of much help unless awareness is created among women at the grassroot level.

"I have just one problem with this bill. The government comes up with a lot of schemes and many projects but how many women are able to take advantage of these," she told reporters on the sidelines of a function.

“Unless awareness is created among women at the grassroots and they are educated, such legislations will not be of much help”, she said.


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Then why she born?To speak this statement ?

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     15 February 2011


"Girl child should be killed: Salma Ansari"

Not should be rather they are being killed.


Barefoot - Unwanted daughters

Harsh Mander

The skewed s*x ratio in our society holds a mirror up to what we are and what we have become.

India is one of the few countries in the world in which there are fewer women and girls than men and boys: their share in the country's population has declined continuously over the past century. The census of 2001 revealed that for every 1000 males, there were only 946 females. If women and girls are ceded the same life chances as men and boys, including health care and nutrition, there would be roughly equal numbers of females and males. Instead, there were 35 million fewer women and girls than men and boys in 2001. In a stark sense, what these figures establish beyond doubt is that social, cultural — and increasingly technological — processes of discrimination, neglect and hostility have extinguished life chances of these many million ‘missing' girls and women.

For more detail plz click the link below:- 

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Abramchichk (Be The Change)     15 February 2011

How true. Thers is no remedy available for women at any level.

No system in india has the powers to rein in male perpetrators along with their female partners  Actually if there is one to safeguard women then there are 100 to safeguard male perpetreators.

Courts are sure some hope but only if you reach there alive after so much struglle.

I am fighting for my sister who is mentally disturbed, and its  3 years now, we are still at point zero.

We have still not been able to file a court case, forget about anything else, even thogh we have got free legal aid.


And perpetrators are enjoying life, with fathers  property, business, money, and have rendered her a beggar.

If you have to save a girrl child then save a FEMALE ADULT  FIRST, who could, a widowed mother, a single sister, or a battered wife.

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Vishakha (Manager)     16 February 2011


“Unless awareness is created among women at the grassroots and they are educated, such legislations will not be of much help”, she said.


Apart from awareness, sincere and honest implementation of programmes are rquired on the part part of govt..

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Ambika (NA)     16 February 2011

Very well said Vishakha...

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Vishakha (Manager)     16 February 2011

Thank u Ambikaji,

The problem lies with the faulty roadmap and corruption in the women and child welfare dept and other depts. Also people dealing with them are incencere, inefficient,  corrupt and lack devotion dedication. .

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Ambika (NA)     16 February 2011

It is a very powerful way of putting across the plight and marginalisation of girl children and women ....One can argue that women themselves participate and perpetuate the marginalisaiton of girl children, but the fact is that women themselves are products of the patriarchal system. Unless these patriarchal norms are consciously understood and broken, the marginalisation would continue in spite of education and economic independence. 

Awareness creation both among men and women...and as Vishakha said strict and efficient implementation of programs. 

This also reminds me of the Manipur incident of rape of a woman by Army Personnel. Women there protested by walking naked to the army headquarters and asking the army men to come and rape them. This is a way to show a powerful protest. Similarly this powerful statement hits hard...and will have that much more impact the way the Manipuri women's protest had 

Two dissimilar incidents but the way of protest is the same:

"Kill the girl children"

"Come rape us" Look we are all naked ....

In Manipur it worked....

I hope in the case of girl children also it works....

Sarvesh Kumar Sharma Advocate (Advocacy)     16 February 2011

beti gar banati hain,

beta hostle.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     16 February 2011

I can only say hats off off to Salam Ansari, for her bold and honest statements. Why hide or be hypocrites on this human values in this Country?

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