Dual employment

Hello All,

I  have employment with MNC company from Aug 17 and also I am working for  another STARTUP.

now the MNC has caught me stating that you are having the dual employmnet .  


I mentioned them clearly that I don't know when the email is created and I am started using recently.... 


They took some screenshots of the emails and in that they found that I am giving the techenical related queires and pending payments and payrolls 



what type of action they may take either Termination or they will take it to the court  as per the leagal law.

 I am worried of this,, if they are asking me to Resign I will resign.. will they accept it .



Can anyone please help on this issue 


Thanks and Regards 

Venu Gopal K 


You should have avoided such conduct that can be termed misconduct.

The screenshots of which emails (Email id) were taken; Official or Personal Email id?

Did you share the password of your personal email id by your sweet will?

The said emails were sent from Official or Personal Email id?

 Usually IT is duly narrated in offer/appointment letter, Service Rules, Conduct and Discipline Rules that employee cannot enter into parallel gainful employment (Dual Employment)…………….or without written consent of employer/establishment.

Refer to such rules and clauses and post back what is narrated therein!



It is entirely upto the employer to accept your resignation.

It is upto employer to conduct inquiry, charge with misconduct  and terminate in accordance with service rules.

It is upto employer to claim having caused loss or damages.


If you can, appeal to higher officials, employer and let you go by accepting your resignation.

Tender your resignation, get acknowledgment on copy of IT and/or submit by Letter thru Redg. Post followed by email……Obtain tracking report from Indiapost website and POD from Sub postmaster in PO,

An even certified copy of postman’s runsheet under RTI and keep these safely……..

In future, avoid indulging in anything that can be termed misconduct, illegal…. 


The resources in premises of employer are for designated employee for official use for official purpose and not for personal use and purpose more so for personal gains...


thanks for your info kumar, Today Employee Relations Manager called me and asked regarding the company details ... Nd enquired about the email screen shots. i said that i was just a friend and worked for free but he paid me some amount and the type of work which i was doing is not at all related to the company with you I didn't disclose this to in the MNC and also said that i was stopping to support them from december and now i am not the part of any of their works. and gave a declearation that from now i won't engage any part/full time employment and continues to work in one organisation plese accept my request i said over there Thanks and Regards Venu Gopal K

it was startup's email id which was created for comm. purpose

Who has started this Start Up?

Are you in any sense involved with IT?

How did they succeed to get screenshot of email id of start up i.e. another company?




Have you stated in writing or on recorded call that you accepted some money and did the work and won't do it again?



If company has accepted and forgotten and excused then it is good.

If yuo want to continue in same employment it is upto you.

If you want to change it is upto you.


it is my mistake to get the screenshots.... they said me to open so i opend and they have seen that there is no data related to MNC and They might be checking my n/w logs and can get to know all these due to firewall if they want to terminate can i ask them for resignation as because its ruining my career.... they said we will get back to you with some info mean while can you please whatsapp me. whatsapp no. 8121966592

if the company accepts my request i will continue to work...... right now what i am doing in company is very critical project and out of 9 people if one team member is in leave other people gets affected... and if they wants to hire other person to the project they need to provide the tokens and smartcards and access to various servers which are still not yet completed for me being in projject for 6 months...... and the KT which they have to give regarding thr environment is totallh rkaes 10 days of time..... i am hoping that rhey won't remove... so Hope for the best



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