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My frank comments:Re-Intern Alleges harassment by Supreme Court Judge, in The Times of India, Chennai Edition, dated the 13th Nov.2013 by DhananjayMahapatra /TNN 

                                                                                                   Judge after all, also a human, who has the biological attraction towards opposite gender and "SEX" has all urges that of other human beings, hence there was no fair judgement in my genuine claim for disability pension, while medically boarded-out from the Army Medical Board constituted. Displacement / Discharge from the army, against his dis-pleasure, thrown out of army-service heartlessly, and he struggling like a fish out of water. Though said 50% disability pension is awarded at the time of leaving same neglected on calling in the Office of the Zilla(District)Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen's Board, Chennai and Signals Company in Chennai under the ATNK&K Area, but asked to apply to the SIGNAL RECORDS in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, but all letters addressed went all of vain. In such a predicament situation of financial family crisis when my old ex-serviceman father retired after 32 years of service, a recipient of Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Hence, had no other sources to claim my rights and benefits of an ex-soldier as per his rights to army rules and regulations which became obligatory to me, though enshrined in our Indian Constitution, self deprived with no equity. Self went on in life facing the hardships by work and study and remaining a law abiding citizen of India.

The ARMED FORCES TRIBUNAL came into existence from 2009, to redress the grievances of those who were unfairly treated with injustices of their genuine claims having no godfather to influence and help. Self, on seeing the NEWS in the Times of India newspaper of an ex-serviceman getting his due claims, though late but through this TRIBUNAL. Self approached the AFT Chennai, where Mr.Vijayan of the legal Cell, who guided me to send a registered letter with Acknowledgement Due and approach the Adalat Cell in Office of Controller of Defence Accounts, Teynampet, Chennai who will guide and help. That Govt. Office neglected me by harassing me to submit to their formalities and did no help. Hence, self approached an ex-serviceman advocate, showing the TOI paper-cutting of AFT Chennai, having approved of a similar claim by an EME recruit, who was similarly discharged on medical grounds, wherein judgement given. Unfortunately my counsel after paying initial payment of Rs.10,000, (Rs5000 plus Rs.5000 thro.bank transfer) assuring 50% of arrears demanded to pay, BUTdid not represent my case properly, with the result my Case O.A.7/2013 was mercilessly and heartlessly dismissed, which was like adding fuel to fire and /or chilly to my open wound AND Hence, submitted a Review Petition under reference R.A.16/2013 in O.A.7/2013, but applying DELAY TACTICS, INHUMANLY BY ARMED FORCES TRIBUNAL, CHENNAI REGIONAL BENCH, not understanding the gravity of the hurt sentiments of this ex-serviceman, reflects very badly on the ERODING JUDICIARY. I am of the opinion that JUDGE is also a human ATTITUDE MATTERS most. The imperative need for a WATCH DOG  on judgements affecting the poor innocent law abiding citizens, with unfairness. Dr.Chandran Peechulli


Inconsistencies in behavior and thought being a human-being.                                                                                                       Judges need to take oath for "Discipline & Dedication to ensure fair and just judgement" without discrimination that hurts                       * injures the aggrieved litigant.




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