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Fatwa against Vandemataram

Page no : 2

Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     04 November 2009

Congress gets 36% votes in Maharashtra and forms Government. This is democracy. Minorities and Dalits are crutches on which political parties ride.

I agree with Mr. Anil Agarwal.

Pradeep (Advocate)     04 November 2009

Government can't even take legal action against them. the national anthem case still prevails as a precedent. (Bijoi emmannuel v.s State of Kerala).

But for their statement, they can be charged for cerating hatred...etc, fundamental duty has no mention to national 'Song", but only anthem..!!, though both shouldbe treated equally.


Being a Unoin Minuster Mr.Chidambaram violated constitution ny attending meeting and not taken any action when Fatwa read before him against national song Vandemataram. So the present Government is directly or indirectly supporting anti-national elements. 

When they issued Fatwa in India at the same the Muslims must follow the Islamic laws for there crime? Will they accept this or not in India?

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     04 November 2009

 There is no cure for our mental sickness. We are adept at talking and discussing.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     04 November 2009

In a socially and politically ordered society no one can be permitted to speak anything against the honour of the Nation. freedom of faith can not be extended to this extent. No spiritual faith or philosophy can flourish in absence of a peace and peace can not be imagined without a systematic  nation. therefore everyone must worship the nation. spiritual ideas are subject to belief and  approval by some people.  Even existence of God is a relative and controversial idea . but existence of parents and motherland is a phisical reality and must be worshiped.

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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     04 November 2009

This is gift of congress. 

See no minister has given statement against the fatwa, how much selfish they are.  They will sell our country for their benefit definately.

I told already we will have to change our ;names very soon.  



In the Fatwa it is clearly stated that they love India but not worship the nation. If they do not worship their mother land are they citizens of that country? In India always muslims are hurting hindus beliefs.

I agree with Mr.Gandhi ji, If Muslim speak about fatwa or muslim personal board, Muslims have to follow Islamic rules for their crimes? Special Islamic courts should  establish for Muslims for their crimes and implement islamic rules to them only. Do they agree?

Arul Kumar (Legal Consultant & Professor at Law)     04 November 2009

Why ther is no Fatwa against corruption, terrorism, exploitation of women and children and all kinds of evil deeds? These religious leaders just create such kind of issues to keep themselves in  limelight and keep the followers under dark.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     04 November 2009

 Fatwa on Sulamn Rushdie is still operative.

Which Congressman was to be beheaded?

K.C.Suresh (Advocate)     04 November 2009

Dear all, The minority right should not be equalled with the right to point fingers against the Nation. There is cinemas only to preach muslims are real patriots of India. But we don't blieve it never or ever. They purchase land, love the Hindu girls for so called Jihad, they ceate problems every where. They want to create unreast. But still political pimps love them because they are political vote banks. That is the real crux of the muslim love.

Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     04 November 2009

It is shameful that we are constantly tolerating such anti national menace and are voting for the parties which are openly in supprt of such mentally retarded communities. Such supporting parties should also be weeded out from indian politics otherwise this vote politics shall spoil our motherland. I appreciate P Sathya for rasing this vita issue before the legal fraternity.

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We are not thinking about a Religion or a Political Party this is our Nations Respect.

If he and/or she is a President of India or Prime Minister Of India or any Guest from Over seas visiting India when we play our National song that is his duty to bow and the decency to express faith.

 This is the meaning of VANDE MATARAM if any Muslim in India can read and under stand.

Even I personally feel our Hon. Minister. P. Chidambaram don't know  VANDE MATARAM 's  meaning too.



Vande Mataram                                            MOTHER I BOW TO THEE

Sujalaam                                                       WITH FLOWING BENEFICIAL WATERS

Suphalaam                                                   FILLED WITH CHOICEST FRUITS

Malayaja Sheethalam                                 WITH COOLING BREEZE

Shashya Shyamalaam                               GREEN WITH THE HARVEST

Maataram, Vande Maataram                     O MOTHER I MY OBEISANCE TO YOU !

Shubhra Jothsana Pulakitha Yaminim    ECSTATIC  MOONLIT NIGHTS

Phulla Kusumitat Drumah Dala Shobhinim   THE PLANTS BLOOMING WITH FLOWERS

Suhasinim, Sumadhura Bh Asinim         SWEET SPEAKER OF SWEET LANGUAGES

Sukhadaam Varadhaam, Mataram          FOUNT OF BLESSINGS

Vande Mataraam                                         MOTHER I SALUTE YOU.


All India SUNNI Ulema Board on 06 th September 2006 issued a Fatwa that the Muslims can sing the fist two verses of the song. The Board President   MOULANA MUFTI    SYED SHAH BADRUDDIN QADRI AL - JEELANI said that      " IF YOU BOW AT THE FEET OF YOUR MOTHER WITH RESPECT, IT IS NOT      SHIRK    BUT ONLY RESPECT.

SHIA scholar and All India Muslim Personal Law Board Vice  - President    MOULANA  KALBE SADIQ STATED ON 5 th September 2006 that scholars need to examine the term  "VANDE". He asked  "Does it mean SALUTATION OR WORSHIP? "

Sorry to say this first of all these Muslim Mullas and Maulana's in India they have to be well educated in other languages too Not only URDU. Before issuing any type of Fatwa in his own Islamic religion. THE MOULANA  at least he has to know what is the meaning of  MOTHER .

This VANDE MATARAM is not A.R.Rahman's ( he was Hindu who converted to Sufism   Sufi Muslim for his own problems and reasons . G.V. Prakash is the son of A.R.Rahman's elder sister A.R. Reihana who is also a singer. G.V.Prakash's father  Mr. Venkatesh is a Hindu) song. A.R. Rahman composed  Vande Mataram was released in 1997 produced by Bharat Bala Productions.

Eduacated Indian, Respected Indians, well cultured Indian and Indian scholars if they keep quite about this issue these uncultured Moulana's tomorrow they may harm for there own Holy Book Quran. They may issue one more Fatwa to REWRITE the Quran a new copy.

How many Fatwa's they want to issue which already they did it, for sake of there own. 



Thanks to Mr.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ji. He expressed perfect view.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     06 November 2009

 How is it that a Fatwa binds all Muslims? Every 10 km Hindus have different Gods, innumerable Shankaracharyas, Godmen, saints, Ashramas, Peeths. Does anyone have the guts to issue an edict to be followed by all Hindus. When a Fatwa was issued to kill Salman Rushdie, with single minded devotion Muslims all over the world were searching for him.  Will any Hindu do it? I remember only one instance. Udham Singh pursued Gen Dyer of Jallianwalla Bagh and killed him in England. Rushdie is still a much protected man and British Government spends millions of pounds on his safety.

We want to live in our past glory. Always talk of 5000 years old Indus Valley Civilization. Hindus were such a wonderful race that a handful Muslims came to India in 711 AD and and laid the foundation of Muslim rule in India. All the civilizations and culture were consigned to flames.

History of Muslim rule is replete with instances where they killed each other for power. They still do. But, when it comes to Islam, there is no greater force to find them together. Read the history of Crusade in middle ages. It is a race that wielded sword to spread Islam. From a small hillock in Saudi Arabia to as far away as Spain, Russia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course the whole of Middle East and South Asia. 

Today, they are opposing Vande Mataram. Tomorrow it will be the Constitution and all the institutions right from Parliament to Supreme Court. Look at the convenience of two Ministers who attended the Convention at Deoband. Like three monkeys of Gandhi, they neither see anything nor hear anything nor speak anything. 

Reason: VOTES.

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