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sureshkumar (QA/QC)     20 November 2009

False Eveteasing case against me by my cousisn sister 40yr

I was in Gulf from 2002-2004 and resigned my job and came back to my hometown Chennai and tried for another foreign job.

Meanwhile, my family and my mother sister family was being with enemity for more than 15 years. They are not able to digest that I am earning in foreign country. So they decided to give some false police case so that I cant go to foreign.

On 24/02/2005, Chennai (X police station) policemens came to my house and they took me to police station and they tortured me and they forced me to sign in blank paper. BUT I DID NOT SIGNED MY ORIGINAL SIGN IN STATION. Then next day police took me to Chennai court and they remanded me upto that time I don’t know what crime I did. After I came on bail from Jail, I met my lawyer and he told me that my mothers sisters daughter name Mrs.Latha aged 40 years has given eve teasing case against me and police was remanded me u/s.294B, 506iia, 341, 354, 509.

I got shocked how can I eve tease my cousin sister also aged 40 years lady also god promise I never eve teased her in my lifetime. Immediately I met Chennai police commissioner on 14/06/2005 and I lodged the complaint to reinvestigate this false case. COP was appointed ADC as a investigation office and finally they found it is a false case and Station Inspector, sub inspector has got transferred. ADC told me that police will drop this case and we will not issue chargesheet/summon to you.

So I was happy and went to foreign in Aug 2005. Again my mother sister family understood that I left to foreign and informed to police station to bring me from foreign. Police given me troubles to my family members in Chennai in 2005.

After 2005 to 2009 4 years job in gulf last month only I came and now I am in Chennai. I met my lawyer and he checked my case in the court and found that NBW was issued on my name in 2006 and also my lawyer telling me no need to reopen this case. BUT I HAVE FEAE WHETHER POLICE WILL ARREST ME AT ANYTIME?.

Why I have to re-open this false police case, Because :

1. In police station I did not signed my original signature in papers. So that can I say I am not that person ?.

2. I was remanded on 25/02/2005 but till date police was not issued chargesheets/summons to me.



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First given complaint closed or not?

You need not worry go ahead with your normal duties. Lodge a criminal complaint with the Police Commissioner stating all facts.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     20 November 2009

 if the case has been filed and  NBW also issued against you, there is no way except to engage a lawyer and contest it. Don't ever believe the police version. Justice Mulla of Allahabad High Court once called them a gang of organised criminals.

K. Rajendra Prakash (Advocate)     21 November 2009

Get the NBW recalled by engaging a Lawyer and contest the case.

Feroz M Shafeeque (Police Officer)     21 November 2009

I agree with Rajendra Prakash. Otherwise the case will be listed under long pending cases and the police will visit your home often in search of you with warrant.


 Mr. Suresh Kumar in her query stated that

"ADC told me that police will drop this case and we will not issue chargesheet/summon to you".

there is a assurance from the police department. Already police faced embrssement in the court.Again they will not do any harresment with Mr.Suresh. If Mr. SUresh file harassement suit against Police they will be in trouble. As ADC assured him no body will come to Mr.Suresh with NBW.


Anil Agrawal (Retired)     21 November 2009

And you believe in police. Great. Police never forgives and never forgets. For God's sake don't get into further trouble by following the advice of police. Do as Mr. Prakash advises you. Don't take it lightly. If you don't take immediate corrective step, it may cause you immense trouble.

S.B.adil rahman (Legal Consultant )     05 December 2009

Please file a petition under section 6 of the Right to Information Act 2005 seeking information about the progress of the case and its present status. You do not have to run from pillar to post for collecting the information. After you get the information take the corrective or remedial steps.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     05 December 2009

 Information from whom? Police or Court? Police will say : Case is in the court. And Court? It does not give progress of case under RTI.

S.B.adil rahman (Legal Consultant )     05 December 2009

I do not subscribe to your comments. The Police monitors the progress of the case so the police can not simply shirk its responsibility in providing information under RTI Act . More over, there are stages of Appeals under RTI Act also which can be availed of for providing incomplete or misleading information. The aggrieved person can take the up to date certified copy of the case also from the court. In Kolkata RTI applications are accepted by the Senior judge of the Court who is appointed as the State Public Information Officer by the Judicial Secretary. We get the information which are not protected under section 8. Accepting defeat before landing in the field with negative thoughts should be avoided. A lawyer should find out the way to provide relief to his client who is already dejected and harassed. Let him try the trick.If it does not work he will resort to other options. He has come on this forum for help.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     05 December 2009

 RTI Act is open to all Indian citizens. Can any citizen ask for the copy of the case from court under RTI? Appointment of SPIOs is not a big deal; even High Courts and Supreme Courts have appointed their own CPIOs.

if police and courts give information about progress report of each case, it would be a quantum jump in administration of justice and RTI Act will zoom.

I do not know how much legal fraternity would like this TRICK and on its failure which other options to resort to.  I did not know that in legal parlance, trick is legal opinion.

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