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Does throwing away of mangalsutra amount to cruelty on husbn

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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     19 March 2012



Better disregard. 


How can one person create so many accounts and delete them, beats me even.





Shonee Kapoor


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     20 March 2012

i agree with amit

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     20 March 2012

@ Shonnee


I still disagree to your subsequent large wisdom piece.



This link https://www.indiankanoon.org/doc/1026765/  is Indian Kanoon landing page of "Ramlalli Vs Soneylal" 1(1990) DMC 518" where it was a case of wife who was serving jail sentence on charges of murder of her mother in law which cumulatively amounted to cruelty to husband and not 'throwing away of mangalsutra" per se as observed by Lordship in para 12.



The bald reference of 'throwing away of managalsutra' in your above quoted MP HC Citation where Mr. Jstc S. Awasthy, J. of MP HC mentions under para 9 issue reference "throwing away of managalsutra" is verbatium pick up from re. Dastane Vs. Dastane (SC Judgment).  Having said so now read para 12 in above link :-P



Also refer to  another run of the mill MP HC citation on cherry picking "throwing of managalsutra" whose landing page link is at
https://indiankanoon.org/doc/1929019/  and under its para 12 another Mr. Jstc J.G. Chitre, J. cherry picks same verbatim pick up from SC Judgment (
re.: Dastanae Vs Dastane). You want more from your little book of MP HC on verbatim cherry picks by several other MP HC Justcs all of them have quoted from one source re.: Dastanae and Dastane. I can place more here but I will restrain as SC is my benchmark not some State HC or Trial court or the way one pleads !



I repeat and say again show us one citation from SC and not of some State's HC's or Trial Court and donot repeat while even discussing "for complete judgement I would have to pick DMC or search on Indian Kanoon. Which I loathe to do while discussing" or "I have  better things to do" "or if we judge all cases here then what Judges will do in Court" there are several respectable Registrars of SC as well as several Justcs reading these posts (you want names !) or reverse charge “some fictions on supremacy of holder of citations" etc. etc.



This is a legal discussion portal website where issues from querriest are legally discussed and shortcut formulas should not be applied with one liners is my view whether you like it or not period.



Let us see who is going tangent on simple issue subject “throwing away of managalsutra” here.



Rejoinder PS.: A budding lawyer should start subscripttion of AIR / SCC and DMC or simply take annual subscripttion of MANU.



Rejoinder PSS: I now wonder why not more than 4 citations ever used till SC:-P


Rejoinder PSS1: I wish not to come near your page. I have different visions on landing page(s) in life. 

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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     20 March 2012



It was held cumulatively, but the case law does note that it was cruelty. And on not all points judgments would be available from SC. Arguments on facts is something which one need to learn.


Also, you are still not ready to accept that your understanding of Hanumanta Rao Judgment is incorrect.


And also, you have changed your stance from preferably SC to SC only :P


For me this discussion ends, because you are still talking about stuff which you only imagine I stated. I don't accept useless challanges.


Shonee Kapoor
PPS: Because when the needle can do the work, you should not use the sword.
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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     20 March 2012


Originally posted by :Shonee Kapoor


For me this discussion ends, because you are still talking about stuff which you only imagine I stated. I don't accept useless challanges.


. Sure, if that is your wish.

Brainstorming at  rightly hit out an bolt out of the blue and I take liberty to quote her ladyship's observaiton independently;

“Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance.”
- Robert Quillen 

Humbled Ladyship for correction J  

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Ranee....... (NA)     20 March 2012

I think this thread is to be closed now.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     22 March 2012

Originally posted by :Member (Account Deleted)
" koi baat nahi chacha...aap bhi pahle LLB karo.Fir LLM.Fir judicial services exam de do.aap bhi judge ban jaoge.

or haa....iske notes kushan bhaiyaa se le lena...chaho to unse tution bhi le lena...

agar fir bhi judge nahi bane to unki approach lagwa lena...wo aapki help zarur zarur karenge

Thank you @ Member account deleted

all your writing / hints about what Mr. Kushan Vyas did and or is doing to become Judge / after become Judge is screen captured and "printed" and just now sent to Gujarat HC vigilance Cell / Registrar office.


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     22 March 2012

@Tajobs india,


For the sake of humanity(insaniyat) I request you to spare Kushan Vyas.


Please note that he has never harassed you in forums.He has always supported your views and recommended mnay members here to read your advice,by referring them to links of your posts.Please do not try to harm this young lawyer's life who will now undergo training.


Some people learn a lot after training.He is very capable.I know this since I have talked to him many times and have come to a conclusion that he has a lot of legal knowledge.

Once again I request you not to harm his reputation and ignore the nasty comments of "member account deleted" who is only having fun by teasing you.





Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     22 March 2012



Originally posted by :Roshni B..


For the sake of humanity (insaniyat) I request you to spare Kushan Vyas.




Oh, when it comes to 'you knowing' someone here you start purring above!

Lady you see few weeks back my respected ld. brothers in Expert section were attacked by similar type of one nite stand member and ld. brothers practically saved themselves by lodging appropriate protest via appropriate forums. I am using similar democratic functioning process flow in family law forum I think for the first time after giving enough talks.

Lady why you never commented till date to all those @ member account deleted to any of the postings be it on me or to any other member in any of the forums is best known to you? You people like fun so let the fun start. That is why I say to you once again ‘as you sow as you reap one day”.

I have nothing for or against any person here be it past or present. I give same reply as I receive one and I donot see who is who's friend or enemy or is in which group or what age or ranking he/she has here.  This is legal site not time pass portal site you see.

The thing now is that it is too late the envelop to Guj. HC is already left my desk in the afternoon and I am sure you and your friend is capable to handle the contents, why you have now low confidence on your friends ability.! He is lucky that he is not attending training at National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science,
otherwise few practical leafs he would have taken from us by now.  

BTW, it is nothing to do with any person support or disagreement to any of my postings. Every person here may have different view to any and or all of my postings till date and why not and I never play your nature of social game in legal portals as you might have noticed by now.

Well you can now post my entire postings till date here including profile's QR codes to Hon'ble CJI and I will defend myself.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     22 March 2012

hello hema jee


what a pleasant surprise.i am doing good.how about you?


very happy to see your response after so many months.where have you been?


now please continue with your enlightening posts in LCI hema jee.LCI needs advocates like you.


about kushan bro,he has made LCI proud.you are v.right.he has a bright future ahead.he's so lucky to get selected for this post below 30 yrs. of age.

Ranee....... (NA)     22 March 2012

Hi hema..how are you..nice to see you after a long time..

Do you know Tajobsindia personally?You are writing so much about his personal life.But I respect you as a learned member of this forum. So personal picking does not suit you.Please render legal advice only.

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