Filling of counter case against 498a complaint is waste of t

Dear all,

Please confirm filling  of counter case against 498a complaint is waste of time and money.

I checked with 3 good lawyers but everybody saying same.

Please confirm


They have suggest you well.

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all depends upon the facts, merits of the case and mentality of the parties.



Counter cases should be filed only on solid proofs. Mere allegations makes your life more worse.

As your lawyer said (Seems good gentlemen lawyers), though it could be done, it is waste of time and money. More than that it is just a waste of you and your family's peace.

Depending on actual facts of your case, you can put many cases like Tax Evasion, DP Act, cheating, fraud, false proofs, defamation and so on


But have a peaceful life for you and your family's good. If possible suggest the same to your wife side also...

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Filing 498 A  is easy for the woman.No expenses.If you file counter-cases,then she has to shell out money+attend court in different place.If she wants t transfer case,more hassle_more money.Only when the loss is on the other foot,then revenge doesn`t become the only consideration.

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filing counter  case against your wife is not a feasible proposition . you wll end up spending more time running around courts and on legal fees . concentrate   your energies on fighting 498A case

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Generally filing counter cases is a pressure tactics to drag other party to come to table for negotiation.


Even my lawyer have same opinion, do not file counter case rather focus on your 498A and get out of it.  However one may opt for it after coming out of the cases if one has still resources left to do this followup. Its always better to use resources for some constructive work rather than ferrying around courts.


Choice is individual's.





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