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Dummies guide - How to file S. 498a IPC the better way !

Make sure you include 3 things - with these 3 things he cannot go for FIR quash :-

He tried to strangulate me and tried to kill me.

2- He is impotent.

3- He beats me everyday and demanding new car/house/fridge or whatever suits you. Good Luck !

p.s: You can inlcude other things like not allowing me to go to bathroom or watch TV or not enough pocket money, or something - just use your imagination. It should make him laugh after 10-15 years - because he needs something to laugh after so many years of torture from you.

Before we go to below topic. Many people have this question- How many times can my wife file 498a ? - or can she file PWDVA and 498a. After how many years can she file 498a after separation ?

Your wife can file both PWDVA and 498a. There are no limitations - even though it is barred under 3 years yet she can file because SC has given full permission for women to file at whatever time, place and reason. In short, there is no time limit but her case gets weaker as time goes by. She will be prone to exaggerate and will get caught in the web of her own lies.

Here is the link to article: https://www.merinews.com/catFull.jsp?articleID=144461 498A of IPC comes handy for litigating wives Section 498A, of Indian Penal Code, is a boom for modern Indian women. It comes very handy for women to fulfill their materialistic desires. A quick guide to the empowered women of India on how to use 498A to unleash 'legal terrorism'.

WHAT’S THE use of being empowered, if you are unable to cause harassment, pain and suffering to the husband and his family to the point of suicide. If this is your objective 498A can come to the rescue. This not only makes sure that you cause trauma, harassment and pain to your husband’s family, but also, you get paid in full for it in due course. So gear up women, here is a crash course in 498A.Here is the modus operandi of a false 498A. It is actually easier than ordering a pizza and will cause assured harassment for the husband’s family, the other benefits may include:

1) Display of strength and scaring the husband’s family into submission;

2) Chances of a quick and easy extortion or as it is called, a ’compromise’. This booty will then be shared by the colluding relatives and the wife, according to their level of involvement and quantum of assistance;

3) Imagining a case in which the husband, scared of jail time, will leave his family and be his wife’s slave.

4) Getting the moral support of NCW (National Commission for Women) and WCD (the ministry of women and child development), that see wealth distribution, from husbands to wives, as a way to encourage women buying more stuff and bringing foreign direct investment in women’s products. The 498A consists of three basic phases and you need to have unique skills to master them;

1) Complaint (letter writing skills and vocabulary words, which invoke sympathy, hunger, harassment etc)

2) Police arrest (always wished you acted and get aid for it, here is your chance, you need to cry, wail and shout and also get paid in full for it). Who knows you might as well get picked for an Ekta Kapoor serial.

Compromise (the sweetest of all, counting the money and making sure it gets deposited in full).
Modus Operandi

Leave your husband on the pretext of visiting your mother, pregnancy or caring for your ailing father.

b) Look for the most opportune moment.

For Husbands living in India, Fridays are the best time and if Monday is also holiday, nothing like it. In fact, girls can look for this time or then go to their mother’s place first and then plan out.For Non-Resident Indians, the best time is when they are visiting their family in India. This way, he will not be able to return and will loose his peace , money and career immediately.

3) Once the date and time has been decided, its time to take the plunge. Don’t worry no-one can touch you misusing this section. Remember, the all powerful Indian police and judiciary is with you. Log with the NCW and WCD, who will in due course come up with more laws for your benefit.A very important part of this process is drafting the complaint.a) First the easy way. Visit any local lawyer. The cheapest ones will also suffice, as these days all have pre-formatted 498A allegation forms. Just fill in your name, address and list of people to accuse and behold. You have your own personalised 498A complaint.

Some girls, who are creative, can also choose to study the pre-formatted complaint and then write one of their own. This will help bringing out the writer in you. Remember, just like there is no extra charge to include the names of your family member for credit cards, there is no extra charge for causing additional harassment to any number of relatives of your husband. Some women have also included husband’s friends as a bonanza. So go on and include all those whom you ever despised in this list. Whomever you include, make sure you always include the women and children of the husbands family as they are his weak spot.

Whatever you write, make sure that the below three allegations are in, as without this, the police will be reluctant to register your complaint even with bribes.

1.1) Not given food and water for seven days and kept me locked in a dark room.

1.2) Beating me each day right from the wedding night. Even the doctors will tell you that the most violent of criminals will rather have s*x with a woman on the first night than beat her, but the India police, NCW and WCD does not believe so and will believe whatever else you say. If you can create false medical certificate there is nothing like it. But this is not all that important as the police will believe whatever you say anyways.

1.3) Already paid Rs 10 lakhs at engagement. Make sure, you include whatever you ever wished for, but did not get to buy in the ’stridhan’ (dowry) list, as the police will make the husband buy and return those articles, even if you have never had given them. See how simple the WCD ministry has made it for you, to fulfill your materialistic desires. So this is time to get the articles of your wildest desire. At least if you write 10 you might get one, so whats the harm in writing as may as possible!)

Your dad oppened couple of half self - consumend Jonny Walker Blue Label on wedding reception nite pretending them to be in mint condition then now include the empty bottles into your complain.


Whew ! Your complaint draft is final and you have a gleaming copy of a spanking new 498A. You should be proud that you will soon be joining the 498A women’s list, who have made a martyr of their husband’s family to get their desires fulfilled. You have crossed a big hurdle in your life. Now the money just wants to come to you. The next steps are pretty simple and routine and should be cake walk for the empowered women like you.

5) Visit the local police station with some relatives. Most of the girls take their father and brother, but the police do not mind if you take your paramour ( ex-lover), especially, if he is supposed to benefit from the expected settlement and you both have already booked your new flat and are looking to pay the first installment.

6 )
Be ready to wail and have moist eyes, as these infuriate the police officers in India against the husband. If you have Mahila thana (police station for women), that’s the best place to go, as these women police officers have been known to create havoc for the husband’s family. Pay a token as advance bribe to police and see the speed at which they start the manhunt for the husband’s family and his aged parents and sisters, faster than the hunt for Osama. You need not even pay the rest of the bribe as it will be collected in full from the husband’s family.

Make sure to file the case as far off as possible, even if the alleged incidents in your complaint did not occur there. This will add icing on the cake as the husband’s family will have the additional pain of fighting the case in a different State and city which even their Ramayana yuga forefathers never set foot in their lifetime.

You by now will not be able to stop praising the WCD and NCW for this law and wanting more laws like this to hit the stands.

7) So the husband is arrested. Congratulations!. Now you have shown them what you are made of, bravo my girl, bravo.

But hey, this is milking time and as cows have a specific period for milking, so is it for husbands and this is when they or the women of his family are behind bars.


You need to be quick and fast as a fox. Make sure that he is not released and the bail gets denied. Immediately put the amount for ’compromise’, make sure you quote an astronomical amount, as it always bargained down. If he agrees, congratulations again, you are a millionaire after writing a complaint letter. Book authors do not make so much money as you have made by writing a letter. You have just paid the amount for your very flat in full and it is tax free. This is apart from the other tax-free money that you can claim in terms for alimony. I will talk about it in another article ’alimony and maintenance for dummies’.

8) If you are denied any compromise money, there is always a chance the metropolitan magistrate will bargain for you to close the case.

Try your luck there as well. I wish you all the best in your 498A gold rush.
If you are lazy to go to police station - send mail to NCW and give them your contact number and just start sobbing - do not talk anything for everything say yes... and they will send someone home right away !!


 "Shall be the coordinating agency to receive and process all the complaints relate to Indian Women deserted by their Overseas Indian husbands. Shall render all possible assistance to the complaints including conciliation, mediation between the parties and advising the complainant on related issues. Associating, networking with NGO's ,community organizations in India and abroad and State women Commissions for wider area coverage, so as to facilitate easy reach and provide support services.

Shall endeavor towards a coordinated response amongst various Government agencies/organizations such as State Governments, The National Human Rights Commission, Indian Embassies and Mission, concerned Ministries etc.

Providing assistance to the aggrieved woman in litigation and other issues pertaining to the complainant/case.Shall maintain a data bank record of cases registered.

Seek reports from the State Government and other authorities on the complaints filed and action taken thereon. Shall advice and recommend the government on any policy or issue relating to the NRI marriages.

Analyse various legal treaties on the issue and advice the Government on the subject, wherever required. Shall constitute a ADVISORY COMMITTEE panel of reputed advocates/NGOs, both in India as well as abroad, which shall periodically review the functioning of the cell, cases filed and policy issues.

Shall constitute a panel of experts (All India) to assist the aggrieved wife and rendering legal services and other assistance , including mediation and conciliation

Planning of training modules & carrying out training on sensitization on the subject to the various agencies entrusted with the task of providing justice, vig. Judiciary, police, administration, etc.

Shall carry out awareness campaigns for the masses on the issue. For this, all the available media services would be utilized by the cell. Shall encourage /support research and study in the related field like issues of grievances associated with dual citizenship, enactment of new legislation or signing of international treaties ,marriage laws of other countries ,etc .

Shall look into complaints and take suo-moto notice on any issue brought to the notice of the NRI Cell in accordance with Section 10 (1)(f) of the National Commission for Women Act , 1990 read with sub-section 4 of Section 10 and Section 8 of the Act.

The cell shall regulate its own procedures in accordance with the National Commission for Women Act 1990 . Perform any other function as assigned to it by the Commission/Central Government." 

God bless most repsect abala's of India..........Amen.........


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arun ji i personally apologise for critising ur post.

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why bring personal attacks into a post man - be lagal logicall if there is any such word

respect every person as individual having ideas

apologise to person whom you made reference to not to me becuase it is not in good taste u replied I will once again say it  


arun ji same person attacked our god ram and krishna , who are beyond any comparison. and if he does so i have no respect for him. let him dare challenge character of a muslim god /prophet.

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arun ji please go thru other threads on this site our gods , character was attacked by a lawyer.

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@ Avnish

Whosoover you folks talking about let him / her face the self trial in this birth itself. I don't believe in BJP politics sorts of stuffs that is to say when no issues to debate on public platform then bring Ram Mandir to memory becuase Indians are fools they just need a slope and such persons are danger to society.

Don't PM me about that persons name or whatever / of any gender...... I have seen some politics at some age of mine which to me is nothing but diverting public from the core issues because you have nothing else to say as statistics / datas / references and you become irritated that also with public display of such irritations in some posts :-)))))

PS.: You here is generic.


arun ji please add to this impotency masala otherwise police complaint mai dam nahi hai. from the very first night he dint let touch me. he was very impotent no erection no penetration , fully impotent.always demanding dowry. why an impotent man will demand dowry intead of self face saving?

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Sreenivas V (S/W)     21 August 2010

As said above by some members there is no need of any help for filing 498A. In villages and cities also the moment some one knows there is a marriage dispute there are brokers available which are coming in between and making her and her parents file 498A.

Example when there is a road accident some people will gather there, even though the effected people talking these brokers will make it bigger case and make one party pay another party some money irrespective of who is wrong or right. Example a cycle and bike involved in accident the bike person has to pay money even though cycle person is wrong. Same when bike and car, car owner has to pay. Same thing in 498A also.

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also please try to include every family member , relative or even neighbour's name in it to harass him / defame him.

if possible make a list of all baratis by name and if possible address too so that all can be nabbed by police.this is one of most essential elements arun ji forgot to put.

if he has a pet put his name too tat dog /cat used to bark /mew on u alll times, dog used to demand pedigree food to be brought by your hapless father.if ur SIL(nand of bhabhi) has a infant or toddler name him/ her definitely. add masala to story like dint allow u to sleep by crying at night. made u reach brink of commiting suicide by doing susu (urination/ defectaion) on u. very strong case. few years back even a new born had to go to jail. so this is important to put more pressure on guys family.

i m sure if u follow above u can certainly extract more money from boys and if u give ur senior cut based incentive, it will make full efforts to get u maximum amount.more ideas i shall post wenever i get one.....




What about the GHODI, it's owner and band wale, which were used by him in the barat? They are responsible for the mental torture. They brought the husband to the venue with great pump and show. They should also be booked.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     22 August 2010

Though written in a sarcastic language, it is still a guide in the true sense of the word. Thanks for posting it! What about guide to maintenance and alimony? One just have to ignore the sarcasm and ignore some of the irrelevant expression , and lo! it becomes a good guide for legal literacy .



ya , just see and check wat mistakes u made while filing false 498a.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     22 August 2010

@SS for your kind information, I have not filed any such thing. I DO NOT always talk personal. 


CommonMann (Software Professional)     22 August 2010

Also as per my opinion all the lawyers in this country have there own fixed format to file 498a ipc against the innocent husband. Its a bread and butter for lawyers. I know in Indore few lawyers have even distributed there business cards to police stations and they have proper setting with them, that any women come to police station those bl**dy police persons guide them to go to those lawyers to file 498a ipc. And poor husband is an ATM machine. Seriously If I will get a chance I will shoot all these type of wives and bl**dy lawyers too. Lawyers are like nowadays working as brokers(dalaals) who after filing case tries for compromise and take a handsome hefty amount from both the parties specially from husband party. Husband has to pay bcoz he doesnot want to fight to case bcoz as in our law one case can prolong to minimum 5 yrs and no max limit.
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