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Raj patel (Manager)     01 October 2011

First summon after chargesheet

Dear All,

My wife has put wrong 498a, 406 and other cases on me and my famiy. We are completly innocent. She did it because she wanted to take custody of my baby. I am not giving it. I have posted whole story in earlier post so just in case you want to see.

The present scenario:

The police has placed chargesheet on 28th of September 2011 and we already got summons this morning (1st of Oct. 2011). My wife and in laws live in Delhi and we are in Gujarat. I believe she hired a criminal lawyer who has very close relation in court and police station.

Don't you think it is one of the fastest summons I have got. Just in 2 days?!!!

I want to delay a case as much as possible as my daugher is going to complete 5 years and will be 6 years old in december. I know my wife wants my daughers' custody but she brought up here with my parents while we were in aborad. My daughter doesn't want to go and live with her as well.

What can I do to delay a bit procedure of hearing? Is it wise to do that? I am going to fight any way as we are right in all way. But delaying in this case make my wife and inpatients and she may leave country, I ASSUME.

Do we need to attend the first hearing or can we ignore first summon?

Can we request court to give us time to hire lawyer ?

I believe my wife's lawyer has influence on judges, can he make them punish us or put heavy condition if we do not attend first date??

Please note: We are innocent and will fight the case but I know by now that in India Money & Power can do anything so bit scared for my parents who are 60.

Please advice .



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Nothing will happen on the first date of hearing...your attendance will be required...

You may ask the court (or ask the celrk) to give a long will get enough time...

in around one year from now the charges will be my case it is more than two years...but the charges have not been framed yet....the trial starts only after the charges are framed...

If time is the only requirement will have enough of it...but you need to work hard and see how to tackle things..which is more important...

Talk to people (other than lawyers) to see how a strategy can be clear about what you want to do...





Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     01 October 2011

Dear raj patel

your appearence in the Hon'ble court is must if you get the summons, dont be afraid, first tell me the mode of summons, its through registered post or any other means and you get this through receiving or not

secondly the states of the case is

first the case is in hearing secondly in charge after that the trail start

then witness, chief, cross, re-examination, and after that judgement after judgement appeal in high court then Supreme court. why are you think negative about that his lawyer is have power, law is more powerfull of any one.

dont worry

feel free to call me on 9953809956

SS (Manager)     02 October 2011

contact SIFF imediately for real facts and details (SAVE INDIAN FAMILY )

Raj patel (Manager)     03 October 2011

Dear Mr. Qureshi,

Thanks for your reply.

the mode of summons :

We got it from local police statinon. The constable came to hand it over. My brother in law and sister lives in delhi but they gave their summons to us as well.

the states of the case:


I want to inquire if we don't call my brother in law and sister on this first hearing, is it okay? they live in Delhi where we are in Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

Second, I believe court will give us only documents and we don't need lawyer on this first stage as after we get chargesheet from court, we can hire lawyer.

How long the second hearing will be? after a month or more?


Raj patel (Manager)     03 October 2011

Dear seniors and lawyers,

Can you please read this thread and please reply? The summon is on 19th of this month.



Raj patel (Manager)     04 October 2011

Dear All,

Can you please give a little bit attention to my thread and reply? I know it may be not as serious as others but still I need to understand it.

Please share your knowledge.



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