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How many of you are planning to fight your cases in-person

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Dear Friends,


How Many of You Are Planning to Fight Your Cases In-Person?




I have posted lot of sample petitions, citations and clues on the links bellow: -


I am interested to know that how it is helpful to you? How many of you are planning to fight your cases in-person?

Your valuable feedback will help me to give you more accurate advice. Let us stop "Legal Terrorism".

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Every citizen must understand this. Ignorance of law is no excuse. So everybody must learns laws.

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@Shatyaprakash Bani

your information are valuable i am fighting my case for that i lose the Cambridge university london's job 1 lac per month at present i have nothing left but still i am fighting .

i am assisting to my lawyer , but bull sh*t process of indian judicialy is going slow we have to accept this even if we apply for speedy trial lower court judges become rude but any how now i come to end up my 498A , now notice issued to wife fourth time if this time they are not coming then there is possiblity of issuing warrant,

i won sec 9 , l applied for execution in which  i prayed attachement of property of wife though she is hand to mouth but still i applied lower court judge again here did his garbage in his order [ the judge B.K.Shirvastav district judge damoh  ek number f**ker , feminist, woman oriented]

we applied to Highcourt jabalpur now next date is on 7 july  sample order is given below==

""  learned counsel for petitioner.He is heard on the question of admission.
Issue notice against admission of this petition to the
respondent. The same be made returnable by fixing a date in the
week commencing 7.7.2014. Necessary steps with requisites of the
registered post in this regard be taken within 7 days, failing which this
revision shall stand dismissed automatically without further reference
to the Bench.
Let record of the disposed of Execution Case be requisition
from the executing Court before next hearing.
Case be listed accordingly on the date which is so mentioned
in the aforesaid notice."
this was the judgement on last hearing , i am not able to predict what would be final decision on 7 july according to decision if respondent here wife not came then order will be passed or not if  order is there then will it be exparte.....

498A date is on 17 july if they will not appear then

Can i demand to issue non bailable warrant to witness as fourt notices has been sent and they are not apeearing.

now my wife is in great tension as i am slowly screw her up , and putting various cases as deccision of one case coming there is next one to fight / reply for her so she start getting puzzeled and harassed. but her ego is high erected to touch  the sky..

now soon after 498A divorce , custody of 3 yr daughter and 211, defamation both criminal and cilvil,420, breach of trust etc all she have to face if apply all at a time then she may get alert.. and start prepration accordingly...

she applied for divorce her one divorce application ended by note that they dont want furthur to proceed so file send to recort room. it was file in sep09 and not imposed on march 11 but against  she filed new divorce on jan 14 not still notices are not being served to me ,

actually i am playing tricks and not receving any notice from her but i am able to delvier mine by any means for that once i change my get up also with police man  and i gave him bribe, and notice get served,

though i am on front foot but still i am loosing my time and money instead of doing some constructive work i am involved i such bad game.....

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Instructor @ Calcutta (

Thank you very much Mr.


Dear Mr. 498A fighter, Thanking you by heart for your great fight.


If that trial court is not complying the Speedy Trial Order than they are in contempt.


You should take certified copy of the all order and file Criminal Writ(Article 227) then the rudeness of that judge will be soft. The high court might summon to that judge also to give satisfactory answer for delay.


You can do it in-person also. Once you win then you should appear to High Court against the state and your wife for cost about your the damage of your life, job loose etc.


Article 227  - Sample petition is also available on my above links.

Instructor @ Calcutta (

There are a few members of this forum are fighting there cases in-person(Without Advocate).


Many thanks to them.


Any more members planing to fight in-person?


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Kaatu Poochi&Co

I accept Every human must need basic knowledge of the law.

I was facing the DV issue that time I have no bit knowledge about it. My family members very suffered on the issue. After discuss the experts and read the 498a,DVA,125Crcp related article's. Now my mind is clear I feel very better.


Kattu Poochi, Trader, India.

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Instructor @ Calcutta (

Mr. Kaatu Poochi,


Are you planning to fight in-person also?

Instructor @ Calcutta (

Out of my post, I think, SPEEDY TRIAL petition is most simple and easyer to win since it is your right as per Articles 21 &14.

Please start with your in-person lawyer career with at least that. It takes 2-3 weeks only to complete.


Good Luck!

Software Proffession

Dear Bani  

I am planing to file perjury against her, i have discussed the contradiction points with my lawyer and he is agree with me. Now for speedy trial i am preparing the petition myself after completion i shall send you. thanks for your suggestion.  

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Software Proffession

Dear Members          In my case police record her four family member's statement they are her elder sister,her brother in law, her mother and her younger brother and all of them have almost same allegation.     Her mother said that she gave me dowry more than her strength by selling her village house.      Her younger brother said that i am planning to kill his sister and hiding her dead body during she was living with me in Delhi.        Now i want to know that should i file Cr.P.C. 91 for giving their statement in form of affidavit to file a perjury case against them?      Or should I wait til they examined in court ?




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