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A stitch in time, saves nine.

It means that if you sew up a hole when it is smaller it will take one stitch, but if you wait until the hole is bigger, it will take 10 stitches. By sewing the stitch "in time" it will save you nine stitches.

                                                                        In this casse Divorce .

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     18 November 2010

kushan and avnish,

aapki train kuch zaada hee tez nahi daur rahi?

dear author,see advocate archana(a respectable lawyer) thanked my advice,ie,she approves of try heeding it


else all the best!



You have a two options

ACT IN HASTE, REPENT IN LEISURE  find amicable solutions to their problems.


A stitch in time, saves nine. Divorce.

aapki train kuch zaada hee tez nahi daur rahi?

Aaj meri train kuch zaada hee tez hai

Look what he said "everything is hers but the thing of ruling the home has disturbed all."

This shows everything.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     18 November 2010

there is a difference please dont mind, u are seeeing it thru a gender researcher lens while myself  and adv kushan are giving legal advise.when this fellow goes to jail u will research how a man feels on going to jail on false 498a  and laugh ur way. while correct legal advise is wat i said.

this is the reason that i say 498a is breaking more families than the number of females getting justice thru it. if a man has a misunderstanding with wife he is given legal advise to file divorce to save himself.

this law has not been able to stop dowry and other harassment of females. in past one year 4 of my known circle females heard to be burnt by husband brutally and all four husband roaming free and enjoying life. this law shud be so strict that in case of death of wife husband shud be definitely sent to gallows without any mercy , at same time wives filing it for fake or  trivial reasons shud be punished with a six month punishment.

i agree reconciliation is best approach, but if he is so sure marriage is dead he shud save his life from 498a , so move divorce petition very fast.

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     18 November 2010

dats y i said try mediation by relatives/friends...maybe he gets to know wot exactly is bothering the wife(please dont think i am sympathising wid her)

if he moves stepwise,he will succeed...atleast relatives of both side will know and see themselves his good conduct,in case he's totally right.

so if this fails also,atleast he'll have witnesses who can say that the husband tried all efforts including mediation,but the wife was adamant.else he can be accused of harassing a pregnant wife by sending her divorce notice or asking for divorce.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     18 November 2010

@ avnish

no,there's nth. to mind...we all have the right to freedom of expression

i am not a gender researcher but a layperson who's advising as per her wisdom



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@Roshni B

"He can be accused of harassing a pregnant wife by sending her divorce notice or asking for divorce."

Ya you are right at this time

Aaj meri train kuch zaada hee tez hai aaur aaj aaapne meri train mai break laga di!;(



Having a pregnant wife can be a stressful time for both the husband and the wife.


Your wife's health is very important. Pregnant women experience many changes, both physically and emotionally as they progress through their pregnancy. These changes can be sometimes not noticeable to the woman herself. Expecting fathers can be a big help by learning about the pregnancy progress and watching out for his partner's health. This can be done by encouraging her to eat a proper diet and avoiding cigarettes, alcohol and the use of unnecesary drugs.ACT IN HASTE, REPENT IN LEISURE


Focusing on your wife is important, but try to take care of yourself, too. It wouldn't do for your wife to see you as a nervous wreck. Pay attention to your own moods, needs and worries. Talking with your pregnant wife about your concerns can ease some of that worry. Discussion with your wife can help ease the stress and assist you both in weathering the ups and downs of the pregnancy.A stitch in time, saves nine.

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Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     18 November 2010

roshni ji do u think her relatives will speak truth in case she files a false 498a, they will always side with her.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     18 November 2010


i am referring to boy's relatives here.

the girls's relatives may not support him even though he may be right....but they may not like to support her also if she's wrong as people are wary of being false witnesses in criminal cases,lest they shud be also punished for lying...they may keep out even if they support initially a bit


but plz dont talk of 498A cases etc here...we all are being so pessimistic.

author has not even said that the wife is threatening him,but we are imagining so many things..he has not given a clear pic of wot exactly the problem is. he says"his inlaws pressurise him"...i hope he's caring & attentive towards his pregnant wife.if no,this is how inlaws will behave..he shud also know that if he torures her mentally thru divorce notice,he''ll only put the womb's life in danger...shud he not bother abt health of his unborn child?


@Avnish Kaur

Jagjeet should wait for this time as her wife pregnant

After that if they cant find amicable solutions then they go for divirce.First they need councelling.


Inlaws are the main root cause for divorce.I think every couple should live seperetely from their relatives.

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     18 November 2010

monster inlaw is a very commonly used word for mother in laws.

but till now this word has been used more for bahu ki saas,since they always got an upper hand over girl's mother in india.....

it reminds me of another phrase"woman,thy name is jealousy"

(now some members will come and attack dare i say this ")

someone save me pleeaassee


"woman,thy name is jealousy"

now some members will come and attack me

No member can attack you

If attack ,then I can save you.:P


First there is a difference between “love” and “caring”. I think we must start here because they are often confused. CARING is the act of really wanting the best for someone else. LOVE is doing everything you can to make sure the other person gets the best in their life. TRUE LOVE is when LOVE is shared and is a “two way street”. You can really care about someone and really think the world of them but if you aren’t going to give them 100% then the word LOVE is just getting more watered down.

What we may not know is that “love” carries through our whole being. Love and hate don’t co-exist well. You can’t hate your job and then come home and spread love to your family. Your brain just is not built like that. You can always hate your job but when you come home you are now CARING for your family because hate needs attention. You can’t give 100% if you are occupied by hate.

So staring today I’m going to stopping “caring” and start “loving”. My next job will get my full attention and I will give it 100% to make it blossom. Hopefully that will open the door for me to find a woman I love…because if she’s that important than I will give her my all and not string her along by just caring. I hope by doing these two things that my love for this country will shine because I really do love the India and so far I’ve only been showing it I care.

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     18 November 2010

thanks for saving me in advance...

dekha..................sab dar gaye

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     18 November 2010

now do a favor to all genuine bahus & damaads of india by saving them from mother inlaws

tell them...mai vakeel hu or ek kavi bhi......they will hold their purses tightly ,close their ears and run away

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