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sidharth   12 April 2015

Divorce case disposed. what's next?

I have filed for divorce and living separately. Wife not interested in divorce. She filed for maintenance after 1 year of divorce petition. Maintenance case closed in favour of wife and divorce case got disposed. I don't want to live together after all these disturbances in life. I lost job and respect in society. What are my options now? Can I go out of country in this situation? What are the risks involved? I have no interest in life at all. She ruined everything. My lawyer cheated me. He gave all wrong guidance and worked against me. I need help. Please help me.

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saravanan s (legal advisor)     12 April 2015

why are you so desperate to seperate from your wife and on what grounds did you file for divorce?

Samir N (2HelpU) (Business)     12 April 2015

"My lawyer cheated me. He gave all wrong guidance and worked against me. "

Nothing new buddy...  Welcome to the club!

Don't be disheartened. You can control yourself but not others. Be strong and all the problems will take care of themselves. 


rajuchowdappa   13 April 2015

Mr.Sidharth You can go to aboard by giving permanent alimony to your wife. This might work out on this suggestion. If you need to consult me you can contact me 9980635871.

sidharth   13 April 2015

Thank you all for giving me support to handle the situation. Since my lawyer cheated me I don't want to go to him for any kind of advice. How can I pay permanent alimony to her? Is there any procedure to follow? Where to start the process? I really want to go far far away from these people and live peaceful life alone. Can I approach a different lawyer for permanent alimony process or can I deal with the court directly without my lawyer? If I pay permanent alimony does that mean I need not stay with her? How can I take permission from court to go out of country? Whats the process? Can she file any other case if I go abroad? Will that be a problem?

sidharth   13 April 2015

I appreciate if someone answer my questions. I am waiting for your valuable guidance.

Samir N (2HelpU) (Business)     13 April 2015

It appears that your troubles are of your own making. You want to "go far away..." you want to be "alone..." 

First, get rid of these ridiculous thoughts from your mind and learn to deal with issues head-on. Then, given that you can write reasonably well, you ought to read on the basics of law. Case disposed means just that... closed. You can appeal or live with the findings of that judgment for the rest of your life.  As for maintenance, if it has been ordered, that issue is also closed. You can file an appeal to counter that. One time alimony or monthly maintenance is for your wife to decide... or for you to settle with her on that. Court cannot force that on your wife. In any event, your maintenance case is over. You can appeal it if you are not satisfied. Otherwise, you are stuck with that order, unless circumstances change for either of the two parties.  You can go abroad any time unless there is an order to restrain you from doing so or if your passport was confiscated. That is not the case, so why worry at this time?

"I have no interest in life at all. She ruined everything." That kind of thinking is the cause of all your problems. A wife cannot ruin everything for a husband and almost to the same extent a husband cannot ruin everything for a modern wife. They can ruin a few aspect of each other's life but certainly not everything. There is a lot more to life than matrimonial relationship. So, stop crying, get strong and move on with life.  And if you really have no interest in life, then take up some social work and help some needy students, people, animals, whatever... Be useful to someone or even something... and you will find life interesting enough...

SuperHero (Manager)     14 April 2015

Since your name is Sidharth.

Follow the steps of Gautam Buddha ( ) you will find Peace in Life......Go to Himalayas.....No need to pay alimony or maintenance......

Even if you go out of country and think about your wife and lawyer..then there is no point in going...

Saurav (Engineer)     14 April 2015

Hello Buddy,


Your name is Siddharth ???????.............Do you know Gautama Buddha ???


Buddy my wife also left me and ran away to her boyfriend in 2 months. I though 1000000 times to run away to anther city just like you............but believe me going there also you will not get peace..........If you cannot find peace HERE AND NOW you will not find it anywhere.

Ranee....... (NA)     14 April 2015

Why you didn't go for appeal in higher court? She won the maintenance case and you lose the divorce case. Seems your case had no merit. Why blame the advocate?

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     14 April 2015

If your passport is not impounded, go wherever you like and get job whatever you like.  No force in this world has got the power to force you to stay and cohabit with her.  Believe me, even Supreme Court cannot force you.  Coming to the maintenance, it appears you are in a position to pay the maintenance.  So regularly pay the amount through bank transaction, so that you will have ample proof to prove that you are honouring the court order in relation to maintenance.  Finally, dismissal of your divorce case does not mean that you should stay with her.

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