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Aryan Renaisaance (Fighter)     14 December 2015

Fully harassed - lawyer advises to file counter fir

A false 498a has been filed against me and my father. In last 8 months it has been hell. I am ready to accept all demands but not retuen to marriage but she has clearly stated in her mails that she wants to teach me a lesson.


Lawyer has advised to file counter FIR in my state against her and family as she is a bully. Is it a good advise? if so, what cases can i file?


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Sreenivas V (S/W)     14 December 2015


forget about filing case on her. First point is what evidence you have and do you know if filed a case how long it will take. Also normally courts favour mostly ladies unless you have sufficient grounds.

first concentrate on how to come out of 498A as normally it takes years to come out of this case. Next coming to not to return to marriage means are u looking to divorce her. It is also not easy unless she also does not want you and agree for divorce.


Aryan Renaisaance (Fighter)     14 December 2015

Hi Srinivas,

I have filed Nullification under 12 C. It was a forced amrriage and I have proofs in terms of her call records, chats, gmail, hangouts messages etc.

I know it takes time but your answer doesn't give hope but only pessimism. Should I give up? Or is there any way to solve it legally. Thats what my query was about.

Edwin   15 December 2015

Dear Aryan

Do you have kids? File a RCR and GAWA if you have kids and give all these evidences to the court. She will be stripped in the court and also the false FIR motive will come out.

FightForCause (Businessman)     15 December 2015


She has already taught u a lession by filing 498a case.

I assume u are out on bail, so 70% u have already cleared the hurdle of 498a.

Sit back and read all the allegations and also find evidences which will help u.

go through ur emails, bank statements , puctures , trips , vacations etc etc and gather proof of ur innocence.


Regarding counter claims , they will be seen after effect of filing 498a case, but if your lawyer suggests u have a strong case..u can file the same.

concentrate on 498a case to win it , it will help in divorce which u will want to seek.

saravanan s (legal advisor)     15 December 2015

If you csn prove that her 498a allegations are false then you can claim divorce on grounds of cruelty as filing false 498a amounts to better concentrate on how to contest the case now and prove her allegations are wrong and think of filing. Counter cases later

Aryan Renaisaance (Fighter)     17 December 2015

Her family her disowned the girl of course as a part of proving in the 12c case I have filed that it was marriage on our accord. Now the girl is saying and mailing me that she wants to teach me a lesson. And she has warned me not to include her family. the lawyers says until you teach her a lesson, this is a case where nothing will budge? 


Advise anyone please?

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     25 December 2015

First of all defend yourself properly and come out of the false cases against you and then think of taking revenge on her. The advises rendered by learned advocate Mr. Saravanan appears to be more suitable.

At this stage having patience and dealing with the subject in a cool mind will fetch you success. 

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