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Do matrimonial laws REALLY FAVOR WOMEN?

Page no : 13

Ambika (NA)     30 January 2011

so truly expressed ...keep it up Lekha...

Sandeep (Engineer)     30 January 2011

From Sandeep Bhartia ( President 9971117829

All laws are against husnands. They have no choise but to keep up with daily torture of wife. Wife gets child coustody. Divorce for husband is almost impossible to get. Maintenance 1/3 salary for wife is almost always given , significat for child of course. Husband has to fight arrest without investigation 498a.  His house is gone in the new law of DV.  Wife prctically gets divorce by threats of arrest to husbands family etc. SHe get child, she gets not only her owned home but also now husbands owned home, even if she is earning more then the husband. Wifes usually never spent a single penny from her sallary even if she is earning more husband can not do anything.

This article is full of factual lies . These are writen since lots of money is available to write such articles, do such biased surveys. No funding is there to tell a mans prospective, or prospective of non faminists women who want to have any kind of relations with men.  


Of the women who owned vehicles before marriage (car, scooter/ motorcycle or bicycle), in 46 per cent cases she or her parents had bought the vehicle. Yet, a whopping majority of the vehicles — 77 per cent — remained with the male spouse after the break up.

>>>>>(Total lie)


“The man may be desperate for a quick divorce, because he has another woman, who might be pregnant already

>>>>( Total lie in almost all cases)


but the children remain with the husband. It is the same in many tribal   communities too.” >>>>( Total lie in most cases)

The ERF’s 250-page report, entitled ‘Economic rights and entitlements of separated and divorced women’, states: “In India, in the absence of any laws for division of marital property, when a separation or divorce takes place the male spouse/ husband usually walks away with all the moveable and immovable assets of the household.”

>>>>>This is a total lie.  Anyways the articles cost is relatively very less, if she leaves the house. This is offset in maintenance. A large noumber of wifes are throwing husbands out of houses, it is her choise only. Husband has no choise.



Sandeep (Engineer)     30 January 2011

All laws are totally biased against men and any women who wants to have a relation with men. Do not comment if you do not know the ground reality of distruction of husbands life, in case any matrimonial disagreement.

Sandeep (Engineer)     30 January 2011

All laws are against man so wrong, this is leading to their lifes getting destroyed. SO harming everyone.  


First make Maintenance laws as gender neutral.  Allow man to ask for maintenance in Domestic Violence and 125CrPC. 

First give 50% coustody to fathers.

Stop blackmail for money by arrest without investigation 498 etc.


This article is just a funded feminists article full of lies.


Of the women who owned vehicles before marriage (car, scooter/ motorcycle or bicycle), in 46 per cent cases she or her parents had bought the vehicle. Yet, a whopping majority of the vehicles — 77 per cent — remained with the male spouse after the break up.

>>>>>(Total lie)


“The man may be desperate for a quick divorce, because he has another woman, who might be pregnant already

>>>>( Total lie in almost all cases)


but the children remain with the husband. It is the same in many tribal   communities too.” >>>>( Total lie in most cases)


Sandeep (Engineer)     30 January 2011

Or is this favouritism only on paper?

>>>>( No mens lifes are getting destroyed all around. )

What about corruption and loopholes in law,esp. when the boy's parties try to influence the girls' lawyers,police officers etc so that they don't support harassed women in court..

>>>>( What about when Gists side try to influence the boys lawyer, what are you talking about ?)

secondly,do laws really favour poor/jobless women who can't afford lawyers' fees,not to mention delayed court proceedings,regular leaves taken by judges,the rude attitude of police officers when women go there to file complaints against their abusive husbands/inlaws,,adjournments taken by the boy's party to delay the cases,etc.
>>> ( delays harm the husbands more, their full life is destroyed, wifes make marry by taking child coustody, filing false criminal cases , you want husband to lose job standing in court every day, go to court with a husband first)

then we have idiotic laws where a deserted married woman's hubby isn't taken to task when he deserts her & even if he has a second marriage,his "second" wife is also given the status of a "wife" as in case of giving her maintenance and if they have children,they too have the right to his property.....

>>>>( You mean to say When a wife deserts her it is she is escaping a violent marriage, if a husband deserts he is at falt what logic please think ? ) Second marriage is illegal in hindus at least , so I do not understand the question )

a woman is already upset that her home is breaking and when she needs legal support to give her justice,she encounters all the above woman is willing to break her home.....circumstances drive her to the court/police where she is forced to go when tortures she faces become unbearable..
>>> ( The condition of man with all laws against his is much much worse., women is on her ego trip of all I say is a word of god I have legal powers to destroy husband )

so i doubt that all women get justice in such a pathetic indian judiciary with these unfriendly laws.....
>>>> ( joke almost all laws are agains husbands)

so y do people say"laws only favor women/women misuse the laws"?when the judiciary's pathetic state makes them further depressed n frustrated.....

>>>> ( Judiciary is totally against man they also read funded feminists writers controlled press, find a little truth.)

Sandeep (Engineer)     30 January 2011

Laws are wrong since they are against husband. Girls due to feminists  think wrong. SO they are almost always responsinble and at falut nowadays.

Sandeep (Engineer)     30 January 2011

Practically wifes get child coustody. They also get divorce at police stations, NCW etc, by threats of arrest without investigation laws. Maintenance laws are one sided 125 CRpC, DV whicg are fatser. Husbands are rediculed if they ask for maintenance.

Everything on wims of wifes.

Sandeep (Engineer)     31 January 2011

Dowry death happens since husbands have no other choise. You make divorce easier. 498a bailable 96% so called dowry deaths will vanish.

Persons do not get bail for years in dowry death who would eant to kill wife and distroy his life, if yiu guve any chance of justise ti him.


Sandeep (Engineer)     31 January 2011

Wifes do not contribute finantially in household even if they are working is the mojority. Get real of todays toimes.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     31 January 2011

@ sandeep


this thread title is not discussing mischevious women who intend to extort money.


it's talking about those genuine wronged women who have to face the unfriendly staff of courts,long adjourments etc...


,you'll understand what she means.

it'[s another thing that certain members have misunderstood this point that the author of this thread was sayinng and diverted this issue into false 498A cases,women extortionists,etc

even i dont support false cases by women becoz of whom genuine cases also suffer.


so please dont talk about your personal issues here that women are this that etc may start a separate thread just to focus on women extotionists,bad wives, body is stopping you.


thanks in anticipation

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Goodone Roshni ji, i agree with you.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     14 May 2011

Another such case to suggest that matrimonial laws and the courts are not so sensitive towards poor women,or towards those women who do not have the backing of a strong lawyer and society


So their cases drag for years,even for a very basic thing like maintenance.The so called favouritism towards women,that is claimed on legal papers is merely an illusion,when it comes to women who cannot exercise influence.


32 years later, woman gets maintenance

May 10, 2011, 11.51pm IST

PUNE: After 32 years of legal battle, a 53-year-old woman succeeded in getting maintenance from her husband. The court of additional sessions judge O P Jaiswal on Tuesday directed the husband to pay one-time settlement amount of Rs 70,000 to her.

The man and the woman had got married in 1978. The relation between the couple turned sour soon and they were separated after three months.

In 1979, the woman, a resident of village Mandki in Purandar taluka, had approached a lower court in Saswad, claiming her right to get alimony from her husband who was then employed with the ammunition factory in Khadki. However, her application was rejected.


The woman then moved the Pune district sessions court in 1981. The sessions court ordered the husband to start paying an amount of Rs 125 to her towards alimony, but he failed to do so for the next 26 years. Meanwhile, the man also remarried.

With no other source of income, the woman filed an application before a court in Saswad in 2008 to enhance the alimony amount to Rs 1,500 per month. In July 2009, judicial magistrate first class A A Kulkarni directed the man to pay Rs 1,000 per month to her.

By then, the man has retired from his service. He moved the sessions court against this order through lawyer Biju Aloor. Lawyer S V Shivarkar represented the woman. When the case came up for hearing, the court asked the petitioner and respondent to settle the matter as it has been 30 years since the first order. The matter reached the 'Mahalok Adalat', but it was not settled and the case was referred to the court.

The parties agreed to settle the matter with Rs 70,000 as one-time settlement on condition that the woman will withdraw the case filed against the man.

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How very sad! Thanks for sharing roshni B

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