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Vinay   10 November 2021

Fighting an ugliest divorce case against my wife

Hi All, Kindly help me in my questions below. I'm facing a worse nightmare and it is badly affecting my mental peace and health.

Case highlights:

1. Aged 40 years (now) Hindu Brahmin and lost both my parents recently( Father: Aug 2019, Mother: Feb 2016).

2. First Marriage: (Hindu Marriage) Aug 2008 and Divorce was by mutual consent in 2014. No children out of wedlock (Age gap between me and my parents was 40+ years which caused too much of friction at home between me and my wife with respect to my parent's health issues and attention that I was giving to them. I'm the only child to my parents and wife's tantrums to throw my ailing parents out or desert them in some old age home was the main reason and it led to divorce by mutual consent. Even though I didn't wanted to give she wanted it so agreed for it.

3. Second Marriage: (Hindu Marriage) Aug 2015, for myself and wife both it was a second marriage and hers was also a mutual consent divorce from first marriage. She is  7 years younger to me. She is well educated. Bsc Biotechnology, Msc Biotechnology and B.Ed (Teaching). Lost my mother within 6 months of marriage (Feb 2016) to Cancer. After which my wife's true colors came out. She demanded to throw my aged ailing father (78 years at that time) to old age home and not be bothered about him. Always wants to live life on the edge. 

4. Due to much of fights at home it ultimately ended up in me filing for divorce in Aug 2016. Now the current status is as shown below: 

a. I filed for Divorce in Aug 2016 and she stated that she wants to come back (Full Filmy Drama)

b. She cried in court and said that I was a drunkard, Womanizer and I abuse her physically and mentally, treat her like a slave at home

c. Applied for Interim Maintenance in Family court and Court granted to her INR 15000/- based on my salary slips which was forcibly taken in court from me. ( I was naïve at that time and my advocate could not stop that , judge threatened me that she would write to Income tax department and pass an order) 

d. Now case has dragged for 5 years and no resolution at all. (No other cases filed by my wife). Current proceeding status: Cross examination of Petitioner (me). 

e. New Judge asks me to go to mediation and sit with her to check if you both can reconcile or mutually part away and if mediation fails we shall continue to cross examine

f. To call her bluff I said in mediation that I will take my wife back as I have lost both my parents and I'm living alone and would want to start afresh with my wife

g. She is shocked at my decision and now makes a drama at mediation that she does not wants to go back to me and demands 50 Lakhs as Alimony for Divorce. I refuse that and still call her back home or leave me as it is and part ways with me. She says she will come only if I transfer the property in her name, which I'm not comfortable with as there is a threat to my life and also its not the right way to take her back home.

h. New findings: I discovered that my wife has already got married during Covid (2019) without taking divorce from me and staying with him and his parents in a rented house. I found out the address where they stay 2 months back. I also understood that they have lived as husband and wife in another locality for 2 years before shifting to this new place as confirmed by the neighbors

I. I happen to follow her for three months now and found out that she is also working in a college as lecturer and earning INR 25000 monthly salary. She is also conducting coaching classes and earning extra income and over and above that she is taking 15000 INR interim maintenance from me as well claiming that she is on the streets and I have thrown her away in the middle of the night from her matrimonial house.

J. I gave a complaint in the local jurisdiction Police station stating that my wife is involved in Bigamy and she is living with someone else without taking divorce. I go to her place and catch her red handed along with her in laws and then Inform Police on this regard. Police comes to the spot and calls her for enquiry along with her mother in law and father in law come with her to give a statement saying that she is her brother's daughter and she is just here for holidays and their son is not married to her and he is already married and staying in another city with his wife. They are not compatible with their daughter in law so son does not come here and some times my wife gives them company.

K. Now Mother in Law files a complaint on me saying that I harrassed them by making a nuisance in front of her house, her reputation is gone in the society etc etc and I should be taught a lesson. I was called to the same police station and I gave my statement that I went to talk to my wife to make her understand to come back home and start a fresh life but these people who are not even her parents are poisoning her brain.

L. Son (third husband of my wife) was at home when I went to talk to her but never came out, now he is absconding from that place and has not been seen until now.


1. How do I take this forward now to prove that I'm being financially, emotionally, physically being  harrassed?

2. What evidences and how to collect them to prove my innocence to Family court to stop my maintenance

3. How to end this case at the earliest as this has dragged for last 5 years now?

Any questions you may have please reply so that I can get proper guidance to move forward and get rid from my demonic wife's clutches. Thank you


 5 Replies

Sam   11 November 2021

Speechless!!! How are you holding up Vinay..

Ishwar Sharma   11 November 2021












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Vinay   11 November 2021

It's been really tough on me Sam but somehow holding up, need a good advice from Legal expert on how to deal with this on the next Steps

P. Venu (Advocate)     11 November 2021

May be a good story. But post succicnt facts.

Vinay   11 November 2021

Dear Venu Sir, Thank you for responding to my post. I will be relieved to discuss with you and take your advice if you can guide me further on what steps to take. Any facts that you want to know or any questions you may have I will answer each and every point. Could you please guide me further? If yes, please share me your contact number will call you based on your availability. Thank you 

@ Corpsage Legal: Thank you for reading my post and sharing your comments, already I have an advocate however wanted a second opinion. It would be great if I can speak to you and hear your advice as well on how to handle this case. Any data facts needed relevant to the case I will share it with you. This is the most succint facts that I have put here seeking legal experts help. If you can guide me to contact any of your good references in my city ( if you are not in the same city as Iam) I can visit the reference in person and seek further guidance. Kindly help me.

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